Congo Gandhi Stamps : Are stamps for Investment or false hope of riches by accumulation.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Congo was 3rd country to honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing his stamp in 1967 after India(1948)  and USA(1961).

This shows how much respect Congo gave in 1967 to human rights, non-violence, peace etc by issuing stamp of one of the greatest leader of all time.

But even after 45+ years we still don't have official stamp of Mahatma Gandhi from some G8 nations such as Canada, Japan and  France. Also we don't have stamps from Australia and New Zealand.

Don't know why ? but I think they still talk about all kinds of human rights, non-violence and peace.!!

But if you see current price of this stamps and FDC is unbelievable because to  me it looks hobby is really on decline.

Recently I saw FDC from Congo with Gandhi stamps sold for less than $10.!! It has been 45+ years this FDC was issued and this really makes HOBBY IN DECLINE.!!

Even though there are only 2000 officially issued there are not enough collectors who wants to buy this.!! 

 After throughly examine this transaction on delcampe to me it looks like there are only 2 buyer/dealer "brownblackcherry" and "0261orthod" which are in this stamp business for long time who are buying it and trying to sell afterwards.

Also "brownblackcherry" bought 5 more First Day Cover with Gandhi Stamps from Congo.!! (check screenshot at end of this blog post). A classic example of how to accumulate philatelic material.!!

So 6 cover with just one collector/dealer.!!

Now do you think you will ever get cheaper Congo Gandhi FDC in auction?

So this means that no new collector really wants to even join this stamp collection hobby. I think reason for this are

1) SHILL Bidding on Gandhi philatelic material is extreme.
2) FAKE and Forgery are available more than Genuine.
3) Highly INFLATED price because of Shill bidding which new buyer regret afterwards.!!
4) New youngster are moving away from this hobby because there are lot of other new hobby and things to do than just collecting piece of paper.!

This is not only in Gandhi thematic collection but I am seeing in all philatelic material selling on auction sites whether it's online or in-house.

What do you think about this Gandhi First Day Cover from Congo issued in 1967.

There is nothing like RARE stamps or philatelic item because eventually it will come in market.!!

Do you still think it's stamps are for Investment.?

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post about Gandhi Stamps and you yourself think how Gandhi Stamps are glorified!!

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I don't think it's for INVESTMENT because there are lot of great Investment out there.

Gandhi Stamps Club

BTW:- In past "brownblackcherry" also bought 3 more First Day Cover with Congo Gandhi Stamps. (Thanks declampe for allowing to see this for long period.)

It's good that this buyer is not using different id to buy it and try to hide his accumulation.!!

1) On 9/20/2012 bought FDC #1457 for $22.
2) On 12/26/2011 bought FDC #1106 for $14
3) On 12/19/2011 bought FDC #???? for $12.
4) On 2006 bought FDC #1843 for $2.!! (yes two dollar.!!)
5) On 2006 bought FDC # 1845for $2!!

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