SABKO SANMATI DE BHAGWAN : King George stamps, KG stamps, KGV stamps

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Mahatma Gandhi's one of the favourite Hymns  was "SABKO SANMATI DE BHAGWAN" means – Bless everyone with this very wisdom that we are all the product of the same Holy Spirit and that all of us strive towards the path of righteousness and virtue.

But in order to Glorify Gandhi philatelic material, collector/dealer will go to any extend to make money.!!

We all know that unbelievable forgery and BOGUS (never exist or officially issued by Government) of Gandhi stamps and related to him are available in various auction sites. 

To me following is one more addition in that category!!

As per information available on internet as well other philatelic books this rubber stamp  with blue ink "SABKO SANMATI DE BHAGWAN" was issued only on January 30, 1949 which was 1st anniversary of his death. 

This cover has  King George stamps (KG stamps, KGV stamps) from India with blue inked rubber stamp, which is very easy to make.!!

But why only on 1st death anniversary.!! It can be issued every year!!

But to me it looks like this is the way to GLORIFIED !!  It does not make sense to collect which don't have any official date or government rules, regulations, standards etc.

Recently on eBay "SABKO SANMATI DE BHAGVAN" is selling for $80 (starting price)!! but after looking various factors it makes me think twice.!!

1) We had seen lot of Forged or BOGUS rubber stamp as it's very easy to make.!!

BOGUS Germany 2009 International Non Violence Day

FORGED 100 years of Cinema from Nicaragua

2) Seller is "buyitnowitem" who in past sold FORGED philatelic material.!! (click following link)

3) It only took 19 hours to reach from Bombay to Bhuj!! ( in 1949)

4) Address on the cover is not enough to deliver mail.!! Street name or Society name and house # is missing.!!

Now if you see cancellation date and time it's January 30th at 5:00 PM and the delivery date and time is of Feburary 1, at 2:00 PM. So it only took 19 hours to reach Bhuj which is about 852 kilometers from Bombay with not proper receiving address.!!

Do following look even genuine cancellation on  King George stamps (KG stamps, KGV stamps)

Now think road condition or train condition in India in 1949.!!!

It will be impossible even in 2013 to reach mail through postal stream in 19 hours.!!

Does it makes sense.!!

To me this  kind of philatelic material is nothing but to FOOLED collectors!!

Think before you buy otherwise you will be victim of big SCAM or big philatelic GAME!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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