King George KG GV Stamps - Specimen Stamps : Gandhi Specimen and King George India and King George Sri Lanka specimen stamp comparision : Are this all forgery ?

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

Recently I saw 1913 King George specimen stamp from India also known as KGV stamp or GV stamp and I compared with Sri Lanka King George - KG - KGV specimen stamp and I was surprised that forged specimen stamp looks more Genuine.

Before moving forward please read my other blog post related to King Edward stamps from India and King George Stamps for India to understand properly what's going in Philately world.

India King George GV KG specimen stamp has hand stamped rubber stamp and to me it looks like used one alphabet at a time so it's not even in line.!! 

Also looks like error stamps.!! Look margin on left hand side.!! Also look perforation.!! Do you think it's error or something else.!!

Where as Sri Lanka GV stamp (King George stamp) has inline specimen stamp by hand stamped rubber stamp or printed on it.

Look at the clear perforation and also SPECIMEN printed on stamp.!!

Can you decide which is Genuine and which is one forged? 


BOTH are forged ?

Seller of Sri Lanka KG stamp is mentioning about Forgery or Replica stamp, but King George India stamp seller is not mentioning that it's replica so it means it'genuine. 

But I have never seen this kind of specimen rubber stamp or printed on stamp so buyer has to decide as I am not expert, but just expressing my views.

But now compare this Gandhi Specimen stamp WITHOUT COUNTRY NAME.!! as there is all other information missing on stamp such as face value of postage (money in Rupees, Pounds, German Marks)

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that is looks completely FAKE to me because it does not come under specimen stamp because it's missing all necessary information required to be specimen stamp.

Please read my previous blog post about Gandhi Specimen stamp and understand it before you move on.

So don't you think all specimen stamps needs to be viewed with suspicious eyes because it's all looks to me made as per demand and creativity of some collectors who wants to make your collection UNIQUE so you can win a exhibit.!! 

I don't think you have ever seen stamp without Country name or it's face value ? other then following stamp which seller's are trying to sell as SPECIMEN.!!

Following Gandhi Specimen stamp sheet of 100 stamps WITHOUT COUNTRY NAME was not even sold for $2500.!! from  seller  "edva52" of Germany.

Reason is simple.!! It's not a SPECIMEN stamp or not a STAMP also.!!

Don't you think it very easy to print stamps after looking all kinds of Replica or Facsimile for 1948 Gandhi stamps from India, King George or King Edward stamps from British India or Bird Prey Error stamp from India.

In this they just have to print it not even copy  anything.!! It's like a personalized stamp or custom stamp without unknown country.!!

BTW:-  It's for auction again. Click following link to see.


Following screenshot is of  half sheet Gandhi Specimen stamp from seller "melbournestamps" from Australia was sold for $2000.!! from Indian eBay buyer  s***i (1146) "stampofindia".!!

Does this makes sense why buy 50 stamps less for $500.!! But it's upto seller to decide and buy(paying also) it in multi bid auction.!!

Don't know why but "Melbournestamps" is lucky to sell  some of the high priced Gandhi Stamps.

But recently I saw "melbournestamps" was also selling this full sheet of specimen stamp !!for $15,900 or Make Offer.!!

This Gandhi Specimen stamps are coming regularly since last 3-4 years or more on eBay auction from Australia as well as Germany and I don't see any LEGIT sale even at $2500.!!!

But seller is hoping for one buyer!! Of course all seller will hope for it.!! But here Gandhi Philately market is very very small or tiny compare to other investment item such as GOLD.!!

So what a price difference for this specimen stamp. One is selling for $2500 and other one is selling for $16000.!!!

But year ago "melbournestamps" was selling this sheet and guess  what it was more than double the current asking price.!!

So he/she reduce price by $21,000 !! Yes twenty one thousand US dollars.!!

But still  $13000 more than German seller.!!

To me it's worthless.!! As this is not even FACSIMILE or REPLICA or COPY what we see in other Gandhi Stamps and King George & King Edward Stamps from India.

But guess what there were 4 offers for this.!!

But still to me it is not a valid stamp because COUNTRY NAME is missing.!!

Also ASHOKA WATERMARK PAPER then it looks like it should be from India, but guessing don't work because there is also no money whether it's Indian Rupees or German Mark or Australian dollar or no money because no country.!!

Don't you think something BIG going on in Gandhi Stamps since long long time by Glorifying this kind of stamp in several exhibition,  yearbook, philatelic magazine, philatelic books etc along seller and bidders?

Single stamp was selling for 250 Euros.!!, but a year ago it was for 29 - 49 Euros.

So not sure what's going on.!! How collector will decide whether it's 29 Euros or 250 Euros.!!

Following screenshot will show you that eBay seller "edva52" sold single stamp  for 29 Euros as well as for 49 Euros.!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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