Overprint stamps - First stamp of India - Flag SERVICE stamp - How to create BOGUS stamps and make money (tons of it).

Following is First Stamp of India (SERVICE overprint) after independence with Indian flag and slogan "Jai Hind" issued on 21 Nov 1947.

But it has SERVICE overprint on it which makes it very unique and rare as very few very printed for Governor General use.

This is nothing but BOGUS overprint stamp on flag stamp which is first stamp of India after independence.

You don't have to create FORGERY of any stamps by facsimlie or copy, but just create whatever comes in mind and then you have to glorify.!!

It's same way what we see in Nicaragua Gandhi overprint stamp or Cameroun Gandhi overprint moon landing stamp or SPECIMEN stamp from Cyprus, Togo or any overprint stamp available in market.

It is my idea to do this overprint of Flag stamp and make it famous so I can make money on by making overprint stamps of First stamp of India - Flag stamp.

But in reality there was no overprint on this stamp such as SERVICE or SPECIMEN so I decided to create one sheet (only 10) and I will give 1-2  to government archives and some to museum and only 2 quantity known.!! (that's with me).

Now this is rare stamp and least printed printed stamp in the world.!!

Now if someone did this in 1947 with First stamp of India  then no one will knows what happen.

Also they just announce or write about  that there is SERVICE stamp issued for Governor General.!!

Then some author will write in their Handbook or yearbook or collector will mention about  it this in his exhibit, without knowing it or knowingly in order to sell philatelic handbook as well as to increase price of that particular stamp.

Also I can update in Wikipedia (anyone can edit it) and mention abou this flag stamps with overprint.!!

Also this will valid that following Gandhi SERVICE stamp is also genuine as no one will question that it was printed for Governor General.!!!

So what do you think about this in happening in GANDHI SERVICE stamp which is claimed as least printed stamp and most valuable Gandhi stamp as well as one of top 10 expensive stamps.!!

I think chances are very high.!!

Read following post to read about it.


Last Gandhi SERVICE  stamp was sold for $200,000.!!

So how much money I can make from this Overprint Flag SERVICE stamp.?

I can get EXPERT certificate also for this stamp.!! Now what else you need.!!(money)


It's rare, unique, least printed stamp, only two exists, was printed to used by Governor General.!!

This is how expensive stamps are made and someone will think as investment.

Don't you think chances of Gandhi SERVICE stamp is what I just did.!! ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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