Forgery stamps - Bogus Stamps - Overprint stamps - King George Stamp - Jal Cooper - Gandhi Handbook - Making money on eBay !!

BOGUS stamp is nothing but it NEVER exist or never printed by official postal department.

(We can call BOGUS stamp as Cindrella stamp also. In philately, a cinderella stamp is "virtually anything resembling a postage stamp, but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration.)

Forgery stamps are stamps which are forged by reprinting it and selling as genuine.!!

Overprint stamps are created for special purpose usage by King/Queen or government use,  but this is mostly BOGUS.!!

BOGUS stamp is creation of some smart person who wants to make unique stamps so it can generate lot of money.

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Now look at following Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp.

Do you think Gandhi SERVICE stamp is Genuine or Bogus stamps ?

My personal opinion about Gandhi SERVICE  Overprint stamps is BOGUS. (you don't have to believe me). You can do your own research as you have to pay money.

What I am thinking about this overprint Gandhi SERVICE stamp is that One or more smart stamp collectors/dealers/Expert created unique stamp by OVERPRINTING on 1948 Gandhi stamp which was fourth stamp of India after Independence.

There was no overprint SERVICE stamp for first three stamps of India!!


Why no overprint SERVICE on  first three Indian stamps ? (because it's not famous as Gandhi stamp).

If this stamp  is without overprint SERVICE then it might be selling for less than $10 or no one will buy it but with overprint SERVICE  it is selling for $950 on eBay by seller "stamp_bay".

Above is another set of four was sold for $404 by eBay seller "pristinephilatelics" from Sunnyvale, California. 

eBay shareholders will be benefited from this kind of  auction from commission ($40) as well as California Government will kind some kind of sale tax as well as state tax from seller.

As per reading material available on internet, handbooks this Overprint SERVICE stamp was made only for Governor General of India and it should not be available for general public or use.

Following letter from Gandhi Handbook written by V.J.Moore  assistant secretary can prove that. It is  dated 12th August 1949  in Gandhi Handbook (page 197) that this stamp is only for official correspondence of Governor General.

We know if stamps are forged then it's easy to forged letter head of  Assistant Secretary letter ?

My personal opinion about this letter is also BOGUS. Does not make sense at all as it is using old letterhead after 2 years of Independence with seal of England "Private Secretary office".
and cancelling "Viceroy's Camp, India" and typing/printing Government House, New Delhi.!!

Following is part of page 197 for your reference. If you want to see more then refer Gandhi Handbook.

(My personal opinion about this letter is BOGUS. Reason for that is there is no other official information such as address, phone # etc.).

Also chances of  below letter can be forgery, as we had seen in Expertising certificate.

But above article might be BOGUS too as it's easy to print it and type it up to make this stamps are genuine.

Also this might be in the book to prove this Gandhi SERVICE stamp is Genuine.!!

As this is in Gandhi Handbook it's does not mean that this is Genuine. We  know how incorrect and wrong information are in Gandhi Handbook without any verification so we cannot trust this  Handbook. (My personal opinion about Handbook and you don't have to believe me.!)

I don't think SERVICE stamp was actual made for Governor General of India but it was creation of some group of  collectors or dealers in order to make money. 

They glorified this stamp by exhibiting, writing about it and we are still believing it.

What you read on online exhibit or philatelic blogs/websites/handbook is nothing but a Cinderella story (like Disney princess) which someone told to world.!!

But I saw letter from JAL COOPER selling this overprint SERVICE stamp ?.

How he was selling this SERVICE stamps ? (should not be only for Governor-General use only)

Did he stole it from Government  or bought stolen stamps from someone ?

Did he forged it ? (overprint is easy).

Did someone else created this BOGUS overprinted stamp and used his name to make it authentic.?

(This letterhead as information about everything you need to know about Jal Cooper. To me it look authentic information, but still it can be printed so chances of forgery is high).

So whom to trust ? 

Gandhi handbook or Jal Cooper or no one ?

Also as per following  news article collectors were dependent on Jal Cooper instead of any official letter from Postal Department.

Now to make it more interesting FORGERY rubber stamp was used to create more authentic look and affix this stamp on paper.!!

You know it's very easy to create rubber stamp so it's not a big deal.

Also this kind of stamps are made very popular by some current collectors who displayed in their online exhibit, websites, stamp collection blogs, stamps forum, stamps newsletter as well as giving interview to newspaper.

Also this is made famous in Philatelic Handbook, Stamp Year Books etc which is nothing but marketing tool for philatelic material.

This Forgery stamps - Bogus Stamps - Overprint stamps  with King George Stamp is widely displayed in Gandhi stamps Handbook without proper explanation or thinking or making any sense.

Why it was overprinted SERVICE on 4th stamp of India. It was not done on 1st or 2nd or 3rd stamps.!!

Now if you look following screenshot you will be surprised that this was sold for $108.!!  

Don't you think it's easy to make money on eBay.!! 

$108 is lot of money if you think for this piece of paper.!!

To make it more unique and rare it was used with King GEORGE stamp of India.!!  So they can make money from multiple thematic stamps collectors.!!

In past I wrote about this Gandhi SERVICE stamp which never exist as it was just created to make me and you fool.!!

My illustrations this week proves that some Gandhi stamps were overprinted for offical use. Mr. Jal Cooper writes from Bombay that last year he was shown examples of the 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 annas in used condition : as postmarks were in distinct he awaitied further developments. Now it is defeinetly know that several sheets each of the 1 1/2 , 3 1/2 and 12 annas were overprinted with the word "SERVICE" and these were issued to Rajagopalchari. (read more from above image).

Why someone has to prove that there was SERVICE overprint stamps ?

Don't you think it should be official published by postal department as well as Government of India in 1948.?

Do you think it's a SCAM to make money going on by Jal Cooper ?

Do you think someone is using Jal Cooper name to make this Genuine stamp?

Now after reading all this do your brain think that  Gandhi SERVICE stamp is BOGUS ?



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