Germany Gandhi Imperforated Stamps : Do you think this Gandhi stamps card price is justified.?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Germany issued Gandhi stamps in 1969 both perf and imperf. It's very hard to find imperf used stamp. Following is one of a kind.

Do you think $199 is right price for this kind of postcard.? Looks like this postcard is Genuine, but when ever it's unique or rare and asking high price then you need to lots and lots of research.

Below writeup is nothing to do with above postcard, but it is good to know.

Now look at the following and you surprised what are possibility in Stamps Philatelic collection ?


Following are some FAKE postmarks of FRANKFURT.!!!!!!!

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Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, Germany has been center for fake stamps for many years now , not only for these type of cancellation they are making huge no. of fake chinese stamps & the problem is it's extremely hard to tell the difference even in mint stamp is fake or real ... ( Sahil )

  2. Sir

    Your blog is useful for sharing Gandhiji's message to the humanity through the philatelic stamps issued by different countries on him.

    Sir keep up your posting of sharing Gandhiji's messages to entire humnaity by sharing your knowledge on Gandhi stamps with others.

    Sir please explore my collections blog.


    Sir recently on october 2nd i displayed my Gandhi stamps exhibition at local kakinada gandhi bhavan. please explore those photos and share your comments.


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    Warm Regards
    Dokka Srinivasu

  3. Hello Dokka,

    Thanks for your compliments about usefulness about my blog. I try my best to share my experience and knowledge so all collectors will be benefited and Gandhi philately will prosper.

    I read some of the articles from your blog and looks very interesting. Looks like you have wide variety of interest. Also nice blog post about Gandhi exhibition at Kakinada Gandhi Bhavan.

    I will share your exhibition pictures in my blog so other Gandhi collectors will be aware of your effort.

    I think by exhibiting your collection locally to all general public instead of just stamp collector will really help to spread Gandhiji's message and this will encourage more local people to see stamp exhibition as everyone is not able to visit stamp exhibition, which generally happens in big city.

    I think by exhibiting locally is best way to promote Gandhiji's message through stamp/philately collection and stamp collector worldwide should take notice of your effort and do more of this kind of things locally.

    I love Mahatma Gandhi Statue at Kakinada Gandhi Bhavan. I would love to have this statue picture on cover with Gandhi stamp as well as Gandhi Bhavan building picture on cover with cancellation of Kakinada. If possible please send it to me and I will really appreciate it.

    Ketankumar Patel



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