Gandhi Stamps Russia - Used register cover to Austria - Very clean cover as if it is not travelled through postal stream!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In October 2011, register cover from Russia to Austria was sold for $123.!! It's surprising that this cover still maintain high quality even after 40+ years and going through postal stream.!! Also not sure whether it has receiving postmark CDS from Austria.?

Register cover looks good. It has 2 Gandhi stamps which is not easy to find.

It's amazing to see high pricing for used covers from USSR (Russia), Cameroun and Somalia.

Seller : divlji (Croatia)

What I have noticed in my 3 years of collecting is that there is expensive(inflated) Gandhi stamps and philatelic material being sold from Croatia and Canada!! (Example: From Croatia I saw a Croatia Gandhi Special cancellation post card that was sold for $55!! I also saw an FDC of Niger, Senegal sold from Canada.!!)

Another thing I notice that buyers are from different countries (such as UK, India etc) but they are getting delivery in Canada.!! I always do more research before I bid on it and  when I see something from Canada and Croatia.

If you are not convinced then please read some of my following blog posts and see what kinds of things are going in Gandhi Philately which will satisified you or make you think about my assumption or you can have your assumption or view about this cover.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

So after reading all or some of the blog don't you agree with my assumption.

Still doubt about yourself !!

Then please read some of my classic research blog post and think more about it.

1) 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material are False hope of Riches?
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5) Maxi Card sold for $5100 with 1948 Gandhi Stamps - False hope of Riches - Part VI?
6) Indian Philately Exposed 
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I hope now you agree with me.!! (that Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material are all BOGUS!!)

So stay away from MAX-card, used covers and register cover. It's nothing but a trap.

Do I have to write anything else to readers of this blog.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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