Stamp Collection Hobby : Is it all about Forgery, Bogus, Shill Bidding and Cheating ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Let me warn you that after reading this blog post you will not start/enter in to stamp collection hobby or want to quit this stamp collection hobby if you are already collecting.!!

Amazing and Unbelievable things only happen in some GLORIFIED philatelic material because it worth trying to CHEAT people and let's see if some get trap in to it and if not it does not cost that much.!!

That's the case in 1948 Gandhi Philatelic material.!!

In April 2012 I wrote about Early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamp which was sold for $6100 by seller since 2001 with eBay id "beattle123" from USA and item location INDIA and it's now again for sale for $10000.!!

I think this kind of money is only with THE BEATLES, the British rock band stars.!! or might be some oil rich countries or Bill gates or some Russian billionare .

Or might be stamp collector Bill Gross who is one of the biggest bond investor, but he will not spend on this kind of philatelic material because he knows stamps and philatelic material than more than 99% Gandhi collectors.!!

It's not only stamps or rubber stamp cancellation are FORGED or BOGUS, but also selling and buying are FORGED or illegal.!!

  • Shill bidding by using their own id from different countries.!!
  • Buyer not paying to seller to increase price!!
  • Multiple ebay id to cheat buyer!!
  • Helping friend's auction by increasing price!!

You can read my previous blog post in order to understand this blog post as well as all Forgeries, Bogus and SHILL bidding in order to glorify Mahatma Gandhi stamps.!!



Following is screenshot of Gandhi cover sold in April 2012 for $6100 with 43 bids.!!

Not sure what happen, but it's back in auction.!!

To me it look like classic example were buyer did not paid for this cover or buyer might be seller or his/her friends who did not paid any commission to eBay/Paypal by cancelling the auction.!!

Following is screenshot of same cover came again from same seller for $10,000.!! Nice 40% increase.!!

Not sure which country taxation will apply as seller is register in USA and item is in INDIA.!! All kind of capital appreciation in a year from $6100 to $10000.!!!

I will not even pay $1.!! because it's BOGUS error by using all kinds of forgery.!!

To me it's all FORGERY !!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic material with 1948 Gandhi stamps.

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Stamp Collection Hobby : Is it all about Forgery, Bogus, Shill Bidding and Cheating ?


And that's the reason I AVOID 1948 GANDHI stamps as well as any 1948 Gandhi philatelic material because it's nothing but SCAM.!!

Don't you think it's not worth to collect Gandhi stamps or philatelic material ?

Or don't you think it's not worth collect ANY stamps or philatelic material.?

It's your money, so you have to THINK about your stamp collection hobby.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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