Why paying 900 dollars for Gandhi 1948 FDC with 10 rupees?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw another 1948 Gandhi FDC with 4 stamps of Gandhi including 10 rupees was sold for $900!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is private FDC :)

But after some research(type of fdc, bidders, seller, buyer) of this FDC it makes me think twice!!!

Look who is winning and bidding.

Seller is aspireb(209) [b***b (209)]

winner is-----------> i***0(253)
2nd bidder---------> i***p(272)

If you see my previous blog than seller of this item was also bidding on that FDC which was sold for $1675.

Now you need to do more research and find out more things for yourself.

This is only for future reference for new Gandhi collector.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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