Gandhi Russia USSR 1969 Stamp on Cacheted Cover : Is it FDC or just Cacheted cover? Why Gandhi Philately is expensive.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently Russia Stamp on Cacheted Cover was sold for $155.!!! This makes interesting philatelic material to do more research on this.

Seller : runforcovers
Buyer : www_stampsfromindia_com

Looks like other bidders are dkkphila, adityamootha, suratphilatelist etc.

Also similiar cover was for sale in Feb/Mar 2009 on ebay and seller was "MAXWELLBRUSHSTICK" or on delcampe it is " Bullterrier" and buyer was "JASMINE258".

Maxwellbrushstick was person who introduce me to delcampe. !! (Very interesting seller.!! Never bought again from him.!!)

Other top 2 bidders were bbc_goodtimes and  rthaper.

Also "suratphilatelist" is bidder in this one too.!! Ofcourse I was also bidder in this one."vxvm". After this I stop bidding on RUSSIA / USSR FDC.!!!

You will be surprised that I have screen shot from 3 years ago.!!! Which indicates I am very serious about learning Gandhi Philately.  But still I have following questions about this cover.

Is this just a Gandhi Stamp on Cacheted cover or FDC or something else.!!? Both were sold differently so not sure.!!

Do you think $155 & $127 makes sense for this ? (Looks like 20% price appreciation in  3 years.!! Not bad)

Will this increase any value in  Gandhi Exhibition or Personal Collection?

My another blog post about USSR Russia Gandhi FDC.

Not sure why so much bidding and pricing.!!! but if you put all the pieces together and try to solve this puzzle then you will be surprised about what's going on in Gandhi Philately.!! Think about it and figured it out.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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  1. This FDC was hard to come by. I have tried to acquire one for my collection and I still don't have it. At this price I will let it pass. Not worth it.



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