Is Germany withdrawing from Euro or Leaving Euro Zone ?. But it started in Germany Postal stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

I am not sure about Euro withdrawal from currency from any european country but to me it looks like Euro Reversal is started in German Gandhi Philately!!

Do you think above cover from Germany with 1969 Gandhi Stamp make any sense.? or it's just a way to make money from collector.

Above cover has 1969 Gandhi stamp of Germany valued 20 pfennig (00.20 German Mark). Mark coins and banknotes continued to be accepted as valid forms of payment in Germany until 28 February 2002 and after that it was all Euro which started from Jan. 1, 1999.

So do you think above cover is valid?

Also I am not sure how this cover with invalid stamps for postal use has special cancellation from Germany during INDONESIA 2012 World Stamp Exhibition.

But I think this are not valid stamps.!! It would be OK if there was  regular postage stamp along with 1969 stamps from Germany or any other country but I am not sure whether this cover can be consider as Error or Rare or Unique or Worthless.!!

Following is screenshot from eBay were seller "sydneystampcentre" was selling this kind of cover for $8 starting price.

I know collectors/dealers will do anything to make interesting but it needs to have some validity not just to make money.

Recently I saw cover with USA 1961 Gandhi Stamp with 1969 Gandhi stamp of England (Dual country stamp on cover) which will be real philatelic cover and I think it's OK until it has valid stamp from posting country.

But guess what this cover was also not sold even though it has dual country stamp because it's easy to make this kind of dual country cover from USA as it has still valid Gandhi stamp. (I have made this kind of covers for myself!!)

So I am not sure what are all dealers/collectors are trying to do. I think they just want to make money as fast as they can by making this kind of cover and some new collector will think it's unique or rare and will buy it.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Hungary Gandhi Centenary Stamps and F.D.C - Don't see pricing of Gandhi Philatelic material as Genuine

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

This is my 100th blog in my new blog Gandhi Stamps Club from start of the 2012.!!!

But before you read my 100th blog post I will like to share one of the famous Gandhi quotes I read on google plus account  of Gandhi.

"In a Gentle way, You can shake the world"

Don't you think this is also possible in Philatelic world.!!

I think it's possible by bringing more awareness among collectors and try to prevent them in Stamps SCAM  such as

1) forgeries
2) shill bidding
3) replicas are selling as genuine
3) reusing of expert certification from BPA and RPSL etc.

Also we should not afraid to speak truth like  about cheating or any inappropriate transaction going on philatelic so collectors will be have more interest instead of loosing it.

Now it's coincidence that I also wrote about "sanu108" in my 100th blog in my old blog.!! in which I explained about seller selling Gandhi Stamps and Gandhi Philatelic material with 3 different eBay id.!!

Recently I was surprised when I saw Hungary 1969 Gandhi Centenary F.D.C selling for $16. I don't think new collector should pay this much for Gandhi stamps because this Hungary Magyar Posta Gandhi stamps are available in plenty.

According me this Hungary Gandhi stamps should not be more than 20-30 cents and Magyar Posta Gandhi F.D.C should not be more then $1.

After looking following price of $16 from "sanu108"  either new collector will buy it at that price thinking it's 1969 F.D.C or will buy it when they see it cheaper than $16. But they actually don't know what's the real price unless there is some legit way to find out.

To see what this Gandhi F.D.C sold in past click this link.

It's selling between $00.60 - $3. Yes for 60 cents only.!! (Thanks Delcampe for allowing this transaction.!!)

It's nothing wrong that seller is selling for $16.!! It's his/her choice how much he wants for his item.!!

But as buyer we need to make sure what's going in market.!!
1) from whom your are buying (type of seller).
2) buyer needs to think whether it makes sense to pay for this PIECE OF PAPER.
3) buyer needs to make sure that he is not seeing higher price what is sold in past because it is all BOGUS by shill bidding or by non paying buyer.

Don't think Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material as Investment otherwise you will regret it.

Also price are going up because of following reason.

1) SHILL Bidding on Gandhi philatelic material is extreme.
2) FAKE and Forgery of Gandhi stamps and Philately material are available more than Genuine.
3) Highly INFLATED price because of Shill bidding.

This is not only in Gandhi thematic collection but I am seeing in all philatelic material selling on auction sites whether it's online or in-house.

So beware what you are buying, whom you are buying, why you are buying etc.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club


1907 King Edward stamp & King George stamp from Nigeria and British Central Africa stamps comparison with Gandhi stamps. Looks like it's a REPLICA'S MARKET in expensive stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

Until now I was thinking that there are lot of facsimile or replica for India stamps and British India stamps, but to me it looks like all expensive stamps in world has forgery by replica or copy or facsimile.!!

In this blog I will compare 1907 King Edward & George stamp  from Nigeria and British Central Africa stamps and  India Gandhi stamps.

We had seen lot of Replica or Facsimile or Photocopy stamp of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India as well as other following  British Central Africa 1907 KE stamp and 1904 King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria.

Yes it is replica of King Edward Stamp.!! which was sold only for $5.!! and that's also for two stamps.

Looks like higher the face value of stamps such as 25 Rupees KE stamp from India, 25 Pounds King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria, 10 Shilling KE stamp from Southern Niegeria higher the chances.

So looking to above 2 King Edward stamp what are chances of following 1907 KE Southern Nigeria King Edward stamp SG43 which is selling on eBay. If we can see see Nigeria 1904 KE stamp, British Central Africa 1907 King Edward stamp as replica then we need to think about this.

But looking to following REPLICA stamps of some of the famous RARE stamps what are the chances of getting one of the Replica. I think chances are high.

1) SWITZERLAND, Geneva, 1850, 5c Black & Red, Sc 2L6
2) Switzerland 1850 2 1/2r black and red. Sc 2.
3) China PRC SC999.
4) King Edward stamp
5) Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp

After looking overall picture I think there are lot of replica or photocopy or facsimile out there so beware of it.

If you would like to know more about Replica in India stamp along with British India then please click following blog post.

It's not only 1948 Gandhi stamps from India but also all kind of different varieties including King Edward stamp, 1850 Switzerland stamp etc.

Also if stamps are 100+ years old you will not find it on eBay with some  low feedback eBay seller as this technology savvy seller don't have that kind of material. 

Only Forgery of very rare stamps or philatelic items will available in plenty on eBay such as we saw  for 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, Gandhi SERVICE on piece of paper with Governor PO, King Edward stamps from Nigeria, King Edward Central Africa, King George stamp from India etc.

Never buy some rare stamps or philatelic  items from eBay because chances of forgery are very very high and also price is nothing but INFLATED by shill bidding so you will think it's a genuine stamps and lot of people are interested in collecting it.!!!!

You all saw that in Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material how to glorify Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material by increasing price and not paying it.!! Because that's all forgery and they want to make you believe it's Genuine and it's demand such a premium, but actually it's something else.

You might get replica which are selling under $10 and you might pay 10-100 times more and after that you will regret and I don't want that from you so make sure before you buy it.

So in order to improve your knowledge and don't want to get cheated with shill bidding, fakes, forgeries, replica, facsimile, errors etc then you have to look all the things in philatelic world not only what you collect.

If you collect King Edward stamps you need to see what's going in Gandhi Stamp world and also First Aerial Mail and lot of others things so you are aware of all kinds of possibilities.!! Also you have to see British India, Nigeria, Central Africa stamps and even Switzerland or China stamps so you know what is going on.

I hope this will help not only to Gandhi Stamp collectors but also to all stamp collectors.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


A story of Bombay R.M.S and Gandhi used cover : A interesting cancellation in Gandhi Philately !!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As you know that I started this blog to bring awareness to collectors what I learned in  hard way because I was not aware that Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic materials were glorified every where including philatelic handbooks, magazines, blogs, websites, stamp exhibit, philatelic exhibition, newspaper, stamps forums, stamp discussion board etc and no one was telling "TRUTH" about pricing, forgeries, shill bidding etc going in, so I have to take this in my hand to aware collectors so they don't feel what I feel!!

In this blog post I am analysis my own purchase of 1948 Used cover with Gandhi India stamp as well as multiple King George stamps from India. I still have this cover in my expensive album!!

I bought 3+ years ago from eBay seller "anjulin" when I was new into collection as I thought it looks cool, unique and rare used with different combination of stamps.  

Don't you think it's cool, unique and rare.!!

Not aware of actually pricing or shill bidding or what to look for but I bought it after seeing glorification everywhere.!!

To me amount of postage on this cover (piece of paper) is 12 anna and I think it's as per requirement in 1948. I was not even aware of this at that time, but I just bought it.!!

Now I regret buying it even though it has sufficient postage and wide combination of stamps on it.!!

Following is my purchase details from April 2009.!! and you can see that I did not paid too much what you see currently for this kind of cover some where between $300 - $4000.!!!!!! depending who is selling because at that time  eBay id  "hitlerandgandhi" was preparing for future by allowing new collectors to get in to this business and later get them involved more!! (Interesting to read about "hitlerandgandhi")

But thank God I was pro-active which makes me avoid further mistakes and I avoided all this high flying cover (PIECE OF PAPER) which were bought by "hitlerandgandhi" and his other partners.!!

But I still think it's not worth even that much because to me it looks like a rubber stamp.!!

Reason for regret
1) It's a piece of paper as back of the envelope is missing.!!
2) Now to me this kind of private 1948 Gandhi used covers with stamps from India looks forgery because it's simple to make rubber stamp or steal it from post office !!
3) Don't know whether this is actual travel to England. (I don't think so because postmark rubber stamp from England is missing.!!) No proof that it travelled to England, but that's also easy to make.!!

What do you think about this cover ?

You will see lot of covers with Bombay R.M.S with wide variety of covers such as
1) Early Usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.
2) Insufficient postage cover
3) Usage of USA zip code in 1948.!!

Following are some of the example of Bombay R.M.S used on private F.D.C, Early usage and various used covers.

I think this is not only with Bombay R.M.S but all Circular Date Stamp cancellation whether it's Porbandar, Calcutta, New Delhi and all cities of India. You name it and there will be one Forged and if not then forgers are ready for you to make one.!!!

If they can print stamps then this is very easy job to make this simple circular rubber stamp with as known as CDS (Circular Date Stamp).

Do you think some private collector or dealer (forger) has this rubber stamp and just using it on cover as private F.D.C or used cover or register cover?  I think we need to start thinking about it.

Not only that you will find that this 1948 Gandhi stamps from India is traveled through the world because you just have to make rubber stamp.!! (even receiving CDS are forged too.!! it's rubber stamp.!!)

So stay away from 1948 Gandhi Philatelic material otherwise you will have collection like me.!!!

I am not even going near to this.!!

It's all BOGUS because it's a game.!! and it's a SCAM.!!

But it's your choice.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Imperf stamps : How hard is to print or photocopy Imperforate Gandhi stamps ? Anyone can make one!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Perforations are the holes or cuts made to allow you to separate stamps in a sheet or roll. Imperforate means that the stamp is either intentionally made like that, requiring the user to use scissors to cut them apart, or that the step was missed, creating an error.

Currently there are lot of imperf stamps or sheet are available from African countries and to me it needs to be thoroughly examined as chances of getting forgery will be very high or sometimes it might not even exist and you will see it as imperf stamps.!!

Following is recently example of imperf stamp from Gabon sold by "Marp" for $60.  I am not telling that this is  fake or forged, but just bringing awareness among the Gandhi stamp collectors.

Reason for higher chances of forgery is because it's very easy to forged. You don't need to worry about perforation and it can be easily printed or photocopied by any high quality printer with high resolution images or even by cutting perforation and recopying it.

Imagination is power.!! I think Einstein said it right and everyone in Gandhi Stamp collection needs to use this before purchasing any stamp or philatelic material so you will never regret of being cheated.!!

And you all know what's going in Gandhi stamps.!!

So beware other wise you will get some kind of color copy instead of imperf stamps.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


India Post Card - Gandhi Specimen Postcard

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw Gandhi Specimen Post Card and too me it looks like a rubber stamp to just make money from you.

Following is Indian Post Card issued in 1969 and it has SPECIMEN printed or rubber stamped on it.

There is no way you can find out whether SPECIMEN is Genuine because there are almost none  and here we are seeing everywhere because we all want to make our collection unique than others and that's why we are seeing this kind of material.

Certain philatelic handbook, magazine, website, exhibit will display this postcard,  that does not means  it's collectible item, as they even don't know whether it's Genuine and everyone is in business to sell their product so why they care.!!

Don't follow or buy any magazine, website or books (even my blog too.!!)  as all wants to be part of glorification and no one cares whether it's genuine or fake.

Use you own instinct and imagination and think about all possibilities can happen and you will be safe.!! First of all you need to think Gandhi Philatelic is BOGUS and then you move up.!!

Want to do more research about India Postcard then please read my other blog post about "Gandhi 1969 Postcard : Why you will quit Gandhi Philately.!!"

Following is comparison between my previous blog post images and current blog post images and to me both are different.!! It's a way off.!!

They don't need different SPECIMEN rubber stamp !!

Now you decide which one is Genuine and which one is FAKE.? (one seller is from Germany and other is from India.)


Both are Forged.?


There might be multiple (3-4-5) Forgery Specimen post card like we see 1969 cancellation from Burma, Fiji, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia etc !!

It's easy to make money on this kind of material because it does not cost too much and even if only one item is sold you will be in profit.!!

This 1969 India postcard original price is 10 paise (0.10 Rupee) and after this SPECIMEN printed, it's price is increased to 500000 paise (5000 Rupee), so think about profit of margin.!!!

Why just sell regular postcard.!!

So it's nothing but a SCAM or Philatelic Game you have to play it not collect it.!!

Recently on eBay seller "acp-india" was selling following postcard with description of - India Inde Indien Indische - Gandhi Gandhi Ghandhi Ghandi SPECIMEN Postcard Post card which was selling for $99.!!!

There are lot of other India Post Cards available with different type of SPECIMEN with different type of ink.!!

So my fellow collectors stay away from this kind of material and don't worry about making it unique or rare item collection, other wise it will be completely unique.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Mahatma Gandhi FDC : What are the possibilities in private F.D.C : Insufficient postage, Early Usage date , USA Zip Code early usage, ......

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Following F.D.C is private or personal First Day Cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.

Very nice cachet  with India Map, Indian Flag, Mahatma Gandhi picture and his favorite goat. Also information on this cachet is also looks good with mentioning about his birth and death dates, "Father of Indian Nation", "Deliverer of Freedom" "Greatest Martyr of Asia", "An Apostle of Peace, Love and Non-Violence" and "World Mourns his loss".

But to me it looks like Gandhi Philatelist has a different goal when creating this private First Day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.

This is one more addition in Fake or Forgery or not valid in 1948 Gandhi private first day cover with stamps from India with insufficient postage with CDS of Bombay R.M.S.!!

Read my previous blog post about Gandhi and insufficient postage.

As it was mailed to Kenya it will require stamp between 3.5 annas - 12 annas depending on surface or sea mail or airmail, and this one only have 1.5 annas, so 2 annas postage is missing.!!

Not sure what will be value in philatelic collection?

But on eBay it was sold for $157.!!

To me it looks like supply and demand theory. When demand is high and you don't have enough Genuine or Authentic material available, you make one and display as authentic or Genuine.!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that it's all BOGUS in terms of authencity and pricing because first of all this are not official F.D.C (without cover issued by post and telegraph and official "Jai Hind" special cancellation), so only person who made it know what is this.!!  and you know how to glorified private Gandhi F.D.C.!! (by writing about it in blogs, website, exhibit, handbook etc) and then shill bidding is their friend.!!

Want to know more about 1948 Gandhi stamps please read my following blog post.

1) Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED?
2) Indian stamps : What are chances of getting Forgery stamps when you buy USED stamps?

It's a Zero Day Cover.!!

Above F.D.C was resold again for $316 by taking loss of $300 by the previous buyer.!!

Click to read my previous blog post about EARLY usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.


So now what do you think about all this Private Cacheted First Day Cover with  Mahatma Gandhi stamps from India.?

Keep it private.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW : - Don't forget that we also have Forgery in 1948 Gandhi private F.D.C with stamps from India.



Indian stamps : What are chances of getting Forgery stamps when you buy USED stamps?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

We are seeing lot of forgery in  mint 1948 Gandhi stamps from India which are selling as facsimile, copy, replica etc.

Chances are some times this forgery stamps might be selling as Genuine stamps also.

But  what are the chances that this forgery stamps from India are selling as used or hinged stamps.??
Don't know about facsimile, copy, replica available in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India then please read my following blog post and you will be amazed and scared to go back and see your 1948 Gandhi stamps collection.!!


Recently I saw a seller "buyitnowitem" selling used 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps from India with Bombay G.P.O cancellation on piece of paper.!! I don't know whether this is Genuine or Forgery stamps because from picture one cannot tell easily so you have to decide.

We all know history about Gandhi stamps on piece of paper and also seller "buyitnowitem". If you are not aware of it then please read  my following blog post to understand it.

1) 1948 Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp from India on piece of paper.
2) 1911 First Aerial Mail from India on piece of paper with British India stamp.
3) 1948 Gandhi F.D.C with forgery cancellation
4) Fake and Forgery are easy to find ?

So what do you think after reading all 4 blog posts, about possibility use of replica or copy or facsimile stamps from India to make it as used stamp on piece of paper and seller.!!?

I think chances are very high looking to all this the above factors.

Also we had seen Forgery of 1948 Gandhi SERVICE Overprint stamps with Governor General PO cancellation selling for $7.

So now what do you think about 1948 India Gandhi USED stamp from BOMBAY G.P.O?

Still not sure then please read my following blog post about

Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED?


After reading above two blog post what do you think the chances of Forgery stamp in USED stamp collection.

To me it looks there are lot of facsimile or copy of 1948 Gandhi stamps are used on private F.D.C, Register used covers and regular used covers because it very easy to make all kinds of circular rubber stamps

So beware what you are buying not only used stamps but also any Gandhi philately material with stamps from India otherwise you will have a nice souvenir in your collection.!

It's a big philatelic SCAM or philatelic GAME.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW : Want to know more about 1948 Gandhi stamps from India then click following blog post.

India Stamps : 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp value!! Is it Genuine or FAKE!!!!!!!Expertising Certificate from RPSL and BPA are even used to pass of forgeries.!!!


Another external link from FFE (Fakes Forgeries Expert).


Inverted Jenny - King George - King Edward Stamp comparison with Gandhi stamps.

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

The Inverted Jenny (also known as an Upside Down Jenny or Jenny Invert) is a United States postage stamp first issued on May 10, 1918 in which the image of the Curtiss JN-4 airplane in the center of the design appears upside-down; it is probably the most famous error in American philately.(From Wikipedia)

Because the center image was printed first, with the frame added second; it is actually the frame that is printed upside-down, not the center image of the Jenny.

Only one pane of 100 of the invert stamps was ever found, making this error one of the most prized in all philately. A block of four inverted Jennys was sold at a Robert A. Siegel auction in October 2005 for US $2.7 million.

As you know that now I started comparing Gandhi stamps with all other expensive stamps and in this blog post I am writing about Inverted Jenny and British India stamps including 1948 Gandhi Stamps.

So read carefully and think twice what will affect your collection.

As you all know that in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material when price is high there is forgery and that the case here also.!!

Following is screenshot from eBay where seller is selling  Replica or facsimile of this stamp. 

Seller of Inverted Jenny is also selling lot of Replica and facsimile. He is selling used 1948 India Gandhi SERVICE stamp on piece of paper with Governor General PO. (screenshot is all the way in the end of the blog post).

Following is classic example of forgery of King Edward from British Central Africa.

Now think about chances of all expensive British Indian Stamps available and think what are chances you are getting forgery or fake like "Inverted Jenny".

Look at following screenshot were none of the seller has not mentioned about Replica or Facsimile so I think it's Genuine.

But my question is what are the chances of getting Replica or Facsimile like we see on top ?

2 weeks ago I wrote blog post about King George stamps and King Edward stamp related to chances of forgery. Please read by clicking following link to understand overall picture.

King George 25 Rupees stamp from India Postage, sold for $291

India 25 Rupees King George V stamp with overprint SERVICE, sold for $222.

King George V 25 Rupees stamps from British India, sold for $250

King Edward 15 and 25 Rupees Stamp from British India from "Taiwan" for $1990 

Again let me make sure that I am not telling that above King George stamps and King Edward stamp are fake or forgery.

But what are the chances.?

But "ma-collectorshop" is also selling 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp also. But he selling as "Not Genuine"!! so it's OK. He is not trying to cheat as he mentioned it.

Now you compare all the above and think what's going on in stamp collection and think twice about collecting British India stamps and specially in Gandhi SERVICE stamp as well as 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp.

If they can print Inverted Jenny, King Edward stamp from British Central Africa and others then what are the chances of King George V stamp from India, King Edward stamp from India and others.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED?

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collector,

As you all know how much BOGUS stuff is going in 1948 Gandhi Stamps in order to GLORIFY 1948 Gandhi stamps from India which makes you think really this Gandhi stamps are valued $200-$500.!!

Forget about pricing, I am not sure you are getting GENUINE stamp because to me all looks like forgery stamps made by either facsimile or copy because only some of Gandhi Philatelist might have seen the original genuine stamp.

Please read my following blog post to understand facsimile, copy, replica available in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.


Now compare all of the following and you decide whether all 7 transaction were for Genuine or FORGERY stamp.!!

To me all of the following looks BOGUS in quality (with side margin.!!!) and pricing. Either some of the buyer did not paid or some of the seller closed the store without completing transaction.!!

What this indicates is nothing but a big game or SCAM in 1948 Gandhi stamps and everyone is watching and no one has guts to tells this to the world because all of them are worried about their own collection value.!! (including mine)

Check out all screen shot and read feedback or see seller activities or buyer activities and you decide. None of the transaction were completed.!!

Which indicates it's a big push to show the philatelic world that this is really for investment, but guess what it's all BOGUS not only in pricing but lot of forgery are available in market today.!! 

To me it all looks BOGUS same way we saw this in Indian Philately Exposed  (click to read) blog post where buyer "hitlerandgandhi" bought $30000 worth of Gandhi Philately material and never paid to seller.!!

Please see all screenshot (there are more on declampe where you can see in plenty!!!) and make sure you read comments, see # of feedback of seller and buyer and then judge their activities and think whether seller will  buy it from low feedback seller!! or new buyer with low feedback will buy this kind of expensive material.!!

There are more than 100 of this kind of non paying or closing account and all other kinds of cheating on delcampe only.!! On eBay there might be more.!!

Seller :- stampjoy
Buyer :- kad_ss
Other bidder :- Kalyan_negal. (closed account).
Sold :- $120
Date :- 11 August 2008
Comment:- A month, 3 messages. No answer. No Payment. No respect to his obligations. Deep amoral. False bidder. A thief of my time and delcampe's resurces.

Seller:-Bluepoker(feedback 0%) --> Closed store.
Buyer :- Jamals
Sold for :- $393
Date : - 3/26/2012
Comment :- Fraud seller.

Seller : Bluepoker feedback 0%
Buyer : Jamals
Sold for : $315
Date : 3/27/2012
Comment by Buyer : Fraud Seller

Seller:- Philatel06 from France
Buyer :- Spellhbound feedback 84 --> Closed Store
Other bidders : Phllaus, Jamals, Rohit98103.!!
Sold for : $318
Date : 3/4/2012
Comment :- No Payment.!!

Seller : Philatel06 from France.
Buyer : Philahouse
Sold for : $307 (from comments it does not look like it transaction was completed.)
Date : 3/24/2012
Comment by Seller : Excellent member, I made one mistake, I am sorry.
Comment by Buyer : very good understanding.

Seller : Philatel06
Buyer : Dllpak from India with feedback of 0 (zero)
Sold for : $180
Date : 10/21/2012
Comment : NONE by seller or buyer left feedback.!!(not sure whether transaction is cancelled or we can wait and see as it is new transaction.)

Seller :- Anusur ( I know him and I think he was the one of the 2nd last bidder where I was cheated when I was buying Cameroun FDC)
Buyer :- Topicalstamps from India. (Suspended account)
Sold for $276
Date : - 3/13/2011
Seller :- Victory Stamp Co, Mr H.P.Singh doesn't want to complete this deal because I AM AN INDIAN. SHAME on U. 
                Reply from Topicalstamps [86% (201x)] (Suspended account) : I have always had bad expereience with this seller...
Buyer : - Feedback withdraw.

Seller : Ooj3703
Buyer : Jamals
Sold for : $250
Date sold : 1/30/2012.
Comment by Buyer : bad seller, closed account.!!

Seller : Topjov
Buyer : Rohit98103
Other bidders : Bipin8, brownblackcherry, phil4u (you will find them  in my other blog post also)
Sold for : $222
Date :- 11/23/2011
Comment :- NO COMMENT by seller or buyer.!! (I don't know why.!!)

Now after seeing this 7 screenshot and analysis buyers and seller by  their # of feedback, comments etc what do you think.

I think it's all BOGUS to glorify Gandhi stamps by making you think it's really worth it to collect and value will go up as India is booming and lot of NRI (Non Resident Indian) will start collecting this as alternate investment.

I think this is falsely propaganda made by certain philatelic magazine, stamp exhibit, stamp shows, philatelic blogs(including mine), philatelic website, news paper, various online discussion boards, stamps forum, stamps catalog, philatelic handbooks etc and no one talks about hobby is really in DECLINE.!!

Don't you think it's all BOGUS and it's a big SCAM.

To me it looks like it and it makes me believe that Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW: Still undecided what's going in Gandhi Stamps from India then please read following  of my blog post  to understand  stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials with Gandhi stamps from India.

1) 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India False hope of Riches?
2) 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India: Are False hope of Riches - Part II ?
3) 1948 Gandhi stamps from India Mourning Private FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part III?
4) 1948 Expensive Gandhi FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part IV?
5) 1948 Gandhi Stamps Early Usage cover :  Gandhi Stamps Are False hope of Riches - Part V?
6) Maxi Card sold for $5100 with 1948 Gandhi Stamps - False hope of Riches - Part VI?
7) Indian Philately Exposed on stamps of India 
8) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II
9) First Aerial Post - Stamps from India - Indian Philately Exposed - Part III
10) 1911 First Aerial Post - Allahabad - Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

So all collectors beware of a big hype or push to glorify not only Gandhi stamps collection but some other Indian Philatelic collection such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, King George V, King Edward, Queen Victoria and other British India Stamps.


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