Tchad Gandhi Stamp - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately or Stamps Collections - Part-2

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Continued with my previous blog post about "Why you will quit Gandhi Philately", I am writing part -2 of this so collector knows what to look for.

In 1969 Tchad honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing stamp to celebrate his 100th Birth Anniversary. Tchad issued stamp, Miniature Sheet and FDC of Mahatma Gandhi with MLK, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

Stamp is available currently as of 10/12/11 for 0.90 euros.!! Check it out if you want to buy it.

Tchad stamp for 0.90 euros. (all 4 stamps.!!)

According to recent trends price of stamp is around 50 cents and MS sheet is between $1-$2 and FDC somewhere around 10$. If you pay more than chances are you will quit this hobby.

Check price of Tchad Gandhi stamps.

Following are TCHAD Gandhi Stamp, Miniature Sheet and FDC.

Now let's do some research on 2 types of  First Day Cancellation. One was taken from FDC and other from Max Card.  Now look closely at very closely type of alphabet used and it's position and you will see the difference.
From FDC
From Max Card

I have generally avoided Max-card of Mahatma Gandhi because there are more chances of been cheated. Good one to buy is from USA, UK, Spain.

I question Cancellation of Max Card.  What do you think?

 It's very easy to make this kind of simple postmark cancellation in today world with all modern technology.

Now if you have this kind of Max Card you will defenitely quit Gandhi Philately.

Price of Tchad Gandhi stamp sold on delcampe.


  1. Appreciate your sharing on Gandhi philately. As I see now, I can't find any Tchad Gandhi philatelic items at the prices indicated by you. They seem to trade around $3.5 to $5. Did the prices shoot up or is it a good sign for Gandhi philatelic items?

  2. Hello,

    I don't think price shoot up or will shoot up for this kind of Gandhi stamps and sheets as there are large quantity in market.

    Just wait and watch and you will see at this price or even below this price.

    This kind of Sheets from African countries such as Tchad, Cameroon , Niger etc are plenty in market and it comes out in market at very nominal price.

    Also according to me this kind of sheets or stamps don't make any value in Philatelic world.!! (I have it in my collection and I regret buying it.!!)


  3. Thank you for the information. I've read almost all your blog, it's very informative with valuable suggestions. Hope it continues like this. Once again thanks for your time.

  4. Hello,

    New blog post is posted about TCHAD Gandhi Stamps.





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