Imperf stamps : How hard is to print or photocopy Imperforate Gandhi stamps ? Anyone can make one!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Perforations are the holes or cuts made to allow you to separate stamps in a sheet or roll. Imperforate means that the stamp is either intentionally made like that, requiring the user to use scissors to cut them apart, or that the step was missed, creating an error.

Currently there are lot of imperf stamps or sheet are available from African countries and to me it needs to be thoroughly examined as chances of getting forgery will be very high or sometimes it might not even exist and you will see it as imperf stamps.!!

Following is recently example of imperf stamp from Gabon sold by "Marp" for $60.  I am not telling that this is  fake or forged, but just bringing awareness among the Gandhi stamp collectors.

Reason for higher chances of forgery is because it's very easy to forged. You don't need to worry about perforation and it can be easily printed or photocopied by any high quality printer with high resolution images or even by cutting perforation and recopying it.

Imagination is power.!! I think Einstein said it right and everyone in Gandhi Stamp collection needs to use this before purchasing any stamp or philatelic material so you will never regret of being cheated.!!

And you all know what's going in Gandhi stamps.!!

So beware other wise you will get some kind of color copy instead of imperf stamps.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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