1948 India Gandhi Stamps : GANDHI 1948 STAMPS MOURNING COVER Cancellation : O.M.G !!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Gandhi Stamps from India issued in 1948 are very famous in world and I think small part of it is falsely glorified of this Gandhi stamps from India.

Once Gandhi stamps of India are glorified everyone wants it in their collection or wants to collect it and when demands of stamps from India is very high then there will be Forgery in Gandhi Stamps of India to fulfill the demand.!!

Recently I saw GANDHI 1948 Stamps of India on FDC ISSUEd with 4 VALUE STAMPS on MOURNING COVER on eBay India. Reason it came to my notice was price.!! (approximately $4000 for single cover).

After looking at this cover I can't believe it.!!  O.M.G!! (Oh My God!!.)


To me above auction item looks questionable(Forgery) as it has different cancellation then officially issued. If you think this is Genuine then let me know with sufficient proof (BPA or BPP Cert) so I can modify this blog post.

Also not sure whether any of this is GENUINE.!! To me all look different.!!

Look at the above four first day cancellation on 1948 Gandhi stamps. One on 10 Rs is taken from above cover where as other are taken from following three covers

Compare closely cancellation on 10 Rupees stamp with other  three cancellation from BOMBAY GPO.!!!

Did you notice any difference? 

According to me cancellation on 10 Rupees stamp is a forgery and other three are genuine. Compare Alphabets, Numbers, Spacing between them and also emblem in cancellation and you will notice right away. Also look at size, sharpness, curves, thickness etc of this cancellation.

Even look at Indian Language alphabets in Hindi.!! It's way different.

Also 10 Rupees stamps has double cancellation!! Not seen before this kind of double cancellation but might be USED stamp.!!

Following are the 4 covers from which I cropped cancellation to enlarge to see more details of it.  All covers have cancellation from BOMBAY GPO.

Also not sure whether any of this is GENUINE.!! To me all look different.!! I can still trust little bit about Official First Day cover issued by India Post & Telegraph which has Cachet of big Mahatma Gandhi with Indian Independence First Anniversary written on it.

But when 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp from India on any First Day Cover then you need to make sure even if it is issued by Indian Posts and Telegraph because lot of Forgery happen in that First Day Cover because in 1948 it was very expensive for collectors to collect that.

 Other 2 are private cover so don't know when it was privately done.!! I can assure you that one of it is FORGERY and other one you need to decide.

Gandhi Stamps of India on Private First Day Cover needs to be avoided so you will not get cheated including black FDC.

You will be also be amazed after comparing and detail research on this cancellation.

Do you think it is FORGERY in 1948 Gandhi stamps of India on FDC cancellation(rubber stamp) ?

It's tempting to make this kind of forgery cancellation(rubber stamp) because it can give 10 times more money  then just selling stamps.!!

Higher the price more forgery and Fake philatelic item (to make it RARE)  are possible so beware when you go for it. Specially FDC or Used cover with 10 Rupees Gandhi 1948 stamps as well as other 1948 Gandhi stamps.!! If possible ask seller for BPA or BPP certification for high price item or don't buy it if no BPA or BPP certification.

After researching about Gandhi stamps, FDC, FFC, special cancellation to me it is a big SCAM going on Gandhi Philately because of recent popularity of Gandhi stamps collection. So Beware of all this activities.

Recently I can't find any interesting Gandhi Philatelic  item except some fake or forgery or stolen item from government such as  1948 Indian Gandhi stamps used in Tibet or Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation on 1948 Gandhi Stamps or Germany FAKE International Day of Non Violence Cancellation  or early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps, Nicaragua 1994 FDC,  Madagascar 1999 FDC, Maldives FAKE Max Card and all different philatelic material related to Gandhi.!!

O.M.G!! (Oh My Gandhi!!) what's happening in Gandhi Philately.!!!!!! It's a SCAM.!! O.M.G!!

1948 Indian Gandhi stamps used in Tibet 

Gandhi Stamps Club

Update on 1/25/12:- This cover was for sale on ebay.com for $4500 with interesting description.!!


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