Lego Thief and Gandhi Philately.!!

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

I would like to bring your attention about interesting fact about Lego thief in Silicon Valley (near San Francisco). You might be wondering what is related to Gandhi Stamp Collection, but currently I see and think lot of similarity going around in this stamp collection hobby specially in high valued philatelic item.

READ MORE @ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2012/05/software-exec-charged-in-lego-bar-code-scam/
Thomas Langenbach who works for big software company SAP as executive for more than 10+ year and earns more than 100,000 dollars+bonus+stock and has a big house worth $2-million dollars faces felony burglary charges as he used fake bar codes to get discounts on Lego from Target Store. When authorities searched Langenbach's $2-million San Carlos home they found "hundreds of unopened boxes," including dozens of the same set.

What makes me think that there are thiefs everywhere and all kinds of whether it's educated or dumb person or rich or poor person who are trying to steal it. A rich person will try to steal high end product which he knows the value were as poor will steal to full fill his day today living. A dumb person will try to shop lift from store were as educated will try to using latest technology and try to steal indirectly.!!

And I think philatelic hobby is for educated people which can do all kinds of things.!!! So BEWARE.!!
READ @TOI http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-07-19/india-business/
In this case Mr. Thomas was educated & rich who used his smartness to steal from Target by printing  FAKE barcode of other low cost Lego product and then sticking them to expensive Lego product. He was successful but eventually it came to notice and he was caught.!!

I don't think he was caught if he was stealing small amount items but when item value goes up everyone pays attention.!!

I think philately is hobby for smart people where lot of things needs to be researched for their collection. Now to me it looks like some Gandhi Seller are using their smartness in other way like Mr. Thomas.!!! by

1) Doing illegal activity by increasing price($300 - $8000) using Shill Bidding on Gandhi Stamps & Philatelic material using multiple ebay accounts and paypal accounts from different countries  such as India, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, NZ and lot more using their family and newly philatelic friends to sell and mail their items specially in 1948 Gandhi stamps/FDC/Used cover/Fake Covers/Service stamps and Panama Gandhi stamp.

2) Selling FAKE items such expensive GANDHI SERVICE  stamps($500 - $200,000) which are facsimile/copy without letting customer know about it or stolen property of Government of India.

3) By creating FAKE FDC with special cancellation of 1948 Gandhi stamps from  Indian cities as well as from Nepal Indian Embassy used 1948 covers on same date of stamp issue.

4) By selling 1969 stolen philatelic material from Indian Government.

5) By creating FAKE cancellation of 1969 from Burma, Luxembourg, Specimen postcards etc and 2009 Germany Gandhi cancellation issued on International Non-Violence Day

6) SKY is the LIMIT.!! You imagine it and you will find it.!!

But sometimes even smart people make mistake. Mr. Thomas was buying all this Lego by paying cash but one time he purchased using credit card!! and he got caught after looking into store camera and timing.!!

By cheating on internet is more easier to get caught using following because there is proof stored for 7-30 years by ebay/paypal/banks/creditcards/ISP where all Law enforcement, Tax agencies etc will have access to this. (Only way to hide this to do private sale using cash!!)

1) From computer IP and MAC address starting from opening account, bidding on different items using multiple account, transferring money etc.
2) Paypal payment using bank or credit card.
3) eBay feedback system, eBay bidders id list etc.

Now you might also start thinking similarities between Lego thief using barcode printing and future Gandhi Seller with all of the above Gandhi Philately activity.!!

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