Nicaragua Gandhi Stamps : Nicaragua 1998 Gandhi Cachet cover with Map of India Stamp issued during 50th Anniversary of Independence of India.

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Happy New Year to all readers.

Nicaragua issued Gandhi Cachet cover with two Map of India stamp in 1998 to celebrate Independence of India 50 Anniversary (1947 -1997).

As you can see it was issued on 13 August 1998 (not in 1997) and also not on 15th August.!!  In future we might see FDC issued in 1997 same way like we can see currently FAKE 100 years of Cinema FDC issued in 1994 instead of 1995.!!

This is similiar to 1995 Gandhi Movie stamp issued during 100 Years of Cinema. On stamp it was mentioned 1994 but it was actually issued in 1995. Same is the case for this stamps. It is mentioned 1997 but issued in 1998.

This FDC is widely available under $5 on delcampe auction (Click this link to see current available FDC). 

Following is screenshot from ebay India where it is selling  from 1500 - 2250 Rupees which is 30-40$.!!!  I don't think this a RARE item so why this much price.!!!

Sellers of this FDC on ebay  are eaglefila, philindia02, dr.vijay.vizirani, kamalmedicine and others.

Do you think this FDC is really valued for 30-40$ in  price or it's just one method of price inflation.!!!

To inflated the price it's very easy. Open multiple account and start selling same item at different price and in this way one can control the price by buying  cheaper and then increasing the price if other comes from actual seller in auction.(and if they win don't pay.!!) !!!

Also to fool buyer change account country such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Croatia etc. and with help of philatelic friend or relatives post it from that country (by mentioning longer shipping time.!!)

Sometimes they keep it in auction with different id and inflate price by Shill Bidding.!!(Increasing price on their own or friends item with different auction id.!!)

But as collector we can also dedicate by not allowing this kind of activity by not just buying from the dealer who try to inflate the price.  I think it's not written anywhere that you need to have all stamps, FDC, FFC etc for your collection.!!!

Also you will see cachet with 2 different Shades also available from ebay India, but this are not different in color!!!.(error or rare fdc is selling cheaper than regular FDC!!) It's easy to have change in cachet color or stamp color just by exposing particular part longer to sunlight.!! or other methods to make it error!! (Read my blog post How to create ERROR stamps.)

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