Is Stamp collection hobby a SCAM, specially in Gandhi stamps and philatelic materials.!! My three experience in this hobby tells me YES.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In November 2011, I finished my three year journey in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material collections. It was a great experience with very good learning, which had not only taught me about this hobby but also what are other possibilities in this world and how to be AWARE of fraudulent activities not only in philatelic but about everything.!!

It's a SCAM .!!

It's a Big SCAM!!!

It's a Very BIG SCAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!

As you all know that I write about my research and my personal opinion about Gandhi stamps and philately material on this blog so new collectors are aware of all things and get some kind of reference (in my case there was none) about following.

1) Buying experience of ebay and delcampe

2) Information about different FAKE philatelic material
3) My Creative Gandhi philatelic covers.
4) Some Rare Gandhi Philatelic materials.
5) General Gandhi Philatelic materials.

Now after 3 years and all this research and futher study about all this activity, I can tell that Gandhi Philatelic hobby is a very big SCAM.!! I think I know what I am talking about.!!

What is SCAM ? (a stratagem for gain; a swindle)
What is SCAMMER [to swindle (someone) by means of a trick]


Let me start from Pre-Independence and finish it till 2011.

But let me tell you that I only have just 3 years of experience in this Gandhi Philately so I might be wrong on some cases or all cases.!! If you think any of the following is incorrect/wrong then please let me know so I can change it and provide correct information to all new upcoming Gandhi collectors.

1) What are this Pre-Independence Gandhi Boycott label?

I think most of them currently available are FAKE. (It's all Reprinted and then naturalized to look like old.!!, Some of them are even hand cut to look like perf.!!). Also lot of shill bidding in this label auction to prove that lot of buyers are interested.

2) 1948 India Gandhi Stamps? (Read in detail about 1948 Gandhi issue.)

Why 10 Rupees Gandhi Stamps. ( 10 Rupees was too much money back in 1948 for Indian people)?

Why 10 Rupees SERVICE overprint Gandhi stamps?

Why only 100 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamps.?

Why only 18 known 10 Rupees SERVICE Stamps.? Where are others 82.? (According to me there are all 100 stamps are in safe hands.!! This was start of Biggest SCAM ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Fake 10 Rupees SERVICE stamps also available.!!

Also  Used on paper 1 1/2 Annas SERVICE are questionable.!! Very hard to believe it is really used.

Why some rare folders available without knowledge of Indian Goverment?

Some FDC available in current market looks questionable which don't have special cancellation? Such as from Nepal, Pondicherry, Goa, Calcutta etc.

Also some special cancellation issued during 55th Congress are also questionable.

What is Tibet 1949 register cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps without stamps from Tibet?

How about early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps ?

Lot of questionable postmark cancellation from certain post office on FDC, USED covers and Register covers and most forgery are happening in 1948 used covers. (This might be done after buying some used cover with receiving CDS on back, apply gandhi stamp and fake or stolen postmark cancellation and you can get used covers. USED covers chances of forgery/FAKE is very very high.!!)

Also I am not sure 100% but there are chances that original special cancellation might be around with someone which might be used on FDC or private FDC .!! (If 1969 India Gandhi color trials is available then this is also possible.!!)

3) Some questionable 1949 Special Cancellation (blue/black rubber stamp) "Sabko Samati De Bhagavan" on First Anniversary of Gandhi's death.(30-1-1949) is available.

4) 1951 - Postcards from India.

I see some questionable post office postmark cancellation and make it is used postcard with October 2nd, 1951 date.

5) 1961 - Gandhi USA issue.

Don't see any problem.!!!

6) 1968 -1971  Gandhi's 100th Birth Anniversary issue.

Where are other Panama Gandhi stamps?  what happen ? No officially FDC from Panama  and we can see one.!! Even used covers have some questionable postmark cancellation if you compare with other 1971 postmark cancellation.

OVERPRINT stamp issue from Cameroun. Does not make sense at all someone printing on stamp by mistake. This is delibrate act.

Same is the case with Nicragua Overprint Gandhi stamp with Einstein & TOGO overprint Gandhi stamps.

Also 1979 - 1980 wrong year printing with UNICEF, Olympics, Einstein , TajMahal. Are Stamp designer, proof reader and other people in postal department of that countries are that DUMB..!! Also FAKE FDC with Miniature sheet are available.

Special Cancellation from Burma, Czeckoslovakia, Fiji, Luxembourg were issued. Not sure whether they were really issued or FAKE from start(same way like 2009 Germany Gandhi Cancellation.!!). Lot of Forgery in this special cancellation available in market.

Why lot of Register cover from Mauritius in 1969? Also 2009 covers looks alike 1969 with FAKE address. Nothing change in 40 years on the cover including cancellation, type of cover, register stamp and even hand writing.?

Also not all countries issued FDC of stamps so you will see private FDC specially from Greece and  USSR (Russia). So Beware about this. Not sure whether this are really cancelled in 1969 or afterwards.!!

Fake1969 SPECIMEN postcard is available.?.

Even FAKE Error stamps. (Color faded with sunlight or other chemicals.!!!)

Why to many Miniature sheet of Gandhi with MLK, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy from smaller African countries. Don't think 1969 Africa needs that many stamps and that kind of printing machinery to print that kind of stuff.?

All small countries outsource to there printing stamps to dealer who in turn will print stamps for that countries and rest they can sell all over the world with different overprint, errors etc.!!

7) 1972 - 1997.

Why Sao Tome e Principe 1987 Gandhi stamp with Picasso, Red cross, UN and other leaders are selling at very high price. ?

Why Sri Lanka stamp price has so much difference on ebay?

Fake 1994 Nicaragua FDC of Gandhi movie with other cinema directors/actors etc to celebrate 100 years of Cinema.

8) 1998 - 1999 50th Death Anniversary

Afghanistan stamp in 1999 ? Taliban rule at that time. No country except Pakistan and Saudi Arabia accepted them so who was accepting their postal mail.!!

More than 15 Countries issued stamps during this time. But to me all from African & South American stamp sheet (Grenada, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone etc.) is nothing but to make money. Also FDC of this stamps sheets looks like FAKE.

9) 2000 - till now

SCAM got a mega boost from Internet, scammer got more creative by multiple accounts from different countries and increase their scamming activities by SHILL bidding on stamps and philately materials. Also they started to inflating price (FAKE bidders, don't pay and avoid you from getting it.!!) which no one has heard this before. Because of ebay and delcampe there is lot of shill bidding on ebay, some times price are very high, some time very bad quality of material is sold by collector to upcoming new collector.

This scammer are very creative by not only creative fake accounts on ebay and delcampe from different countries such as China, Croatia, Netherlands, Australia, NewZealand, Isarel etc  but also creating FAKE  facebook accounts, writing comments on Blogs and philately Newsletters with FAKE name and lot more things we never heard of to defend themselves.!!! Is it not Amazing !!

Why 2009 FAKE Germany Special Cancellation on October 2nd.? (This makes all 1969 special cancellation questionable!!, because who knows what have happen in 1969.!!). Also don't know upto what stage collector goes to take benefit. !!

Why we are seeing lot of 2011 Indipex sheet with Gandhi theme from different countries like Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanutu , Micronesia etc even though it has nothing to do with Gandhi.!!

What are 2011 FFC with United Nations Gandhi stamps and other Airbus 380 FFC.? (This makes me nervous to buy 1969 -1974 FFC from Syria, Iran, Chile, Germany travelled through First Flight of Lufthansa airlines.!!)

How come 1969 India Color Trial available now!!.? (This should be Indian Government Property and should not be on sale in private auction.!! What a STEAL.!!)

Same is the case with 1969 Germany Muster(Specimen) stamp and photographic proof (just take picture from book and reprint it as photo, make it as proof).

Lot of Gandhi stamps are available from smaller  countries which is nothing but to make money from piece of paper. To me it looks like not only stamp dealer but also offical from some smaller countries are involved in printing this huge quantity stamps with different popular theme.

Please read on MSNBC for  stamp SCAM on Net.
Is eBay stamp racket the Net's stickiest scam?

After reading above article from MSNBC do you think you are also victim of SCAM in GANDHI Stamps and Philatelic material.  Also go through my blog posts on this blog and look for ebay id for  possible scammers.!!


I am not sure about your opinion but my opinion is YES, It's a big SCAM, and we are being tricked and some group of ebay/delcampe dealer or even collectors  are making profit on us!!

Click following URL and read how stamps are ALTERED. And now think how this will affects in Gandhi Collection.


After reading above screenshot and URL think what are chances that this might happen in GANDHI philately specially in BOYCOTT Label, 1948 used covers, 1968-1971 stamps and covers etc.

Now please think what I have written in this blog post  and think more deeper into this subject  by reading my 100+ blog post and then you make own your judgement by putting all pieces together  and you will find it a  big SCAM in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic materials.

One more thing to think is how easy is to make a RUBBER stamp.!!! 

Higher the price more FAKE or SCAM it is.!!!

If something in blog post don't make sense or want to add more into this then you all are welcome.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

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