India 10 Rupees Mahatma Gandhi Service postage stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As all of you might know that 10 Rupees 1948 India Gandhi stamp with overprint SERVICE is one of the least printed (reprinted) stamp in the world.

A set of stamps over-printed as "Service" was issued to the Government of India for official purposes. Only 100 Mahatama Gandhi 10 Rs. stamps were overprinted with "Service" and issued for the use of C. Rajagopalachari, the Governor General of India, making it the world's least printed stamp.[ Of the hundred stamps that were overprinted with "Service", a few were gifted to dignitaries (Do anyone know who were this dignitaries), while most remain at the National Archives, Postal Museums, etc.

Also it is one (between 10-20) of the most expensive stamp in the world.!! So what when price of philatelic material goes up everyone wants to get rich.!!!So there was a forgery of this stamp too.!!
This forgeries are available for more than 10+ years and known as  "Marvelous Maryland" because it was printed in Maryland, USA.  It is categorized as "The ORIGINAL Maryland Forgery"!!!

Original in Forgery.!! (Not knew that there is original also in forgery too.!!)

Following is the forgery of that stamp which is known as Maryland Forgery. But I was surprised when this was sold for $455 with 51 bids on it.!!! Do you think forgery happen in this transaction also.?!!

Seller is in Australia and item shipped from international location.!!! (Are they business seller or helping someone or multiple account and multiple international location.!!)

Do you actual think this is genuine transaction with commission paid to ebay and also to paypal.?!!

You can see this at ebay for next 2 months by clicking following URL.

You can figure out from my past blog post who the buyer is.!!  (hint : [(d***i)(189)])  I don't think this is actual purchase as I don't see any feedback on ebay.!!


If you cannot find buyer then my advice is please quit Gandhi Philately as it will be very hard for you to survive in this Forgery Gandhi Philately World.!!

I am not sure why this much price as this forgery stamp (even with side) is available for less than $10.!! on delcampe and ebay.  Following is the screenshot.

So I am not sure why buyers wants to pay $450!!

To me only difference is seller. One has less than 300 feedback from Australia were as other has more that 3300 feedback from Germany.!!

Read my previous blog post about Gandhi SERVICE stamp: Is it Real or FAKE ?


So now you need to decide what's happening in 1948 Gandhi Stamps.!!

This kind of things are happening in almost each and every 1948 high value 1948 India Gandhi FDC/Used Covers.!! So take care. You are on your own.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can email me at ketankumar@gmail.com.


BTW:- Even blog of 4 is available (from Germany) on delcampe for $80!!

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