Commemorative cancel, Special cancellation - Flag Day Ex Servicemen rubber stamp - How to Make Money from stamp collection.

Don't you think it's easy to make money if you are SMART.

Stamp collection is hobby for smart people.!!

So you will see some extra ordinary creativity from them such as FORGERY and  BOGUS philatelic materials with Commemorative cancel, Special cancellation.

Just make any rubber stamp and apply to cover depending on thematic collection and spread news  or sell as Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation.

This is how smart people make money.!!

What do you think about following rubber stamp of "FLAG DAY 1st October Help Ex Servicemen"

Is it a Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation of  Flag Day Ex Servicemen or just a rubber stamp  (Don't know how it was going to help ExServiceMen).!!

If you make this kind of rubber stamp and apply to any old cover you can make $70!! Which is monthly income average poeple in 3rd world countries including India.

So you don't have to work very hard for 20-30 days and you can still live if you can sell only one or two.

Of course you can make different varities so you can sell more than one.!!

Following is selling for $70 from Dubai.!!

This is not a new concept to make money.

It's going on since long long time. More than  100+ years or we can since existence of stamp so make sure what you are collecting.

Following are some of Commemorative cancel or special cancellation made by some smart people.!!

You will be surprised How they make money from stamp collection..

Following are mostly all BOGUS (never exist) or Forgery:

1) India 1911 Allahabad First Aerial Mail Post Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


2) India 1937 Rocket Mail Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


3) 1948 Chalta Dak Ghar Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 

4) India 1948 Gandhi stamp First Day cover Jai Hind Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation (Biggest Forgery in stamp collection).

5) 1969 Fiji, Luxembourg, Burma, Czech Republic Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation  (wide varieties available)

God know which is Genuine and Which one is forgery !!

God know which this were even issued officially by postal department ?

Don't you think this might be issued by multiple collectors.!!?



6) 2009 Germany Winnenden Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation.


Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!



So what do you think. Can we add this in above list.

I think so.

It's all about MONEY. How to get your money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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