Gandhi SERVICE stamp with Expert Certificate

In past I wrote more than 10 blog post about Gandhi SERVICE stamp. (click link to read it)

This SERVICE stamp is nothing but BOGUS (never exist).

This SERVICE stamp is just glorified as genuine by stamp collectors, handbook authors and auction houses in order to make money.

Do you think this SERVICE stamp was needed ? (I don't think so)

This was 4th stamp issued by Independent India and first three did not have SERVICE stamp.!! 

So why 4th stamp is SERVICE stamp.!!

Not the first stamp from Indepedence India.

But I overprint SERVICE on first stamp (flag stamp) and made one as very RARE stamp.!! 

Click to read India flag SERVICE stamp. (never seen before.!!). 

As per stamp exhibit this was meant to first governer general of  India than how come this is available to general public.!!!

According to me it is nothing but to MAKE MONEY.!!

Recently I saw this stamp was sold for $204 by eBay seller "worldstamps22" from Belgium.!!

Do you think eBAY  got commission from this transacation ?

Reason for this question about eBay getting commission is most of the time in order to glorify stamps there is SHILL Bidding or Increase in price without paying to seller.!!

Also there were 15 bidders interested in this stamps.!!

Do you think 15 bidders were really interested in stamps or it's just SHILL bidding or Increase in price.!!

On top of that this stamp has Expert Certification.!!

Do you think this kind of certificate means it's GENUINE ?

I can print one and claim as EXPERT Certificate.!! It's more easier than forging stamps.!!!

In past I printed or made one.!! (click to see and read about it)

So what do you think about this transaction ?

So what do you think about 15 bidders ?

So what do you think about Gandhi SERVICE stamps ?

So what do you think about Expert Certificate ?



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