Gandhi Specimen Stamp : Is it real or !!

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

A specimen stamp is a postage stamp or postal stationery indicium sent to postmasters and postal administrations so that they are able to identify valid stamps and to avoid forgeries. The usual method of invalidating the stamps is either overprinting in ink or perforating the word Specimen across the stamp. (From Wikipedia)

Not sure how postmaster or postal administrators will validate stamp or identify forgery using following Specimen stamp with all kind of missing information such as issuing country, value of stamp etc....!!!

Do you think you can validate stamp using following Specimen stamp.?

When I saw above Gandhi Specimen stamp I was surprised because it has no country name, no value of stamp and even looks like specimen is printed on the stamp instead of overprinting or perforating.!!

I have following questions for this Specimen Stamp before we can consider this a Genuine stamp as well as Specimen stamp.

 If anyone has more info then please let me know so I can add to this blog post so it will be helpful for all gandhi stamp collectors.

1) Is this a real stamp or just a label.?
2) If real stamp (SPECIMEN) then how it is available in blocks or sheets.!! ? Not sure whether they were sending one stamp or whole sheet to postmasters.!!?
3) Is this error stamp? ( missing lot of printing before it is made SPECIMEN)?
4) Which country issued this stamp? (Only Great Britain don't have country name on the stamp).
5) What is face value of this stamp ? (no info at all!!)
6) Which year it was issued or government planning to issue this stamp?
7) If stamp was officially printed but not issued then how it is available to general public? (Don't you think it should be government property)

Currently 59 stamps is selling on ebay for $7000 - 9900!!

Will you pay this amount to add this in collection.!!?

Ashoka Watermark paper means this stamp should be printed in INDIA ?

Is this official usage of Emblem of India on stamp sheet paper ?

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Let me know if any information is incorrect about this blog post or any other information so it will be helpful to all Gandhi Stamps Collectors.

I don't have this in my collection because it does not make any sense without knowing details of this stamps.

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Update : 3/17/2014

400 stamps were for sale for $10,000.

I will not even pay that much in 10000 rupees or 10000 cents.!!

I will pay 400 Rupee or $4 for 400 stamps.!!

Update : 9/10/2014

No one wants to even buy this 100 stamps for 500 Euros.!!

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