Malta Gandhi Stamp FDC value - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately or Stamps Collections - Part-3

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

This is my part-3 blog post about "Why you will Quit Gandhi Philately"

Currently on ebay  theree is a auction of 2 FDC from Malta. If you buy this item from ebay seller "phil-centre" at 73$ you will defenitely quit this hobby, because you will be paying too much money for commonly available Gandhi FDC from Malta.

Check my previous blog post about Malta Gandhi Stamp Value and you will know what is the real value of Malta Gandhi FDC.

This both FDC you will able to buy it under $5 (for both covers).  So now you need to think from which buyer you need to buy and what price. If you don't make correct decision you will quit this hobby.

I don't know "phil-centre" or never bought any thing from "phil-centre". I am just using my common sense to aware this kind of items available on ebay or delcampe so to stay in the hobby like me by avoiding some commonly available items whose price are inflated. 

In future if this item is available in market from other seller then price will be inflated so it stays up.!!!

My goal is to aware all new collectors as well as existing collectors so they don't quit the hobby like one collector quit Gandhi philately because of FAKE items and high price of commonly available items which reduce value of their investment significantly.

Update on 12/15/2011:-
Check out price of recently sold FDC and Malta block of 20 Gandhi stamps unsold for $4.99!!

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Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

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