Nicaragua Gandhi Einstein Stamp : Is it really OVERPRINT Gandhi stamp ? which can be consider as Gandhi Einsetin ERROR stamp ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Nicaragua 1980 Gandhi and Einstein stamp/miniature sheet is one of the most error stamp with incorrect issue year, Overprint in gold and red available in the market. 

This Overprint stamp is for wide range of collectors ( Gandhi, Einstein, Error, Overprint, Olympics, UN, Science, Physics etc) so it can be appreciated more.!! 

Please read my previous blog post so you know what's going on Nicaragua Gandhi Stamps which will give you good idea about it.

To me it make sense to have error but to have that error stamp on FDC does not make sense at all because error stamp will not make it to FDC.

I think because of smaller country outsource there stamp printing to dealers which do all kind of different things for all of us and we will dream to get it at cheaper price.!! without thinking that whether it makes sense or not.

To me this OVERPRINT stamp does not make sense at all because error will happen to one or two sheets not all and if error happens printers will destroy that rare error stamp unless they hide it and take it with them and after 40-50 years it will come in market.!!!

Now look at the following FDC. I am not sure whether this was officially issued or just made specially to make money out of it.

According to me this is nothing put piece of paper!! I don't consider this as REAL overprint stamp which can be consider as ERROR stamp so forget about FDC at all.

Want to know more about Gandhi Overprint stamps then please read my past blog posts about Overprint stamps which will make you think before you buy any of overprint stamps.


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