India 1948 Gandhi Memorial FDC sold for $6100.!! eBay Shareholders are doing good with Gandhi Stamps and Philately material.!! - Part III

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In October 2011, Gandhi 1948 FDC with Gandhi stamp was sold by "qpstamps" from California for $6100.!! This means that it is good for seller as well as eBay shareholders as eBay will get very hefty commission from this Gandhi FDC. (Please read my disclosure at end of this blog post)

Following is screenshot from ebay public feedback of buyer and seller (same like you can see on delcampe.net auction site.!!) which indicates it was bought by ebay id  "tsashwin" from India for  FDC for $6100!! Looks like Indian collectors are pouring money in Gandhi Philately.

Disclaimer : I don't know both buyer and seller and never did any transaction on ebay as well as any private transcation outside.

Buyer "tsahwin" is ebay member since 2005 but not did any transaction from Feb 05 - Dec 10. (click last feedback page to see). You might be thinking why all this, but it matters everything when you research in Gandhi Philately.!!

Don't understand how collector can spend so much money on this kind of FDC. As per Wikipedia  India's GDP in 2011 per capita is $1388 which is standard of living. Now think what that money can buy in India instead of just one cover.!! Do you think this is really worth $6100?

I think eBay shareholders are doing good from Gandhi Stamps and Philately specially in 1948 India issue. From above transaction only eBay/Paypal will get $250-$300.!!

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Ketankumar Patel.

Disclosure :
  • I have eBay shares in my retirement account and don't intend to buy or sell in 72 hours.
  • I am not recommending to buy or sell eBay shares. This is my personal opinion, which I don't recommend anyone to make judgement by reading this as this might be not true as I am not completely aware whether buyer paid or return this item, seller refunded etc.!!
  • I am not financial analyst or stock broker or don't work for any financial instituted.
  • I don't work for eBay.

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