King George stationary stamps : What are the chance of getting FORGERY postmark cancel with rubber stamp of JAI HIND commemorative cancel ?

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

Jai Hind is a slogan most commonly used in India in speeches and communications pertaining to or referring to patriotism towards India.

Recently I saw a King George stationary from India KG with Jai Hind commemorative cancel. It was sold under $2 and only one bidder. So to me it looks like there is not that much interest in collecting this kind of philatelic material of King George stamps or stationary.

But my main concern about this commemorative cancel is what are the chance of FORGERY in this cancellation. ?

To me there are lot of chances because it's easy to make this kind of RUBBER stamp and apply on any old envelopes available on eBay or from stamp vendors at exhibition.

Why I am more concern about FORGERY about this Jai Hind postmark cancel is we are seeing FAKE or Forged RUBBER stamp on lot of Gandhi philatelic material as well as India philatelic material.

Following are some of the material which are FAKE and might be in some of the exhibition.

King George stationary postcard from India which is also forged  because it does not make sense after looking receiving CDS because it was Sunday on 2nd May 1948!!. It's a variety by making it MOBILE POST OFFICE.!! was selling for $1600!!  This kind of items are not RARE or Scare but it's complete forgery and that's why price is so high.!!!

Instead of SHILL bidding now it's starting price is higher!! with Buy it Now options.!!


Also don't forget about one of the most famous recent FAKE special cancellation  from Germany (completely FAKE as it is not even exist or not issued by German post!!) issued to celebrate first anniversary of Winnenden School Massacre on October 2nd 2009.!!! on occasion of International Day of Non-Violence.!! 

Extreme or Desperate example to make money and glorification of Gandhi philatelic.!! They don't have any feelings about people who lost life and their family who are still grieving for them.

Also don't you think this is ongoing in Indian Philately after seeing 1911  First Aerial Mail Forged cancellation from Allahabad, India during U.P.Exhibition.!! (click following link to read it.!!)
If all of the above is possible, so don't you think it is easy to make this Round Table Conference cancellation (Rubber stamp)!!  Recently I saw 1931 India Round Table Conference cancellation from UK on International Reply Coupon which was not even attended by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Looking to all FAKE and Forgery in  Gandhi Philately I also question this kind of rubber stamp.!! 

Please read my following blog post  and check out following images about following FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation.

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials and you will think it's all BOGUS.!! Yes it's all BOGUS.!!

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So what do you think about this special cancellation on King George Postcard.?

To me it looks questionable after seeing all the thing happening in Gandhi Philately.

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of rubber stamps and apply on any postcard and create unique  postcard.

So careful what are you into otherwise you have something UNIQUE!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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