1911 CORONATION DURBAR CANCELS comparing with Gandhi philatelic material

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

The Delhi Durbar meaning "Court of Delhi", was a mass assembly at Coronation Park, Delhi, India, to mark the coronation of a King and Queen of the United Kingdom. Also known as the Imperial Durbar, it was held three times, in 1877, 1903, and 1911, at the height of the British Empire. The 1911 Durbar was the only one attended by the sovereign, who was George V. The term was derived from common Mughal term durbar.(From: Wikipedia).

Just comparing our Gandhi philatelic material with some other Indian philatelic material so we can compare what it is all about and what we can learn from this.

I am not saying that above are forged or fake or never exist because it's not my  subject at all. I am not an expert or guru (so you don't have to believe me) on Indian Philately as well as Gandhi Philately but I have some common sense which I am using it to bring more awareness to myself as well as spreading word so all Gandhi collectors can think about it.

In order to get our collection interesting we need to make sure about all things going around not only in Gandhi but other similar  things happening in philately world.

I see lot of similarity between Gandhi collection and other Indian Philately such as First Aerial Mail from Allahabad.

There are lot of Gandhi SERVICE on piece of paper as well as First Aerial Mail post with special cancellation.

Please read my following blog post  and check out following images Gandhi Service stamps and philatelic cancellation.


Do you think following images are philatelic material or "Piece of Paper"?

Reason I think (My personal opinion) above philatelic material it's "Piece of Paper" because 

1) Who in the world will cut such a valuable philatelic material.!! They will keep everything intact on envelope/cover otherwise they will not get this kind of material.
2) Don't you think philatelic hobby is for intelligent people.!!(and they will not cut such material!!). Only few  philatelist will take effort or will have knowledge about event and they will make this specially for themselves or friends so chances of going to general collector are very less.
3) Even they cut it then they will make sure they will not cut part of cancellation.!! In this case they cut cancellation which make value less.!!
4) If collector don't understand value of philatelic material or just regular stamp collectors then they will cut piece of paper but it will just used stamp only not on paper. (after removing piece of paper by putting it in water.)
5) As I mentioned in my previous blog post that this cancellation (Rubber Stamp) is very easy to make and apply on any piece of paper or old unused postcard or even on used cover.!!
6) It's 101 years old!! Make sure about quality of INK, PAPER, WEATHER EFFECTS etc.!! and even after 2 world wars and fighting for Independence of India against British.
7) In my previous blog post I mentioned about FAKE Forgery cancellation is widely available with different ink so chances of Genuine cancellation can be affected.!!

This is my personal opinion and you don't have to believe me.!!! But you can still use my opinion to think about this and use your opinion to add in your collection.

Do you see similarity between Gandhi Collection as well as other Indian Philately.?

Following blog post might help you to decide about this.

Share your thoughts in comment (Post a comment) section of this blog so all philatelist can get your  opinion also. (Please, no personal emails).

Ketankumar Patel.

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