Indian stamps : What are chances of getting Forgery stamps when you buy USED stamps?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

We are seeing lot of forgery in  mint 1948 Gandhi stamps from India which are selling as facsimile, copy, replica etc.

Chances are some times this forgery stamps might be selling as Genuine stamps also.

But  what are the chances that this forgery stamps from India are selling as used or hinged stamps.??
Don't know about facsimile, copy, replica available in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India then please read my following blog post and you will be amazed and scared to go back and see your 1948 Gandhi stamps collection.!!


Recently I saw a seller "buyitnowitem" selling used 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps from India with Bombay G.P.O cancellation on piece of paper.!! I don't know whether this is Genuine or Forgery stamps because from picture one cannot tell easily so you have to decide.

We all know history about Gandhi stamps on piece of paper and also seller "buyitnowitem". If you are not aware of it then please read  my following blog post to understand it.

1) 1948 Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp from India on piece of paper.
2) 1911 First Aerial Mail from India on piece of paper with British India stamp.
3) 1948 Gandhi F.D.C with forgery cancellation
4) Fake and Forgery are easy to find ?

So what do you think after reading all 4 blog posts, about possibility use of replica or copy or facsimile stamps from India to make it as used stamp on piece of paper and seller.!!?

I think chances are very high looking to all this the above factors.

Also we had seen Forgery of 1948 Gandhi SERVICE Overprint stamps with Governor General PO cancellation selling for $7.

So now what do you think about 1948 India Gandhi USED stamp from BOMBAY G.P.O?

Still not sure then please read my following blog post about

Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED?


After reading above two blog post what do you think the chances of Forgery stamp in USED stamp collection.

To me it looks there are lot of facsimile or copy of 1948 Gandhi stamps are used on private F.D.C, Register used covers and regular used covers because it very easy to make all kinds of circular rubber stamps

So beware what you are buying not only used stamps but also any Gandhi philately material with stamps from India otherwise you will have a nice souvenir in your collection.!

It's a big philatelic SCAM or philatelic GAME.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW : Want to know more about 1948 Gandhi stamps from India then click following blog post.

India Stamps : 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp value!! Is it Genuine or FAKE!!!!!!!Expertising Certificate from RPSL and BPA are even used to pass of forgeries.!!!


Another external link from FFE (Fakes Forgeries Expert).

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