John Kennedy stamp (JFK stamp) Winston Churchill stamps and Mahatma Gandhi stamp First Day Cover FDC from Bhutan


Recently I compared 1972 Bhutan FDC with Kennedy stamp, Winston Churchill stamp and Mahatma Gandhi stamp and I was surprised!!!

Both this FDC have different date. One has 22 April and other has 17 April.!! Also both of them look completely different even though they are from same post office.!!

It's nothing new in Gandhi stamp collection that there are more FORGED philatelic material then genuine.!!

Please read my following blog posts about Forgery stamps, Bogus cancellation, FAKE bidders, Shill Bidding etc and understand what's going in Gandhi Philatelic and you will be ashamed of your collection as you are part of it.!! This is not only in Gandhi Philatelic collection but also in any stamp collection so beware of this kind of activity.






Now you have to decide which one is Genuine and which one is Forged.!!

This First day cover with John Kennedy stamp (JFK stamp)  Winston Churchill stamps and Mahatma Gandhi stamp was sold for only $10.!! It's amazing to see that all three are famous in thematic stamp collection, but it's still not valued.!!

This Bhutan John Kennedy stamp (JFK stamp)  Winston Churchill stamps and Mahatma Gandhi stamp is made from plastic and it's embossed, but there is not collector who wants to buy it or bid it on this .!!

To me looks like seller is not SHILL bidding to increase the price.!!or no friends are helping him out by bidding on it.!!

There are lot of Bhutan plastic stamps are available at very low price so sometimes its tempting to forged.!! This stamp are selling for $2-$3 and by forging you can make 10 times money.!!

So beware when you collect, otherwise you will regret it.

Recently I saw eBay seller "arun7602" was selling Bhutan 1972 FDC with just Kennedy stamp for $40.!!

Want to see what is the price of this stamps and quantity then click following link to read my blog posts.


Now don't you think it's tempting to make more money by forging rubber stamp and making First Day Cover.!!

Following is one more example where forged rubber stamp was used on Maximum card with Mali stamps. According to me all Gandhi Maximum card are Forgery.!!

Following is another example of forged rubber stamp on Nicaragua to celebrate 100 years of cinema where date is also different than first day  of issue. Not sure it's error or fake.!!


So think twice before you start your collection.!!

Otherwise sky is the limit to get cheated.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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