We know how much people love money and but some unethical people will do whatever to get that money from you!! 

They don't have any self respect even if they are exposed and all expert collectors know who are this cheater, but still they will try to cheat new collector by selling Philatelic_fakes_and_forgeries.

Not only there are Philatelic FAKES and FORGERIES material such as stamps or FDC or register used cover, but there are FAKE seller and FAKE buyer and FAKE bidders and FAKE "make a offer" and FAKE second chance and FAKE auction starting price and FAKE pricing and FAKE feedback and lot more FAKES.!!

This cheaters will used all or some of the above FAKES to make money from you.!!

If you read my blog post and think you will find all kind of people who do this kind of activity and apply that knowledge on eBay sellers and buyers (feedback or eBay search by bidders) you will find them lot.

There are more fake buyer and seller on online auction as well as other auction than genuine buyer and seller in stamp collection.!!

So what you see pricing or selling or number of bidders etc is not REAL.!!

Recently I saw it again Centenary of Gandhi visit to Mauritius first day cover with other stamps of Gandhi and Queen Victoria on it, which is nothing but philatelic fake and forgeries.!!

I wrote about this philatelic forgery first day cover with other combo stamps in my other blog post and I explained about this fake and forgeries but it looks like sellers don't regret selling forgeries material, because they don't have any fear of getting caught or punished as no one in philatelic cares about this kind of stuff happening and no one take any legal action.

But it is also good for other philatelist who don't speak up against this kind of philatelic fakes and forgeries because they are increasing their value and everyone is involved in this kind of forgeries and they knew each other.!!

They just want money from new collectors and be the part of a game and involved in creating this kind of fakes and forgeries or bogus material and try to fool new collectors.!!

$80 for philatelic cover or piece of paper.!! It's lot of money if someone buys it because it will only cost $2 or $3 and there might be no buyer for stamps or regular FDC.


Philatelic fakes and forgeries with Mauritius Gandhi stamp is one of the 2nd most forged stamp after 1948 Gandhi stamps philatelic material.!!

Following is one more example of philatelic fakes and forgeries with Mauritius stamp sheet sold by "Theodorehys" and bought by "kad_ss" & "0261orthod".!!

Kad_ss was involved in bidding following philatelic fake and forgeries.

Following was not sold with dodo stamps which was for sale by "theobargain"

Following are examples of Mauritius Gandhi Philatelic fakes and forgeries sold by same seller "theobargain" and bought by "indiephila"

Did you notice that "theobargain" and "Theodorehys" are selling same type of fakes and forgeries register cover.!!

Now what do you think about this Fake and Forgeries from Mauritius.

But now let's read my other blog about SHILL bidding were you will same sellers, buyers and bidders and think WHAT's going on !!


Even EXPERTIZING certificates, hand stamps and forged signatures of experts in philatelic society were also forged, so it was very hard for regular collectors like me and you to find out authenticity about the material.

Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!



Now look at the rubber stamps from Calcutta and Bombay from India and think what are chances of forgery like BLUM case.

Do you think this kind of philatelic forgeries and fakes is happening in all kind of Philatelic material including Gandhi, King Edward stamps, King George stamps, Queen Victoria stamps, First Aerial Mail etc.

Philatelic_fakes_and_forgeries of 1948 Gandhi stamps philatelic material is more than any thematic stamp collection so BEWARE.

My friendly advice will stop collecting 1948 Gandhi stamps and philatelic material. It is nothing but Philatelic_fakes_and_forgeries.

I think there are more philatelic fakes and forgeries than genuine.!!

Don't you agree with me.?

Now let's see how other auction were completed and learn from that buyer, seller and other bidders.

One auction is from USA and other is from UK. It's a global network.!! Not sure were income tax, sales tax, VAT tax etc are paid.!!

========================First Auction=================
Auction ends:- Feb 19 2009.
Seller:- bpp14
Buyer:- 3***n (898) ("manali283")
Price Sold :- 116.50 US $
Other bidders:- o***o(335) and  k***_(826)

=====================END 1st Auction =====================

Now let's see how 2nd auction Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold :-

==================== 2nd Auction =======================

Auction ends:- Jan 20 2009.
Seller:- theobargain
Buyer:- kad_ss(826)
Price Sold :- 107 US $ (77 GBP)
Other bidders:- UK listing so cannot see. But there were total 4 bidders.

================= 2nd Auction Ends ====================================

If you don't understand what I am trying to explain here then please let me know. Only thing here is to see who is SELLER and BUYER.!!

Look at the following screenshot and you decide what is happening.


Want to know more about Philatelic FAKE and FORGERY then click following link and read about it and you will find some common bidders.


Also would you like to see more of this screen shot about pricing and buyer and seller?

I bet this is also happening in other philatelic collection because I see same seller and bidders bidding on items of First Aerial Mail, British India stamps of King Edward or King George etc.

Now keep you wallet tight and let this kind of fake and forgeries be in collection of this seller and buyer  (BTW: Fake Buyers.!) who buys it.

This is Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

1) Philatelic FAKE and FORGERIES.
3) Stamp collection CHEATING.
4) Stamp Collection Value
5) Stamp Collecting Facts
6) China stamp collection value.
7) First AirMail Post
8) World First Flight Cover
9) Greatest Stamp Collection Scandal 
10) Biggest stamp collection SCAM
11) SCANDAL in stamp collection 
12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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