India stamp used aboard - India 1901 queen victoria stamp used in Busrah Iraq - Do you trust Philatelic Handbook or Stamp Yearbook ?

Making money on eBay is very easy by selling stamps philatelic material such as used cover or imperforate stamps.

Following is one of the example of used cover  which was sold for $125 by USA eBay seller "cmcstamps"

This is India 1901 cover from Busrah Iraq to France redirected to India used abroad.

  • Stamp of British India
  • Used in Iraq
  • Send to France
  • Redirected to India.!!
That too in 1901 and selling in 2016 from USA.!!

Do you think it's genuine or forgery or BOGUS ?

My opinion is it's Forgery or BOGUS(never exist) ?

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of unique cover as rubber stamp are easy to make and who know whether this exist in 1901 or not.!!

Also you can forged similar rubber stamp from Philatelic Handbook or stamp yearbook as it's very easy to make.!!

That's why I don't believe or like Philatelic Handbook or stamp yearbook as it is nothing but collection or forgery or BOGUS material.

Philatelic Handbook or stamp yearbook are to authenticate Forgery stamps in to genuine or BOGUS in to genuine stamps or philatelic material such as rubber stamp or imperforate stamps.

Also no government is going to put you in jail for forged rubber stamp.!!

India stamp used aboard - India 1901 queen victoria stamp used in Busrah Iraq

So BEWARE when you try to collect unique philatelic material as chances of forgery or BOGUS is very high.

What do you think about this India stamp used aboard - India 1901 queen victoria stamp used in Busrah Iraq ??


Imperforate stamps - 1973 Gandhi Nehru stamp

India 1973 Gandhi and Nehru Imperforate stamp is currently selling for 1400 UK pounds from ebay seller "zeboose".

If this is genuine imperforate stamps then it is stolen from Government of India Postal archives as this should not be available to public. 

This are colour trial so it should not be sold.!!

But  to me this looks like photocopy from stamp Gandhi Handbook or some other philatelic material.

Imperforate stamps are mostly forgery or Bogus (never exist) but to make money  by creating unique stamp.!!

This is one of the way you can make money by creating photo copy and sell it as genuine stamp.!!

So BEWARE of Imperforate stamps.!!



India stamps with FDC of 15th August 1947 Independence day with JAI HIND Cancellation - Jainasian making money on eBay by selling stamps philatelic material

We know how easy is to make rubber stamp and apply it on any stamps and claim it as extreme rare philatelic stamp material and make money by selling on eBay.

Jai Hind Cancellation is one of them with India stamps which was selling for $314.!! by eBay seller "jainasian" from Surat, India.

According my research Jai Hind cancellation is nothing but bogus. (never exist). Even post office in New Delhi was closed on that date.!!

My opinion for this type of cancellation is brainchild of some collectors and dealers who will come up with this kind of extreme rare cancellation.

After that it will be displayed in stamp exhibition and will win medal.

And then it will be glorified in  Stamp Handbook, Philatelic Year Book, Stamp Journals etc and then everyone will run to get it.!!

Want to gain international attention then send one to Smithsonian national philatelic museum in Washington and make more money.!!!

In 2009, Gandhi stamp collector (cheater) from Winnenden &  Schwaikheim town of Germany with illegal use of Emblem of India.!!

This was also bought for $100+ for short amount of time.!!

To read more about this special cancellation from Winnenden Germany click following link and think about it before you jump in to special cancellation.




It's a big game played in stamp collection. It involved lot of people to glorify stamps and make money.!!

Now don't you think you can money by selling stamps on eBay.!!

$314 (21000 rupees) is too much money for 900 million out of 1.2 billion Indian population.

so start making rubber stamp and start selling it.



Imperf stamps - Proof stamps - Grenada stamps

Recently I saw Grenada IMPERF stamps - Proof stamps of  Gandhi Disarmament selling for $120 by ebay seller "steelhouseauctions"

This imperf stamps are also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook which has more imperf stamps than actual stamps.!!

I don't believe in Gandhi Handbook because it has incorrect information about stamps and philatelic material.

Even forgeries are also in Gandhi Handbook and there is no description or mention about that this is forgery such as 1948 Gandhi FDC from Indian Embassy Nepal or Gandhi SERVICE stamps on piece of paper and lot more.

According to me there are more chance of getting photocopy instead of IMPERF stamps.

It's very easy to print or make imperf stamps with latest printers or photo copy machine so be careful.

Most of the IMPERF stamps are nothing but forgery. Some times it's even bogus(never exist).

Some times it's STOLEN from Government Archives so be careful when dealing with some special philatelic material.

So be careful when you buy IMPERF stamps.

It's not a stamp !!



Private FDC stamp collection - Personal FDC - Philatelic material collection

Recently I saw  1948 private FDC  with India Gandhi stamps which was sold for $340 by eBay seller "pom_poko51" from UK.

It has 17 bidders and 35 bids.!!

After looking this do you really think 17 bidders are interested in this or it's SHILL bidding ?

Following is the description of the cover.


Now think following points and decide whether this make sense.?
  • Why HSBC manager want private FDC from Ballgunge  local post office? (Even though official Post & Telegraph FDC envelopes were available in Calcutta GPO which was 8-9 km away from this post office).
  • Why HSBC manager did not want official Jai Hind special cancellation issued for this stamp.?
As I mentioned in my previous blog post there were only 2-4 cities GPO  in India (Bombay, Caluctta, Delhi and Madras) were issuing FDC because of 1st anniversary of Independence day and also it was Sunday.

It will be very hard to deliver stamps to all post office on first day of issue. (It's not possible in 2016.!! so how it's possible in 1948 and that also on Sunday which was first anniversary of India Independence.)

Also there were not that many stamp collectors in 1948 as there was not that much money with people to invest in stamps and FDC.!!

Click following link to know what is this 1948 special Jai Hind cancellation.!!


I had seen more than 100 cities rubber stamp which are claimed as personal FDC which are nothing forgery of post office rubber stamp. I think Ballgunge is one more addition to this.!!

Even after 17 bidders price did not go up for this  Private FDC stamp collection- Personal FDC - Philatelic collection.

In past I saw Private FDC stamp collection - Personal FDC - Philatelic collection of 1948 Gandhi stamps were sold from $3000 - $900.!!

Private FDC was sold for $1675. (by eBay seller "mafeking100")


Personal 1948 India Gandhi  stamps First Day cover full set was sold for $900 by ebay seller "aspireb"


 Indian Embassy of Nepal postmark cancellation by ebay seller "himphinu"


There are more than 100+ blog post just about 1948 Gandhi stamps Bogus  & Forgery philatelic collection.!!

There are so many forgery philatelic material with 1948 Gandhi stamps, one can open exhibit for just  FORGERY and BOGUS Gandhi philatelic collection.

It's just required FORGERY stamp and rubber stamp to make philatelic collection material and apply on any old cover you find with stamp dealer in stamp show.!!

You can write a Handbook about Gandhi stamps forgery and Bogus philatelic material.!!

The current Handbook has lot of examples of forgery and bogus philatelic material and also some of them are with incorrect information.

In Handbook they never mentioned it's forgery or possible forgery.!!

But author know who submitted in the book.!!

To me Handbook is nothing but marketing of bogus or forged philatelic material with help of other famous collector who exhibit in stamp show.!!

To me it's easy way to make money by creating philatelic material.!!

I think philatelic used cover or register cover was made to make money.!!

So beware before you buy and philatelic material. It's just a rubber stamp.!!



India GEOV stamp - British India stamps - India KGV stamps - KEV stamps.

Recently I saw mint India 1913 or 1928 GEOV stamp valued 25 Rs, 15 Rs, 10 Rs issued 100+ years ago selling in huge quantity.

eBay seller "anglo-Indian-affairs" from UK sold more than 200 India mint GEOV stamps.

Yes GEOV stamps sold between $300 to $50. (approximately $10000).!! 
  • How much capital gain tax this seller has to pay ?
  • How much VAT & income tax has to pay to UK federal government ?

Who the hack is buying this INDIA GEOV stamps.!!?

What bother me is that 25 Rs or 15 Rs or 10 Rs was lot of money in 1913.

No one has that kind of money and save it for collection as investment.

It's a paper which will deteriorated over the time.

People will invest in GOLD not in piece of paper.

Also this high value stamps were not required for regular postage as there was nothing that expensive to post.

So what are this mint INDIA GEOV stamps ?


Yes FORGERY are selling as Genuine. !!

I know  this kind of sale is good for

  • eBay as they will get commission
  • capital gain tax to country of selling
  • VAT to country(EU) of selling (depending on buyer's country).
  • Paypal as they will get fees from seller
  • Income tax (year end) of seller's country.
it's hard to tell but My opinion that no one gets money.!!

But not sure why collectors are paying this much after my opinion through following blog post.!

Now do you think all this selling is real.?

  • Yes, I am talking about FAKE selling.!!
  • Buyer don't pay to seller. Seller cancel bid with eBay so don't have to pay commission.
  • SHILL bidding by philatelic friends, relative and seller's other id to increase price and cancel the transaction if someone else don't buy it from the cartel.!! so don't have to pay commission to eBay.
  • You and me will be not aware what happen in reality.!!
This is what happens to increase price of any collectible items.


Look carefully and think how easy is so get fooled by this replica stamps.

Don't you think above are replica stamps ?

Because # 1 thing is that no one has that kind of money to keep it as collection.!!

Don't you think you can make lot of money by selling replica as genuine.

So do you think India GEOV stamps are forgery selling as genuine.?

I think so.!



First Aerial Post - buying stamps on eBay - selling stamps on eBay - selling and buying collectibles on eBay - How to make money on eBay - How to save money on eBay.

It's easy to make money on eBay by selling forgery (duplicate of original) or BOGUS (by creating never exist) collectible items.

It's about how you glorify item by  writing in handbooks, yearly book, exhibiting etc.

And also how you increase price by SHILL bidding.

SHILL bidding is the key to glorify collectible material by increasing price so other's will think it's really genuine, lot of people are collectible etc.

But in real world only bunch of people are in this SHILL bidding business as well as exhibiting in stamp show or coin show or art show.

In past I wrote blog spot about First Aerial Post 1911 from Allahabad and as per my opinion it's nothing but Bogus. (My opinion is like stamp expert certificate which don't claim any responsibility or liability even after taking money  for certificate so this is free opinion (free speech, freedom of opinion).

My opinion is up to you to think and it depends on you to believe it to me or others.!!

It's very easy to make used stamp cover or special envelope for philatelic collection just by making rubber stamp and apply it on any cover.

And that's why we had seen more than 500 in last 5 years on eBay.!!!

Even though it's 105 years old why so many are still available.!!

No one know what happen in 100+ years ago as all philatelic handbooks and stamp exhibit are nothing but marketing techniques of that bogus philatelic material.

We had seen this in Gandhi Handbook which has all misleading information about philatelic material. Click following link to read it.


But even after writing and giving my opinion about this Forgery or Bogus collectible item it is still selling at high price.

Recently it was sold for $346 by ebay seller "scarceditions" , $300 by "collstamps" and by eBay seller "filateliadesimoni" for  best offer ?.

I know it's good for

  • eBay as they will get commission
  • capital gain tax to country of selling
  • VAT to country(EU) of selling (depending on buyer's country).
  • Paypal as they will get fees from seller
  • Income tax (year end) of seller's country.
it's hard to tell but My opinion that no one gets money.!!

But not sure why collectors are paying this much after my opinion through following blog post.!

Now do you think all this selling is real.?

  • Yes, I am talking about FAKE selling.!!
  • Buyer don't pay to seller. Seller cancel bid with eBay so don't have to pay commission.
  • SHILL bidding by philatelic friends, relative and seller's other id to increase price and cancel the transaction if someone else don't buy it from the cartel.!! so don't have to pay commission to eBay.
  • You and me will be not aware what happen in reality.!!
This is what happens to increase price of any collectible items.

Read my following post so you understand how selling of stamps works and you can apply it to in your buying and selling collectibles and make money or save money on eBay.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

Aerophilately - First Aerial Post Mail - UK VAT taxation on collectibles

The First Aerial Post: Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon

First Aerial Post -  buying stamps on eBay or buying collectibles 

Buying and Selling stamps on eBay First Aerial Mail 1911 Allahabad

Selling and Buying Collectibles on eBay - How to make money on eBay by selling 1911 First Aerial Post.

Now after reading above blog post don't you think  it will help you to make decision to

  • buying stamps on eBay
  • selling stamps on eBay 
  • selling and buying collectibles on eBay (buyer & seller)
  • How to make money on eBay (seller)
  • How to save money on eBay. (buyer)

eBay India seller "alphaomegaphilately" and "jainasian"  is selling for $1200 & $900!!


If you have mint stamps or used stamps and you want to sell it, chances are there will be no buyer.

But if you can use this stamp on any cover with rubber stamp of different location, dates etc  it will get sold at high price and make lot of money.!!

In order to make money on internet you just need to do following

1) Create rubber stamp of any post office ( you will be forgery expert)
2) Affix mint stamp on cover or post card or any other piece of paper( you can use forgery or facsimile stamp also, no one will notice as it's used).
3) Make clear cancellation postmark(clear date, clear city etc)  using forged rubber stamp after typing (invest in buying one typewriter) or writing address on it. 
4) Start selling on internet.

Now in order to make money on internet do following so you can make more money by increasing price

5) Open multiple account (you don't have to pay to open account ) and start Shill bidding on it ( So you can increase price and make more money.!!)
6) Use another id and do more Shill bidding (so you  can show there are lot of collectors interest) and also write FAKE feedback even transaction is not complete.!!
7) If no buyer other than you  than cancel transaction by opening case of non paying buyer, so you don't have to pay eBay Commission.!! (cheat eBay shareholder also for using FAKE transaction.!!)

Then what if it don't sell or your shill bidding id wins

8) List again (you don't have to pay unless it sold and get money from seller).
9) Do same steps 5-7 again,  but little lower shill bidding.!!
10) And wait for some one to buy it.!!

Then what if still not sold

11) Wait for another 5-6 months and do step 1-10 again.!!!
12)  Also list as "with expertise certification" by forging stamp Expertising certification of famous philatelic society or reuse (photoshop) of some original certificate.!!
13) Send your used cover to philatelic handbook author so it will be published in their Gandhi collection yearbook or handbook, which will make it authentic material and there will be interest in buying it.
14) Exhibit your forgery collection online such as topicalphilately  or japhila  so new collector will try to get some idea what to buy (collect) as they think this are genuine philatelic material (because new collector don't know).!!
15) Participate in stamp exhibition or let friend (team work) and win medal with forgery material.!! Philatelic Judges don't want to confront with famous collector as they might not know whether it's genuine or fake and will trust that famous collector. 

It's ART of Making Money.!! (click to read my blog post about Philately Greed).

In past I wrote about How to make money on internet taking example of seller "seyyah" with Gandhi Stamps and King George stamps with cancellation from Kalbadevi, Bombay. This is another example from same seller  with King George Stamps and King George Post Card.

It's really artistic because it has King George Stamps and King George Post Card and send to Russian Zone of Germany so it will look unique and attractive and one of kind, but it's all false hopes of riches.

Following needs to be look at it before you decide to buy it.

1) There are 2 different type of cancellation.!! It does not make sense for postal clerk not to apply hand cancellation on King George post card.!!

2) Also this is first day of issue which was Sunday and all post office in India were not opened to sell this stamps.!! Kasaragod is very small remote coastal town and it does not make sense to send 1948 Gandhi stamps for first day of issue.!!

Only major big cities General Post Office (G.P.O) of Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Delhi and others were specially opened on that day because of Sunday which was public holiday, but also it was First Anniversary of Independence of India.

So don't you think there was other things to do than just opening post office and stamping rubber stamp with post mark of small post office.!!

Following will explain you how to make money using Jai Hind cancellation issued on First Day for Gandhi stamps.


Don't you think this kind of rubber stamp is easy to make and apply it on any postcard and can make you $50.!!!

In past there was King George Stamp Post Card was for sale for $1500 which was nothing but a forgery rubber stamp of "CHALTA DAK GHAR" (Mobile post office).!!! Some philatelic website claim as "Many postal historian would have seldom seen this." 

Click following link to read my blog post about it.

Also chance of some one has the original rubber stamp which they might have inherited from some stamp collector parents or relatives, who might got hand on this kind of rubber stamp from post office  either by working there or even with help of relative working there.!!

And their heir (son or daughter) might be using it right now.!!!

Following is another example of combination of King George Stamps and Gandhi stamp. It has famous forged or stolen post mark cancel from BOMBAY R.M.S.!!

You will see this BOMBAY R.M.S applied to lot of Gandhi Philately material.!!! Now apply this BOMBAY R.M.S postmark  to any piece of paper and start making MONEY by selling on internet.!!! But make sure it has Gandhi stamps and any other valid combination.!!

We had seen in past that some of 1969 Gandhi stamp proofs from India were for sale by auction house which should be in Indian Government archive or museum, but it was for sale and no one cares to find out why it's for sale.!!!

So again it will be very very hard for any stamp expert in the world to prove it's forgery.

So now you can make money on internet by CHEATING and be a big SCAMER and part of greatest stamp collection SCANDAL.!!

Following is one more example to make money using rubber stamps which is selling for $400.!!!

It's like 40% of average income  of Indian people in 2012.!! So it make sense to create forgery philatelic material and make living instead of working very hard in difficult condition.!!

It's also work from home.!!!

It's just nothing but to make MONEY!!! 

Don't you think expensive it goes more Forgery happens.!! This was for sale for only $400!!!!!!! You can find unused  or mint certificate of posting receipt and after that just use rubber stamp. Now you have $400 worth of GANDHI philatelic material.!!

Following is mint certificate of posting receipt.!!!

There are lot of dealers/collectors on ebay who are not trusted. It will be very hard to find all, but if you read my blog you will get some idea how to protect yourself !!!!!!!

Following screenshot is a preview of rubber stamp I tried (anyone can) to make one one  rubberstamp.net using round table cancellation image (all the top of this blog). I only previewed it, not order it.!!

Now you have to decide whether this India 1948 Commerical used cover is Genuine or Forged or even FAKE.!!

Don't you think it's easy to make all this special cancellation, postmark cancellation, post office cancellation and apply to any mint or even used covers, postcards or even International Reply Coupon (Coupon Response International.).!!

Following are FORGED rubber stamps we call it as postmark of Germany and you decide what are the chance of this kind of rubber stamps on your thematic collection.

Even EXPERTIZING certificates, hand stamps and forged signatures of experts in philatelic society were also forged, so it was very hard for regular collectors like me and you to find out authenticity about the material.

Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!




Now look at the following rubber stamps from Calcutta and Bombay from India and think what are chances of forgery like BLUM case.

If you don't believe it then look at the following forgery in stamp collection and think about it. Click more to read about it.


Following are some of the FAKE rubber stamp of post office of Grafzeppelin, Moscou, Arctique as well as very beautiful cachet on Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Do you think above FAKE covers might made it to philatelic museum in order to glorify Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers ?

Read following blog post about Aero Philately Fakes covers.

Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers

Now let's look at other FORGED cachet of First Aerial Post which is also selling as First Air Mail Cover, World First Air Post etc.

Also post office postmark which are not applied on stamps are also forged from Allahabad post office dated 18 February 1911, as well as Sitapur post office.

There is no difference between First Aerial Post, U.P. Exhibition Allahabad 1911 and all of the above rubber stamp postmark and cachet.

In my previous blog post I mentioned about forgery cancellation, unbelievable price in Aero Philately, World First Flight air mail cover - who are/were also Gandhi stamps seller.

Click following link to read my blog post aboutAero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers  and you decide whether you really want to be part of this kind of shady collection.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.


INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

First Aerial Post : Do you really think it's RARE and demands such a high price in philatelic collection? Is it valid in philatelic exhibition if postage stamps used is not valid ? or it's VALUE LESS.

This means that all rubber stamp (postmark and cachet) applied on this First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin cover, maxicard or postcard are FAKE.

Looks like lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps and Air Flight covers, First Flight covers, First Air Mail cover and First  Aerial Mail from Allahabad.

Even Register rubber stamps are FAKE in both.

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately.!!

So what do you think about making money on Internet.!!

Don't you think it's a big Stamp Collection Scandal or Stamp Collection SCAM were some collectors/dealers are trying to make money from you.!!!

It looks very easy to make money by selling stamps than you think.

I am surprised after looking price of India used in Singapore - 1854 4a cut square + 1a pair  "B/172 from Straits Settlements on piece of paper.!!

It was selling for $2000.!! Just 3 QV India stamps and B/172 rubber stamp postmark and you can fetch $2000. Not bad at all if you know how to do it.!!

You just need do following.

1) Buy some 1854 Queen Victoria stamps
2) Find some old covers or piece of paper from stamp exhibition dealers or online auction.
3) Make forged B/172 octagonal rubber stamp
4) Now affix that 1854 QV  India stamps Queen Victoria stamp on cover or piece of paper and apply B/172 rubber stamp. (lightly or little missing).

And now you are ready to make money.!!!

Of course it will be forgery, so what. Who will figured it out, and even they do nothing will happen.!!!

Following is screenshot of Straits Settlements  India Used abroad - B/172  Singapore stamps selling by eBay seller "stamp_bay" for $2000 or make offer.

I don't care whether it's forgery or genuine, but my goal is to make money any how by making this kind of 160+ years old stamp philatelic material.!!

Now let's see how we can make it and sell it.

In past we had seen forgery India used in Straits Settlements bisect with B/172 post mark rubber stamp which is in Octagonal shape which is also know as Penang Octagonal.

This forgery was was on East India stamp around 1859 with bisect stamp of Queen Victoria from India which was sold for $2.!!

And also in past we had 1854 forgery stamps selling for $30 for 100 stamps.!!!

So buy this sheet and start making some RARITIES 1854 India stamp collection with used aboard with B/172 post mark rubber stamp.!!!

Do you think can you do this ?

Read my other blog post about Straits Settlements stamps B/172 with India stamps used abroad for $34,500.!!

Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

Following are some of other RUBBER STAMP used to make money.!!!

Gandhi SERVICE FAKE Stamps and Governor Cancellation  
Fake  used on paper with 1948 Gandhi 1 1/2 Annas SERVICE are available in plenty with Governer Camp PO.!! (Even with SUNDAY cancellation!!)

What is Tibet 1949 register cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps without stamps from Tibet and Indian Embassy of Nepal?
FAKE 1948 Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation and Independence day of India  

Forged 1948 Gandhi FDC with Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation!!
Forged 1948 Gandhi Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation  
FORGED India 1948 Gandhi stamps FDC!!
FAKE 1948 Gandhi  stamps "JAI HIND" Cancellation
OVERPRINT stamp issue from Cameroun, Nicragua & Togo. Does not make sense at all someone printing on stamp by mistake. This is delibrate act.

FAKE Overprint Cameroun, Nicaragua stamps and FDC!! 
Also 1979 - 1980 wrong year printing with UNICEF, Olympics, Einstein , TajMahal. It's nothing but a SCAM to make money by making false assumption of RARE!!

Why 2009 BOGUS Germany Special Cancellation (rubber stamp) on October 2nd issued to celebrate Non-Violence for high school massacrae in Winnenden?  (Collector can go to any extent to make money.!! No value of life against money.!!)

(This makes all 1969 special cancellation questionable!!, because who knows what have happen in 1969.!!). Also don't know upto what stage collector goes to take benefit. !!

Following are Forgery or BOGUS special cancellation or postmark from post office, used on Gandhi stamps.

Also in past we had seen "Strait Settlements" cancellation also forged so what are chances of Muscat duplex cancellation number 23 is also FORGED.

Following is blog post which will give you idea about postal history, what is FORGED cancellation from Penang Strait Settlements on East India postage stamp.

Indian Philately Exposed : Forged Cancellation

Still confused check out my other blog posts so you get some relief in your stamp collection.

Check following multiple forged or BOGUS rubber stamp for JAI HIND special cancellation.

Calcutta cancellation is Forgery and Simla cancellation are both different.!!

Both SHILLONG cancellation looks different with HINDI alphabet "Jai Hind" and type & # of lines.

Compare above four cancellation from BOMBAY and check for # of lines, types of lines in center of special cancellation. (some has 7 and some has 8 and some don't make sense.!!)

Above two cancellation are from MADRAS. Only cancellation with "AUG".!! Also look at the difference between them in shapes. Also "." is missing.

Poona & Simla cancellation looks like BOGUS

Don't your think it's UGLY out there ?

Above two cancellation are from NAGPUR looks BOGUS. Look at the difference.

Kanpur & Patna cancellation with irregular alphabets and letters along with shapes

Delhi and New Delhi cancellation. Looks at  the difference.

Pondicherry was ruled by French India in 1948. Compare it with MADRAS which only has "AUG" where as Pondicherry has "AUGUST" even though they are very near.!!

Does ALLAHABAD & PATNA cancellation looks like GENUINE ?

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

1) Philatelic FAKE and FORGERIES.
3) Stamp collection CHEATING.
4) Stamp Collection Value
5) Stamp Collecting Facts
6) China stamp collection value.
7) First AirMail Post
8) World First Flight Cover
9) Greatest Stamp Collection Scandal 
10) Biggest stamp collection SCAM
11) SCANDAL in stamp collection 
12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!


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