Gandhi FDC from United Kingdom : One of a Kind with Error date

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In 1969 more than 20+ countries honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing stamp of him to celebrate Gandhi birth centenary.

United Kingdom (England , Great Britain) also issued stamp on 13 August 1969 to celebrate this event. This stamp won Gold Medal in 1970 for best Gandhi Stamp. This stamp is very simple in design with Indian flag in background designed by Biman Mullick.

Recently I bought Gandhi FDC with error.!! This FDC has date of 13 July 1969 instead of August. In my 3+ years of collection I have not seen First Date Cancellation  error from Great Britain.

Following FDC is with ERROR date first day of issue.

Following FDC is with correct date of first day of issue.

If anyone has error first day of issue then please let me know so we can have good database for this kind of FDC.

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Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.
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1948 Gandhi Stamps : Beware of FAKE 1948 Gandhi Stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In 1948 India issued Mahatma Gandhi Stamp and this are one of the most popular stamps for Gandhi Stamp Collectors.

Following are 4 stamps which looks Genuine to me.(not sure 100%)

Looks Like REAL Stamps.
Since last 2-3 months, I am seeing lot of 1948 India Gandhi Stamps, FDC and Overprint SERVICE Gandhi stamps available as facsimile or photo copy (xerox copies) available.

Some of them are selling this stamps as facsimile or copies, but some are not even mentioning about that this are fake/forgery using facsimile.

Now if you look following screenshot thoroughly and then notice Perforation. Did you find something weird.!! if not then please compare with other 1948 stamps.!!

Looks Like FAKE Stamps.!!

Following is the screenshot from ebay. Seller is not even mentioning that this are FAKE or Forgery or Facsimile or copy.!!

So beware of this kind of activity happening. You will be trapped thinking of getting it at low price.!!

If you want to know more about official FAKE (facsimile) 1948 stamps and FDC then please read my following blog post


Currently it's ugly in Gandhi 1948 Gandhi Stamps & Philately Materials so AVOID, AVOID, AVOID................ 1948 Gandhi Stamps otherwise you will regret.!!

This stamps were relisted again starting at $11 but no buyer!! where as in previous listing there were 4 bidders.!!! Also seller mentioned about FACSIMILE.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.


1948 Indian Gandhi stamps used in Tibet 
Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation on 1948 Gandhi Stamps
Early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps
FAKE 1948 Gandhi stamp FDC from India.
Gandhi SERVICE stamp is it REAL or FAKE?


1948 Gandhi Stamps : Are false hope of RICHES? - Part - II

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

All of you are aware of  amazing things happening  in Gandhi Stamps and Philately world with lot of FAKE, Forgery, Shill bidding, etc this is one more example of it.

You can read my previous blog post   "1948 Gandhi Stamps are false hope of RICHES?" about following FDC which will give you more understanding about this blog.

Last month I bought a very expensive ($2000) register 1948 India Gandhi FDC from delcampe  to do some research as same  register FDC was sold 2 days ago on ebay for $6350.

I asked some question to seller and wrote blog post about this FDC, and before I even think about paying this seller closed the store on delcampe.!!

This FDC has same Register Label # which was sold on ebay auction today.

Don't you think Register label should be different # ? so is it FAKE or it's ERROR or it's a way of selling in Gandhi Philatelic as well as other pre-independence British India Philatelic material.!!

This register FDC has every thing similar including stamps, address, register label # and CDS has same date and same place on FDC!!. Only difference is seller's country. One is from France(delcampe) and other is from Australia(ebay).

Also on delcampe it was at Fixed price where as on ebay it was on auction which were active at same time.!!

I bought it from declampe and ebay FDC was bought by "hitlerandgandhi" for $6350.

Following is my purchase for $2050 (in Fixed Price Auction) from seller in France who is member of delcampe since April 13, 2012 (only 1 day ago!!) and 22 feedback!!!


Following is purchased by "hitlerandgandhi" for $6350 (3 times of my value.!! in auction)


Now let's see who are top 3 bidders who bidded 44 bids.

Following finding are not at all illegal activity. All this information is available to public by just putting extra effort without illegally entering ebay servers or snooping ebay networks. Anyone can get this information (It is like looking things in public and using smartness what's going on.!!). There is no privacy invasion as it easily available by advance ebay search.!! without using spycam or password hacking or entering anyone personal computer.!!!

1) hitlerandgandhi  (d***i (188))
2) drpokiri (i***1 (327))
3) boba_boba_boba (o***b (35))

Click above 3 links and see what is going on and try to figure out what it is and why it is and understand carefully about pricing, bidding etc.

I am not sure whether ebay transaction is a Genuine or something else.  Do you think it is really bought and sold.?

I don't think this FDC should be more than $100 or 200 or 300.!! So what do you think about this FDC pricing and transaction.?

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!


Gandhi Stamps Huge quantity of Somalia Gandhi FDC. Do you think Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material is RARE.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In my previous blog I had mentioned about huge quantity of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material is available on ebay, so this kind of blog post will help future new Gandhi collector.

I am trying to aware new collectors about kind of activity happened in past and depending on that they can prepare themselves when buying Gandhi FDC and not pay too much thinking it's  RARE and they don't get cheated by paying high price for philatelic material. (It happened to me.!!)

In last 15 days there were Sixty (60) Somalia 1969 Gandhi FDC with 3 stamps were sold.!!! It's amazing that after 42 years we can see this many FDC available in big lots.!!

All this FDC will be sold in future, but it's upto us what kind of price they need to pay.

This FDC's were sold by "city-collectables" from poland.!! Following is the screen shot and all of the bought by "www_stampsfromindia_com"

Following screenshot display who is the winner(high bidder) of Somalia FDC.! and  all of them were bought by "www_stampsfromindia_com"

If you want to know other huge quantity sold in past then click following blog post.

5) 1969 Gandhi Germany stamp and FDC

So everyone please make sure before you buy Gandhi stamps and FDC because there are lot out there. Don't think it's RARE.!!

Want to know more about Somalia Gandhi Stamps and FDC then please click following link which will take to through all blog posts related to Somalia.


Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.


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