Gandhi Stamp Exhibition - Do anyone collect Gandhi stamps and philatelic material ?

Recently I read blog post on "Rainbow Stamp Club" about Indian stamp exhibit winner at  PhilaKorea 2014 world stamp exhibition and I was surprised there are no Gandhi Stamp Exhibit winner.!!

My Congratulations to all 6 winners from India.


I am not sure whether there was any GANDHI stamp collection exhibit in  PhilaKorea 2014.

Not sure whether there is any interest in Gandhi stamps collection as no winner

Looking to past exhibits I can understand majority of the Gandhi stamp philatelic material is nothing but BOGUS or forgery so it does not make sense to participate in exhibition where philatelic judges now have enough information to look on the web and think about it before they decide to disqualify the entree.!

Still you will see Gandhi exhibit during some events or speeches because no one will  question about their collection as it is only to gain popularity.

In USA I don't even see any Gandhi stamp Exhibit (click following link to see) in Westpex 2014 one of the  biggest stamp exhibition even though there are high price Gandhi stamp seller on eBay are from San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Altos or Sunnyvale.


So not sure what's going in Gandhi Stamp Collector.?

Gandhi Stamps collection is  DEAD or Collectors are afraid about their collection because of following BOGUS items in their collection which they proudly display one time.!!

Following are some of the BOGUS material you will see in past exhibition as well in  philatelic handbooks.

1) Rare Specimen stamps in   Leather folder

2)  India 1948 BOGUS First Day cover from various cities with Jai Hind Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation (Biggest Forgery in stamp collection).

My personal opinion (without digging Indian Government archives) about 1948 First day cover were only issued from New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. I am not sure about this also but as they are/were 4 major cities during that time.

All other to me looks BOGUS (never exist). Made by someone like me and you.

Poona, Simla, NagPur, Patna, Kanpur, Pondicherry, Allahabad, Shillong, etc.

Also I had seen from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Cochin etc.

3) 1969 Fiji, Luxembourg, Burma, Czech Republic Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation  (wide varieties available)


4) Gandhi SERVICE BOGUS overprint stamp and FORGED or BOGUS rubber stamp of Governor General. )Some of this have Expert Certificate.!!)

5) ERROR stamp and BOGUS Nicaragua FDC with overprint error stamp (does not make sense).

6) BOGUS FDC from Indian Embassy of Nepal.

There are lot more BOGUS philatelic material which I can go up to 200-300 or more.!!!

That's the reason we don't see Gandhi exhibit in stamp exhibition.!

My request to genuine collectors that need to start exhibiting without any forgery or BOGUS and let's show the world that Gandhi stamp collection is not DEAD!

Also let's EXPOSE all BOGUS and FORGERY and make it proud of our self.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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