Great Britain stamps - Mauritius stamps : A classic examples of FORGED philatelic materials.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

A Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. PIN stands for Postal Index Number and the code is 6 digits long. The PIN was introduced on August 15, 1972. (Source : Wikipedia)
In past we had seen early usage of India pin code (zip code) on cover with Mauritius Gandhi stamp used in 1969.!! Click following link to read my previous blog about Mauritius Gandhi stamp early pin code usage.

Early usage means that it was used even before pin code was introduce.!! Following is a new edition in early usage of pin code on cover with stamps of Great Britain used on December 1969.!!

Looks like cachet of Mahatma Gandhi on this cover is also printed on modern printer.

But interesting thing is that feedback of seller "stamps8478" .!! It's zero .!!  So seller can hide identity!!

Now don't you think it as sophisticated method of selling philatelic material.!! Following examples might help you.

In past early usage pin codecover were sold by "Theodorerhys". But more important thing is look at the buyer "0261orthod" and "kad_ss".!! It was sold for 10 pounds.!!

There is also one more seller "theobargain" who also sells this kinds of material from Mauritius.

Also Register rubber stamp is FORGED too.!!

Reason for this kind of activity happens because there is no one to monitor or to investigate.!! So all collectors are on your own.!! Also lot of SHILL Bidding happens in Gandhi Philatelic material as well as other Indian Philatelic material so BEWARE.

Following cover was bought by "kad_ss" for only $2 even though it is complete usage of miniature sheet.!!

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3) Combo cover with 2001 Gandhi F.D.C  FAKE post office cancellation on 1969 Gandhi stamp.!
4) Wholesale Philately.!! of Gandhi Minature sheet.!!

So after reading all of the above don't you think Mauritius Gandhi stamps was in process of Glorification by SHILL BIDDING, Inflated price, Different various combination of Gandhi philatelic material and all kinds of other things.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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