Muscat 1956 Green 1 1/2a 1 1/2d stamp with B.P.A BPA Expert Certificate

Recently I saw Green 1 1/2d Queen Victoria revenue stamp overprint with 1 1/2 Annas. This stamp might be genuine as it has has B.P.A Expert certificate but certificate don't have any address or phone # or any government registration id.

So not sure it's authenticated/genuine or just printed on piece of paper.!!

Now this Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp overprint stamp with BPA Expert Certificate was sold for $1225 from Slovakia by eBay seller "rrstampshop" with feedback of 6 (only 6) .!!! So buyer believed this Expert Certificate.

After looking all kind of forgery overprint stamps or Bogus (never exist) overprint stamps as well as forgery EXPERT certificate it's very hard to believe now a days in stamps collection.

Also we know how easy is to make or provide stamp EXPERT certificate. If you don't know or want to know then click following link

So how we know whether Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp is genuine or forgery ?

So how we know whether Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp was indeed overprint stamps ?

Not sure who buys this stamps even though stamp collection is declining or almost obsolete.!

Click following link to read and you decide.

To me it is a common practice to increase price of stamp by shill bidding  and than make "Second Offer" or by re-listing from different id so collector will try to buy it at lower price thinking they got a good deal.!!

So BEWARE of this kind of activity in Stamps as well as all other stamps.

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Indian Philatelic - Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence label

We all know how stamp collectors and dealers make money by creating some forgery which they claim it as rare or unique item.

Following Indian Philatelic Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence is one of them.

My personal opinion is that India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence nothing but FORGERY or might not even exist(Bogus label) in 1930 or even  Gandhiji might not have even seen it. It's just some greedy people during that time might have taken advantage of this and issue couple of label which were legal to even use during that time.

And now India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence created as forgery by just printing it and putting in sunlight or dust or oil or water and are creating as rare unique label.

What ever you see in Stamp exhibit is not always genuine. And same is the case with whatever you read in Indian Philatelic Handbook or yearbook or blogs or website or stamp exhibit is not true.

It's all about make money.

Some dealer will make it, Some stamp collector will exhibit and some author will write about it.

Now a days stamp collection is not a hobby but a big SCAM or GAME to make money.

Want to learn how to play Philatelic GAME or SCAM collectors then click following link to read my blog post.

1) Philatelic GAME.!!
2) Philatelic Greed !!
3) Stamp Collecting FACTS.

In last 4 years I have seen large quantity for auction of India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence label. 

Recently I saw this India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence selling for $90.!!

Lot of money if you convert in Indian Rupees and some one can make living by selling this kind of label only.!!

In order to make money collectors and dealers will involved in making all kind of forgeries or even bogus special cancellation, stamps, FDC, philatelic material and all you can think will be forged.

Following are different ways to make money by selling stamps on Internet. (Of course is CHEATING!!)

1) Make money by selling SPECIMEN postcard 
2) Make money by making RUBBER stamp
3) Make money by selling TRIAL PROOF waste by stealing it or by art using Photoshop.
4) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps
5) Make money by selling FORGED special cancellation from different cities.
6) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps as GENUINE.
7) Make money by selling BOGUS - never exist special cancellation
8) Make money by selling LABELS - forgery or bogus
9) Make money by selling FAKE or BOGUS First Flight Cover FFC
10 ) Make money by OVERPRINTING stamps.!!

So now you have to decide what you are paying for what ?

But keep in mind what you see on eBay or any other auction house pricing is not correct as they don't pay after buying it in order to increase price and you might get second offer chance at little lower price.!!

Gandhi stamps club.


Gandhi Stamp Exhibition - Do anyone collect Gandhi stamps and philatelic material ?

Recently I read blog post on "Rainbow Stamp Club" about Indian stamp exhibit winner at  PhilaKorea 2014 world stamp exhibition and I was surprised there are no Gandhi Stamp Exhibit winner.!!

My Congratulations to all 6 winners from India.


I am not sure whether there was any GANDHI stamp collection exhibit in  PhilaKorea 2014.

Not sure whether there is any interest in Gandhi stamps collection as no winner

Looking to past exhibits I can understand majority of the Gandhi stamp philatelic material is nothing but BOGUS or forgery so it does not make sense to participate in exhibition where philatelic judges now have enough information to look on the web and think about it before they decide to disqualify the entree.!

Still you will see Gandhi exhibit during some events or speeches because no one will  question about their collection as it is only to gain popularity.

In USA I don't even see any Gandhi stamp Exhibit (click following link to see) in Westpex 2014 one of the  biggest stamp exhibition even though there are high price Gandhi stamp seller on eBay are from San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Altos or Sunnyvale.


So not sure what's going in Gandhi Stamp Collector.?

Gandhi Stamps collection is  DEAD or Collectors are afraid about their collection because of following BOGUS items in their collection which they proudly display one time.!!

Following are some of the BOGUS material you will see in past exhibition as well in  philatelic handbooks.

1) Rare Specimen stamps in   Leather folder

2)  India 1948 BOGUS First Day cover from various cities with Jai Hind Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation (Biggest Forgery in stamp collection).

My personal opinion (without digging Indian Government archives) about 1948 First day cover were only issued from New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. I am not sure about this also but as they are/were 4 major cities during that time.

All other to me looks BOGUS (never exist). Made by someone like me and you.

Poona, Simla, NagPur, Patna, Kanpur, Pondicherry, Allahabad, Shillong, etc.

Also I had seen from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Cochin etc.

3) 1969 Fiji, Luxembourg, Burma, Czech Republic Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation  (wide varieties available)


4) Gandhi SERVICE BOGUS overprint stamp and FORGED or BOGUS rubber stamp of Governor General. )Some of this have Expert Certificate.!!)

5) ERROR stamp and BOGUS Nicaragua FDC with overprint error stamp (does not make sense).

6) BOGUS FDC from Indian Embassy of Nepal.

There are lot more BOGUS philatelic material which I can go up to 200-300 or more.!!!

That's the reason we don't see Gandhi exhibit in stamp exhibition.!

My request to genuine collectors that need to start exhibiting without any forgery or BOGUS and let's show the world that Gandhi stamp collection is not DEAD!

Also let's EXPOSE all BOGUS and FORGERY and make it proud of our self.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


King George Bermuda stamps : KG VI 10 shilling stamp with Sergio Sismondo Philatelic Expert Stamp Expertising Certification

We know how copy or facsimile stamps are made for some expensive stamps and selling under $5.

Following is Bermuda stamp issued in 1942 with 10 shilling value of King George VI.

 To me it look Genuine in all respect.

But if seller did not mention it I will not  notice it's forgery stamp or not real stamps.

I can even buy this stamp and sell it as genuine and wait for some one to buy or do some fake buying with my other id (cancel bid  after 10-15 days as non paying buyer or mutual agreement so I don't have to pay commission) so other collectors will think it's genuine and stamp price is appreciate.!!!

On top of that I can make my own Expert certificate in order to make it more genuine. Don't you think it's possible.

Click following link to see what is expertising certificate and you will get idea.


What are chances of getting above replica or copy stamps after paying very high price with expertising certificate.

I think there are very very high chances because there is no difference in perforation or color  and if you don't look carefully under microscope you will not find difference.!!

Also 10 Shilling was lot of money in 1942 so it does not make sense to be available in MINT condition except you are buying from some king's collection.!!

Following is King George Bermuda stamps : KG VI 10 shilling stamp with Sergio Sismondo Philatelic Expert Stamp Expertising Certification selling for $2100.!! 

I don't know whether it's genuine or forgery. It's up to buyer to decide.!!

It has opinion of expert with expert certificate so you it's genuine.!!

But what if stamp is Forgery !! Then buyer is on it's own.!! 

Also chances of showing and sending stamp might be different.!!

Because it's opinion only.!! Experts don't take any responsibility or liability.

"Neither the Company nor the members of the Expert Committee can accept any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed."

I am not telling or giving my opinion on this as forgery stamps or certificate. It's up to buyer to decide.

Look at the forgery Bermuda 1920 KGV stamps or replica Bermuda 1938 stamps or Bermuda copy KGVI stamps available.!!

If seller don't mentioned it and you buy it at high price you will be cheated.!!

So what do you think about this King George Bermuda stamps : KG VI 10 shilling stamp with Sergio Sismondo Philatelic Expert Stamp Expertising Certification.?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Overprint stamps - First stamp of India - Flag SERVICE stamp - How to create BOGUS stamps and make money (tons of it).

Following is First Stamp of India (SERVICE overprint) after independence with Indian flag and slogan "Jai Hind" issued on 21 Nov 1947.

But it has SERVICE overprint on it which makes it very unique and rare as very few very printed for Governor General use.

This is nothing but BOGUS overprint stamp on flag stamp which is first stamp of India after independence.

You don't have to create FORGERY of any stamps by facsimlie or copy, but just create whatever comes in mind and then you have to glorify.!!

It's same way what we see in Nicaragua Gandhi overprint stamp or Cameroun Gandhi overprint moon landing stamp or SPECIMEN stamp from Cyprus, Togo or any overprint stamp available in market.

It is my idea to do this overprint of Flag stamp and make it famous so I can make money on by making overprint stamps of First stamp of India - Flag stamp.

But in reality there was no overprint on this stamp such as SERVICE or SPECIMEN so I decided to create one sheet (only 10) and I will give 1-2  to government archives and some to museum and only 2 quantity known.!! (that's with me).

Now this is rare stamp and least printed printed stamp in the world.!!

Now if someone did this in 1947 with First stamp of India  then no one will knows what happen.

Also they just announce or write about  that there is SERVICE stamp issued for Governor General.!!

Then some author will write in their Handbook or yearbook or collector will mention about  it this in his exhibit, without knowing it or knowingly in order to sell philatelic handbook as well as to increase price of that particular stamp.

Also I can update in Wikipedia (anyone can edit it) and mention abou this flag stamps with overprint.!!

Also this will valid that following Gandhi SERVICE stamp is also genuine as no one will question that it was printed for Governor General.!!!

So what do you think about this in happening in GANDHI SERVICE stamp which is claimed as least printed stamp and most valuable Gandhi stamp as well as one of top 10 expensive stamps.!!

I think chances are very high.!!

Read following post to read about it.


Last Gandhi SERVICE  stamp was sold for $200,000.!!

So how much money I can make from this Overprint Flag SERVICE stamp.?

I can get EXPERT certificate also for this stamp.!! Now what else you need.!!(money)


It's rare, unique, least printed stamp, only two exists, was printed to used by Governor General.!!

This is how expensive stamps are made and someone will think as investment.

Don't you think chances of Gandhi SERVICE stamp is what I just did.!! ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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