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Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

I don't understand why 1987 Gandhi stamp from Sao Tome Principe is selling for more than $100 dollars. This country is 183rd in size(372 sq. miles), 188th in population( 163000) and Gross National Income per captial is US 1020$. If you compare with USA which i s 3/4th in size, 3rd in population (308 million) and GNI per capital is US 48000$.

If you think about this 3 facts than you will start thinking who in Sao Tome & Principe will buy this stamps. I think this is another example of making money on Gandhi stamps in which fetching lot of money.

This stamp was printed in 1987 with Olympic games, International Organisations, Red cross, Famous people Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Albert John Lutuli. It's Michel number 979-982, 169. Following is the complete set.

Some times you can find this stamp cheap from people who are collecting only Nobel Price winner or Red Cross and Gandhi is not Noble Price winner (This is a great embrassement for all the Nobel prize winners !!) and collectors of that nobel prize stamps don't need this Gandhi stamp. If you are lucky you will get cheap otherwise collector has to pay high price.

The price in an old Michel catalogue is cheap and they never warned in Michel Rundschau about high prices of this Gandhi stamp.

If anyone has more info about this stamp than please comment on it.

Following are links from delcampe auction site and you will be amazed what price it is selling for and who are the bidders. Look carefully to bidders name.

1) Delcampe item # 85864077
2) Delcampe item #64552460
3) Delcampe item #91402531
4) Delcampe item #64552460

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