Czechoslovakia Gandhi Stamps : M.K. Gandhi 1969 Postmark Cancellation : Is it Genuine or FAKE Cancellation ??

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992. From 1939 to 1945, the state did not de facto exist because of its forced division and partial incorporation into Nazi Germany, but the Czechoslovak government-in-exile nevertheless continued to exist during this period. 

In 1945, the eastern part of Carpathian Ruthenia was taken over by the Soviet Union. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (Read more about Czechoslovakia from source of above writing : Wikipedia)

In 1969, Czechoslovakia honored Mahatma Gandhi with special postmark cancellation so chances of Forgery, FAKE etc in this Gandhi cancellation are possible.

Following are 2 different cancellation from Czechoslovakia and it is little bit different. Not sure both are Genuine or one of them is FAKE or both are FAKE.

If you see closely you will see date is different on both of this. One has 4-10-1969 and other has 29-9-1969. It could be possible that this special cancellation might be for multiple days instead of just one day. But I am not sure, but I notice that it has only one date.
CDS 4-10-1969
CDS 29-9-1969
In past I had seen Czechoslovakia M.K.Gandhi Cancellation with 4-10-1969 date but never saw with September 29, 1969 date.!!!!!!!

So now I am really confused because before I was making sure about only FAKE cancellation of 4-10-1969 date but now I am not sure which date is Genuine.!!

2-3 weeks ago one of them was sold for $10. I think if it is genuine then buyer paid reasonable price but if it is questionable than it's just piece of paper,  like one came out from Winnenden, Germany 2009 Special Gandhi Cancellation with Emblem of India.!!

Click following link to read more about Winnenden, Germany 2009 Gandhi Cancellation.

You can also read another blog post from Maulik about Possible Forgery in 1969 Gandhi Cancellation. To read his blog post please click following link.

Now you need to decide before you buy whether it's Genuine or FAKE, otherwise you will end up regretting buying some useless Gandhi Philatelic material which are widely available on ebay and delcampe.

Try to avoid special cancellation if you have little doubt about 1969 cancellation as it would be very difficult to do more research or buy it if it is available at low price, just for possible FAKE items.!!

After looking to this value to me it looks like no one wants to collect stamps in this modern world, because there are lot of others things to do, such as play video games on ipad, xbox, gamecube or on internet surf on web or facebook or lot of other outdoor activity such a hiking, skating, running etc or watch different shows on TV or sports games such as Cricket or Football or Basketball or just talking on smartphone or chating.!!

After all this kind of things you don't get any more extra time to pursue your hobby of stamp collection were not that many people are involved and you feel like retard when you talk to friends.!!

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

Gandhi Stamps Club

Update : 12/19

Unsold cancellation on ebay

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