Most valuable postage stamp

Gandhi SERVICE stamp is one of the most glorified stamp as Investment in stamps and that's the reason it is most valuable postage stamp in Gandhi stamp collection and Gandhi Philatelic collection.

Because of this glorification of most valuable stamp, it is also one of the most forged stamp and forged rubber stamp post mark of Governor General Camp PO.

Also chances of getting forged stamps on piece of paper  of cover is very high  in your collection as alternate investment in stamps.!!

Also you will get false advice from your financial consultant or even famous stamp collector friends will try to convince you to make investment in this most valuable stamps on piece of paper.!!

So BEWARE.!! My main goal is to educate new collectors who don't know what tricks and technique this dealers/collectors use in order for their own self interest.!!

Now let's compare following three images and decide whether it is most valuable postage stamp or it's most forgery stamps in entire history of stamp collection.!! You have to decide by finding which one is genuine and which one is forged ? 

There are 2 possibilities in this most valuable postage stamps, which are

1) All three are forged ?
2) One is genuine and other two are forged.?

Compare O.H.M.S - On His Majesty's Service (type and size of alphabets, printing quality etc), of Gandhi SERVICE  covers with following similar 1940 covers from India.

We already know that Governor General Camp PO rubber stamp is available as forgery as well as SERVICE stamps are available as forgery.

Here we need to find out which alphabet is forged and depending on that we can guess which piece of paper is forged or Governor General cover is forged.

You need to compare alphabets "ICE." with all of the above three images and  "TY'S SERVICE" with other two.

This is OHMS (On His MajeSTY'S SERVICE) covers.!!, which were printed during British India rule and they were using after 2+ years of Independence.!!

Why don't we see this kind of covers with other stamps (flag, ashok charka) which were issued before this stamps.

Does this usage of O.H.M.S covers make sense.!! I don't think so.

Do they look similar even though it was piece of paper from same Governor General Office.!! I don't think so

Do they look similar when you compare quality and type of paper used by Governor office.!! I don't think so.

Look at the quality of printing of OHMS (On His Majesty's Service) on covers!!

After all of the above consideration and forgeries going in Gandhi stamps and philately, this is nothing but false hopes of riches.!!

To me all 3 look different and it's very hard for me think as Genuine, so I will consider all 3 are forged and of course I will not consider this as most valuable postage stamp.!!

I am not expert so you don't have to believe it, same way Expertising Certificate from RPS and BPA mentioned  about there opinion of there certificate.!!
You don't have to believe my personal opinion.!!

Everyone has different opinion, so it's up to you to think and decide about this by looking following detail from screenshot about this most valuable postage stamp of Gandhi with SERVICE overprint stamp on piece of paper or OHMS cover.

Following detail will give you some idea about this auction on eBay and Delcampe and you can do your own research.

1) It was Prestige auction on delcampe by "Gartnerauk" starting at $1100 for 2 piece of paper with Gandhi SERVICE stamp. One has "ICE" on the piece of paper.

I am not sure why Post & Telegram department gave inferior treatment to Mahatma Gandhi, when you compare with King George VI SERVICE stamp.!!

King George SERVICE stamp has printed "SERVICE" on stamp where as Mahatma Gandhi is overprint (with printer) "SERVICE" on the stamp.!!

2) Recently eBay auctioned ended on Dec 28, 2013 and sold by "arvindr" for $430. 

Do you think this is genuine transaction? (forget about genuine stamps and cancellation and piece of paper.!!)

3) Currently official cover with RPS certificate is available for $14500 or make a offer by "stamp_bay" on eBay.

What I read and known that Expertising certificate only ceritifed stamps, they don't ceritify used covers or rubber stamp post mark.!!

So stamps might be genuine but postmark, piece of paper or O.H.M.S cover might be forgery.

Did RPS verified

1) type of paper used on OHMS cover
2) type and size of alphabet of OHMS printed on cover
3) size of alphabet on cover

It's OK, as they only give opinion like me without taking any liability.!!

Also there were three more cover auctioned on delcampe  starting at $4144, $1350, $650 which will help you more to find more information about this O.H.M.S cover or piece of paper.

Now can you believe following 3 covers were mailed to different person were for sale at same time.!!! Is it rare or something else.!!

All three has rubber stamp with blue ink from "Private Secretary to the Governor-General". Now compare this with also with following genuine O.H.M.S cover with King George stamp and think about it.

4) Following is official forgery . (Most Expensive stamp or philatelic material if genuine will sold for million dollar as just mint stamp was sold for $200,000.!!)

Forgery of complete cover is also available with O.H.M.S cover with Gandhi SERVICE stamp and Governor General Camp PO. Click following link to read about it.

World RARE expensive stamps.

5) Making money on Internet:

$14,500 is lot of money. Out of total population of India 90% will not make this much money (900,000 Rupees or almost one million rupees) in their lifetime.!!

so what are you waiting for. Don't you think it's easy to make money.!!

Want to learn "HOW TO MAKE MONEY USING INTERNET" then read following of three blog post so you will be expert in making money!!

6) Compare O.H.M.S - On His Majesty's Service of Gandhi SERVICE  covers with similar 1940 covers from India. Look at the price of this covers and compare it with Gandhi SERVICE covers.!!! 

So if you want to make money don't use other stamps.!! Use 1948 Gandhi stamps otherwise there will be no buyers or you will not recover your expense.!! Look at the following cover which was sold only for 99 cents, even though it's genuine.!!

Looks like original O.H.M.S cover with genuine stamps of King George VI with BOMBAY postmark, but there is printing about who send this cover. "Superintendent, Office of the Secretary to the Governor of Bombay"

7) Further reading or reference : 

In past I wrote extensively about Gandhi SERVICE stamp in my blog. To understand this blog post please click following links so you can figured out what's going on in Gandhi 1948 SERVICE stamps as well as 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India.

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