Indian Philatelic - Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence label

We all know how stamp collectors and dealers make money by creating some forgery which they claim it as rare or unique item.

Following Indian Philatelic Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence is one of them.

My personal opinion is that India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence nothing but FORGERY or might not even exist(Bogus label) in 1930 or even  Gandhiji might not have even seen it. It's just some greedy people during that time might have taken advantage of this and issue couple of label which were legal to even use during that time.

And now India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence created as forgery by just printing it and putting in sunlight or dust or oil or water and are creating as rare unique label.

What ever you see in Stamp exhibit is not always genuine. And same is the case with whatever you read in Indian Philatelic Handbook or yearbook or blogs or website or stamp exhibit is not true.

It's all about make money.

Some dealer will make it, Some stamp collector will exhibit and some author will write about it.

Now a days stamp collection is not a hobby but a big SCAM or GAME to make money.

Want to learn how to play Philatelic GAME or SCAM collectors then click following link to read my blog post.

1) Philatelic GAME.!!
2) Philatelic Greed !!
3) Stamp Collecting FACTS.

In last 4 years I have seen large quantity for auction of India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence label. 

Recently I saw this India Gandhi Boycott British Goods Non-violence selling for $90.!!

Lot of money if you convert in Indian Rupees and some one can make living by selling this kind of label only.!!

In order to make money collectors and dealers will involved in making all kind of forgeries or even bogus special cancellation, stamps, FDC, philatelic material and all you can think will be forged.

Following are different ways to make money by selling stamps on Internet. (Of course is CHEATING!!)

1) Make money by selling SPECIMEN postcard 
2) Make money by making RUBBER stamp
3) Make money by selling TRIAL PROOF waste by stealing it or by art using Photoshop.
4) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps
5) Make money by selling FORGED special cancellation from different cities.
6) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps as GENUINE.
7) Make money by selling BOGUS - never exist special cancellation
8) Make money by selling LABELS - forgery or bogus
9) Make money by selling FAKE or BOGUS First Flight Cover FFC
10 ) Make money by OVERPRINTING stamps.!!

So now you have to decide what you are paying for what ?

But keep in mind what you see on eBay or any other auction house pricing is not correct as they don't pay after buying it in order to increase price and you might get second offer chance at little lower price.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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