Guru Nanak Quin Centenary stamps register cover - BOGUS ?

Currently eBay seller "phil-centre" from UK is selling Guru Nanak Centenary stamp cover for $75.

Do you really think following is Genuine cover of Guru Nanak Centenary special cancellation ?

If you think than chances of forgery of Guru Nanak Quin Centenary stamps cover are more than genuine.

1) Address is incomplete on Guru Nanak Centenary cover .!!

2) No register label on Guru Nanak Quin Centenary stamps cover

3) Address on the Guru Nanak Quin Centenary stamps cover has same hand writing and pen used for registration #.!!

But this is selling for $75.!! ($1 = 60 Rupees)

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of rubber stamp and apply on any cover and call it as special cancellation!!

And Make MONEY.!!!

4500 Rupees (60 x 75) is lot of money if you live in India or any 3rd world countries,  so start making any kind of rubber stamp and apply on cover and make Money.!!

No one cares about this kind of forgery because no one is going to file a police complain about forgery using their names on the cover such as Asst Collector (Customs) from Foreign Post.!!

Following is another classic example if you want to know how to make money!

Bogus (never exist) 2009 Germany Winnenden Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation issued for High School shooting for Non Violence.!! (No respect for who died during this school shooting).


So what do you think.

It's all about MONEY. How to get your money.!!

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

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9) Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
10) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope - Slogan Cancellation - BEWARE of CHEATING .!!

Recently I saw Fiji O.H.M.S cover or  OHMS envelope with slogan cancellation of Mahatma Gandhi Centenary which was sold for $86 by eBay seller "1918romanov".

We know this is nothing but Bogus cancellation (never officially issued by postal department) but still we see it on OHMS cover.!!

This blog post is not prove that this is BOGUS cancellation (as we all know that it's BOGUS or FAKE) on O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope - Slogan Cancellation, but to see how the price is increased to $86.!!

There were 4 bidders who bidded on this item

c***b (4322)  ---> last minute bid $86 using sniping tool. (winner)
m***n(446)  ---- > bidded from $18 to $85  ( THINK CHEATING).!!
t***e(421)    ---- >  bidded from $21 to $41
a***d(115)   ---- > bidded from $9 to $20

If you see c***b(4322) increase price from $42 to $86 using sniping tool.!!

Do you really think m***n(446) max bid of $85 is genuine?

Now do you think there is some illegal activity in this bidding. ?

Do you think any of them is serious in buying this.?

Do you think all 4  bidders try to increase price and helping to increase price ?

But what is amazing about this that m***n(446) has total 99 Bid RETRACTIONS.!!

This will prove that it's nothing but cheating.!!

Now let's see other O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope during 1969 and 1970.

Majority of the O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope are Register mail.!!

And Gandhi Slogan Cancellation is regular mail.!!

Now compare following two CDS with Gandhi Slogan cancellation CDS.

Both of them don't have any lines after the circular cancellation.!!

Even though one was mailed on 3rd september which was next day after Gandhi Slogan cancellation.!!

Seller might be not aware of cheating as he/she might got it from large quantity which might have this FAKE or BOGUS cancellation.

Following are more  O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope and all of them are register mail.

 Also did you notice none of them are selling more than $7!!

So what do you think  about O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope - Slogan Cancellation.

Do you think CHEATING IS INVOLVED IN THIS O.H.M.S cover - Fiji OHMS envelope - Slogan Cancellation ?

My personal opinion is that CHEATING is involved in this cover.

What do you think ?

Still not sure about BOGUS cancellation then look at the following and then decide.

Also there are rubber stamp with this slogan which stamp collector call commemorative special cancellation  or slogan cancellation.

Not sure whether this is officially issued by P&T department of India or personally made by some collectors like we see this all the time.

My personal opinion (Expert Certificate) for this is that is an ART work rubber stamp made by some collector/dealer.

It's very easy to make money by selling this kind of slogan cancellation or special cancellation.

Truth is God slogan cancellation was selling for $16 and $8.

Don't you think this is possible by just investing in RUBBER stamps and start selling it or send it to collector friend who will glorify this rubber stamp as genuine.

So what are chances of this as FORGERY even if it was officially issued.?

Following are mostly all BOGUS (never exist) or Forgery which will help you to decide about slogan cancellation of Gandhi "Truth is God"

1) India 1911 Allahabad First Aerial Mail Post Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


2) India 1937 Rocket Mail Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


3) India 1947 Jai Hind Cancellation


4) 1948 Chalta Dak Ghar Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 

5) India 1948 Gandhi stamp First Day cover Jai Hind Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation (Biggest Forgery in stamp collection).

6) 1969 Fiji, Luxembourg, Burma, Czech Republic Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation  (wide varieties available)

God know which is Genuine and Which one is forgery !!

God know which of this were even issued officially by postal department ?

Don't you think there are multiple rubber stamps from multiple collectors.!!?

Both of the FIJI Slogan Cancellation is forgery.


7) India 1969  "FLAG DAY 1st October Help Ex Servicemen"


8) Bogus (never exist) 2009 Germany Winnenden Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation issued for High School shooting for Non Violence.!! (No respect for who died during this.).


Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!



So what do you think. Can we add this in above list.

I think so.

It's all about MONEY. How to get your money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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