Philatelic Exhibition - Stamp Exhibition : Is it about winning medal or something ELSE.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

A Philatelic Exhibition is an exhibition of stamps and postal history where stamp collectors (philatelists) compete for medals.

But I have also seen other reason for Philatelic Exhibition is to glorified certain forgery philatelic material such as special cancellation  or first day covers or register used covers or philatelic material such as postal receipt, International Reply coupon and lot more in order to increase the market of that kind of forged materials.!!

So it's not only winning medal but also to create a brand identity so whole gang(maker, seller, exhibitor, facilitator such auction house and others) can prosper and you will have PIECE OF PAPER!! with kids art work rubber stamp!!!

You can read about some of the forged cancellation on my blog by clicking following link.

So let's keep this FAKE and Forgery on side  otherwise I will be listing more than 100+ links like above and let see what should be the real purpose exhibition.!!

I saw one philatelic exhibit in which it was not for medal or not to glorify, but a real respect for what he collects and what that person has done to him and to his country.

I was  suprised when I saw Gandhi Stamp exhibit at Mani Bhavan (Bombay residence of Mahatma Gandhi, where Barack Obama visited during his visit and he might have also seen it).

This exhibit is displayed in the entrance of the building which give glimpse of Gandhi's life and one of the most famous person on stamp in philatelic world with 90+ countries honored him with issuing stamp of him.

This exhibit was given gift to Mani Bhavan by Harjeet Singh so all visitors can see how much respect Mahatma Gandhi got from other countries of the world.

Following are some of the pictures taken by my during visit of Mahatma Gandhi's Mumbai house.

I am impressed by Mr. Harjeet Singh and his respect & passion about Gandhi. According to me he is one of the GREATEST Gandhi philatelic collector as he showed unselfishness by donating his entire collection to Mani Bhavan. By doing this he showed that he just did not collect Gandhi Philatelic material but also follow his principle of unselfishness by putting his country first than himself.

According to me there is no hidden agenda (so there is nothing FAKE or Forged items) for giving this exhibit to Mani Bhavan other than respect to Mahatma Gandhi.

If he wants to glorified then he will add some RARE, Scare philatelic material which might be Forged or FAKED and give it to some philatelic museum so it can be glorified.

At Mani Bhavan  very less stamp collector will visit to see stamps, where as in philatelic museum lot of stamp collectors will visit all the time so it can be easily glorified.

But this is very simple exhibit which shows he is not into glorification business but a true admire of Mahatma Gandhi by displaying just stamps and some common philatelic material.

But look what is happening in current Gandhi philatelic collection as well as other Indian philatelic collection.

To know more cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc. please read my following blog post and compare it with what Mr. Harjeet Singh did to respect Mahatma Gandhi.

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I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!

Also one day we all will get motivated from Mr. Harjeet Singh and do something good instead of just self interest.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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