Togo Gandhi Stamps : The Collapse of the Stamp Collection !!

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

Since last 2-3 years or more stamp collection hobby is declining but now even popular Gandhi Stamp collection is also declining. !! 

After looking at auction ended 30 mintues ago for  Togo 1969 Gandhi Stamps along with stamps of other four leaders of world was sold only for 1 Euro. To me it looks like COLLAPSE of the Stamp Collection after very low selling price of  Gandhi stamps and very few bidders (mostly dealers/reseller) on auction.

Not sure why value of this 6 stamps is not appreciating after 43 years, even though it has stamps of 5 famous leaders of the world including George Washington, Albert Luthuli (Lutuli), Simon Bolivar, Friedrich Ebert  and Mahatma Gandhi. 

What does this indicates, that no one is interested in Stamp Collection.!!

In my other blog post you can see what is the current trend of Gandhi stamp price specially from Ireland, Gibraltar, Cameroun, Gabon,Somalia, Yemen, Mauritius miniature sheet, India 1969 FDC, Chile FFC etc.

You can read my blog posts(more than 20 posts combined) about this decline in stamp price by clicking following link.

Gandhi Stamp Value Declining.

To me it looks like complete Collapse.!!  What do you think?

Read following article from Telegraph site about  "Philately gets you nowhere - Stamp decline sparks fears for Collectors."


So before you buy any stamps or philatelic materials think twice what are going in to. Make sure you not accumulating someone junk as your treasure.!! 

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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