1948 Gandhi Stamps Mourning Souvenir Private FDC : Are false hope of RICHES? - Part - III

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

In January 2012, I wrote blog post about 1948 Gandhi Mourning FDC which was selling for $4000-$5000.!! even though it was FAKE. Please read my other blog post (O.M.G) to understand what happen by clicking following link.

Recently it was again in market which sold for 3 times in 3 months. I am not sure it's same FDC or different but price range vary from $1200 - $260.!! Not sure what buyer who bought $260 will be thinking.!!(Do you think buyer paid $260 to seller!! and have this FDC?)

"Are Gandhi Stamps FALSE hope of Riches?"

To understand above quote please read my previous blog post on this series.

1) 1948 Stamps False hope of Riches?
2) 1948 Gandhi Stamps: Are False hope of Riches - Part II ?
3) Current one!!

To me it looks all 3 sold cover/fdc is same item(resold again and again!!) as you can see 10 Rupees stamp has same double cancellation, which also make it same cover/fdc which was shown in previous my blog post. Only thing is changed is SELLER.!!

Of course it's our Gandhi Philately so except such to THINGS HAPPENS all the time and everytime!!

Even I got 2nd offer for this FDC !!

To me this cover is FAKE which has following issue.
1) FAKE 1948 Special Cancellation from India. (Rubber Stamp)
2) 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp is used twice.!!

To me it looks like all 1948 Gandhi private FDC (including Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation, without any cachet or register gandhi cover or used 1948  FDC on plain cover or from Simla, Pondicherry, Porbandar etc) needs to be verified twice  because rubber stamps are easy to make so all kinds of things are possible in Gandhi Stamps and Philately World.!! 

Most of us don't know what happens in 1948 and after that.!! It's like collecting in blind thinking it's UNIQUE/GENUINE/ONE OF A KIND.!!

Keep in mind that there are FAKE/Forgery special cancellation out there so AVOID 1948 Gandhi FDC or Private FDC if possible. 

It's all inflated price!! by changing seller id with low feedback.!!

Above screenshot indicates it was also sold for $260!! Need to know who bought it then please looks around my other blog post (screen shot) and you will know it. (Let me know if you find it.!!)

In November 2011 this cover was sold for almost $1800 (but reserve was not met!!) on ebay India.!!

In May it was sold for $610.!! to "santuvantu"

This kind of things are happening in almost each and every 1948 high value 1948 India Gandhi FDC/Used Covers.!! So take care. You are on your own.!!


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