Gandhi Stamp 1969 India Postcard SPECIMEN - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately or Stamps Collections - Part-4

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

This is my part-4 blog post about "Why you will Quit Gandhi Philately"

(THINK HOW EASY IS TO PRINT and you decide.)

Recently I saw "SPECIMEN" 1969 India Gandhi Postcard (PS). If you want to make your collection unique and add some value to it this is great item because SPECIMEN are made very limited numbers.

Now looking to this "SPECIMEN" rubber stamp it looks like me it's very easy to make one and stamped it on any 1969 Gandhi postcard and you will get  a "Gandhi SPECIMEN" postcard. Cool!! Same way you can find it on FAKE cyprus Gandhi Specimen Stamp.

Please click to see FAKE Cyprus Gandhi  SPECIMEN stamp!!

Now according to me if you buy this kind of philatelic material without  "Certificate Of Authenticity" and paying  more than 10$ then YOU WILL QUIT GANDHI PHILATELY.!!!

(Click this link to read blog post by Maulik Thakkar more about how to Authenticate your philatelic material )

Reason for this is that you are paying high price of commonly available under $1 which will not justify your investment or when you will know this that this is FAKE you will start loosing interest.

Please look at following  link by  Howard Courtney and think what about this and you decide.


Let us know what do you think about this SPECIMEN and Does it make sense to collect.!!

I know some of you already know about this are aware of this kind of items but some new collectors or future collectors will be not aware of this past activities so I am documenting this which might help to them instead of just me.

If you have more information then please share with us.

1 comment:

  1. This is postcard with specimen printed on it is a forgery. It has been floating all over the internet for a while.
    Stay away from it.



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