IRS taxes - captial gain tax on stamp collection - philatelic material from USA sellers and dealers - 1855 India stamps Bombay used cover

It's year end so everyone is busy in selling there stocks or stamp collection - philatelic material or coin collection in order to minimize their tax payment as stamp seller have to pay capital gain tax so they can minimize tax payment.

When you sell stamps you have to pay tax to USA government through IRS as well as local government in form of sales tax and state tax.

Sales tax you have to pay no matter if you gain or loss money. It's same like VAT in European countries.

I see lot of high value stamp sold on eBay.

Do all seller pay tax to IRS as well as local government ?

In my last post I wrote about VAT when you sell stamp collection or philatelic material in UK. You can read by clicking following.

Recently I saw 1855 India Queen Victoria stamp used cover sold for $4010 from New Jersey, USA eBay seller "jwalk5" member since 1999.!!

It's lot of money for this 1855 India Queen Victoria stamp used cover there will lot of hidden expenses it occur such as 
  • eBay commission
  • PayPal commission
  • Local sales tax  (I paid sales tax when I bought Gandhi stamps from Palo Alto, California seller).
  • State tax 
  • Federal tax
Same apply when you buy it from offline auction houses as you will be paying auction fees to them, but taxes will be same either you are seller or dealer or auction houses.

But what happen if UK resident is selling from USA with help of friend of relatives staying in USA ? How they pay tax ?

Chances of Tax invasion is higher when seller try to sell if from multiple countries such as India or UK or Australia or Belgium or Netherlands.!!

So if you buy following Bombay used cover  at $4010 and you sell it for $6010 in future you will not make any money because you have to pay all the above expenses.

Now do you think this is a GENUINE cover from Bombay to Scotland ?

Because we know how easy it is to forged this 1855 QV stamps from India and also how easy rubber stamp is also forged.!!

In past I wrote about 1854 India Queen Victoria forgery stamps. You can read it by clicking following link.

So what do you think about this used cover from Bombay to Scotland ?

Is it Genuine or Forgery ?


If you see above screenshot you will see there was lot of interest in this cover. There were 11 bidders and 37 bids.!!

Do you think there is SHILL bidding in this transaction in order to increase price and glorify this philatelic material.

I am not sure whether ebay transaction is a Genuine or something else.  Do you think it is really bought and sold.?

I don't think this FDC should be more than $100 or 200 or 300.!! So what do you think about this FDC pricing and transaction.?

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

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Following is information from IRS regarding tax on collections such as stamps or coins.  Please make sure you know what you are doing other wise IRS  is very strict on tax collection.

Now let's get back to point.

Do you think eBay will get commission from this transaction ? ($400 mandatory)

Do you think PayPal will get commission from this transaction if this is default payment of seller ?

Do you think IRS as well as local government and state government will benefit from this kind of transaction ?

Do you think this is real value ($4010) of Bombay used cover ?

Do you think it's a genuine transaction where buyer paid money  to seller, or seller open case with eBay to cancel transaction so he/she don't have to pay commission to eBay as well as he/she don't have to pay any taxes.?



UK VAT on collector's item and philatelic stamps material - Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from anglo-indian-affairs

Currently I am working on thesis about "VAT on collector's item and philatelic stamps material" and "shares(stock) buying by looking eBay commission income from collector's items selling philatelic materials"

Recently I saw Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 stamp sold for $3070 from eBay seller "anglo-indian-affairs" from UK selling well below catalog value (CV value $9500)

To me this 160+ years old stamp is some what BOGUS because it will be very hard to find information and does not make sense about stamps from this kind country which was ruled by England, I consider this as glorified stamps.!!

(From Wikipedia : The use of the Scinde Dawk adhesive stamps to signify the prepayment of postage began on 1 July 1852 in the Scinde/Sindh district, as part of a comprehensive reform of the district's postal system. A year earlier Sir Bartle Frere had replaced the postal runners with a network of horses and camels, improving communications in the Indus river valley to serve the military and commercial needs of the British East India Company.)

Does it make sense ?

Don't you think it's like a story.!!

Why not QV stamps similar to stamps issued in England from 1840 ?

But this blog post is not about bogus stamp or FORGERY stamps but about money it generates for eBay and UK government.

Lot of money for eBay (shareholders) from commission from this transaction (10% of $3070 = $300).

But lot more  money for UK government from VAT from this philatelic material.($500-550 at rate of 17.5%).

Look following screenshot about UK VAT on collector's item and philatelic stamps material 

Falsification of information to evade payment of VAT may result in fines and/or criminal prosecution. eBay cooperates with government authorities in cases involving potential falsification of information to evade payment of VAT.

Do you think eBay and UK government is getting this money on Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs"?

Because chances of BUYER not paying to seller and eventually seller will file complaint with eBay and get cancel this transaction so don't have to pay commission ?

Also what are chances of SHILL bidding on Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs" (seller philatelic friends or with it's other id) might be increasing price and don't pay. ?

This two factors are very high in stamp collection selling on eBay so don't just buy stock looking this kind of information, because it might be wrong indicator.!!

I will also give you some points to think about this transaction of Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs" so you can decide whether seller got money from buyer or it's a SHILL bidding by looking about details of each bidders which are 

Total bids:  
Items bid on:  
Bid activity (%) with this seller:  
Bid retractions (6 months):  

From this you can predict what's going on.

SHILL bidding or not.?


  • There were 10 bidders and 38 bids on Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs"
  • Bid started by t***8(5296)

Now if you see 30-Day Summary details about t***8 bidder you will be surprised.

Total bids: 692
Items bid on: 346
Bid activity (%) with this seller: 13%  
Bid retractions (6 months): 14

Can you believe that bidder t***8 is bidding  on Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs" for 346 items with 692 bids.

But 13% bids are with this seller "anglo-indian-affairs".!! (85 bids with this seller).

Also 23 bids a day done by t***8 bidder.!!

Also bidding on 31 items in a day.!!

Don't it look like a DAY TRADER of stocks.!!

Now let's see 5th bidder d***i (1312) Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs"

Total bids: 1813
Items bid on: 365
Bid activity (%) with this seller: 27%  

Can you believe that 1813 total bids in 30 days on 365 items. ?

27% bid activity with this seller "anglo-indian-affairs". (450+ bids with this seller).

60 bids every day!!

Bids on 32 items every day.!!


Now you go through following screen shot and decide about this bidders and think whether it's SHILL bidding or genuine transaction.

After looking above screenshot what is your idea or opinion about this transaction and value of  Scinde Dawk India QV 1852 from "anglo-indian-affairs"

Did you notice any unusal activity  from following ?

Total bids:  
Items bid on:  
Bid activity (%) with this seller:  
Bid retractions (6 months):

Do you think it's SHILL bidding ?

Do you think eBay got commission ?

Do you think UK government is getting VAT on philatelic material selling on eBAY by seller "anglo-indian-affair" ?



1902 EdVII ten shillings stamps of GB - 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees Stamps - Genuine or Forgery stamps ?

We all know 25 rupees was lot of money in 1902 (113 years ago).

But we all see too many mint 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees stamp selling on eBay for $700+.

Does it make sense  to you that someone will keep 25 Rupees stamp in mint condition in 1902 ? (Except you are King or Queen of England or from Royal family)

Do you think King George stamps is  FORGERY stamps selling as Genuine ?

There are lot of forgery stamps available on eBay so you can buy one and sell  it as genuine and increase price by SHILL bidding and make it look like genuine ?

Also we see lot of 1902 EdVII ten shillings stamps of GB selling one eBay for very high price.

Recently I saw 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees Stamp sold on eBay from Santa Clara, California by "mystampzone" for $787.

There were 7 bidders bidding for this stamps and 31 bids on it.

Also it's private listing bidders identities protected.!!! (WHY)

Do you think eBay shareholder will benefit from this transaction ?

eBay (shareholder) will get $78 on this transaction.!! (10% of selling price).

Also do you think California State will also benefit from sales tax and yearly income tax from this sale ?

So what are chances of getting forgery stamps like below even paying $700+?


GB 1902 EdVII 10 Shilling stamps selling for $1700, $1260, $1208, $1037 from eBay seller from UK "collectstamps" and "tenshillings"

Look at # of bids.!!

28 bids , buy it now, 37 bids and 13 bids.!!

$5000 for four 1902 EdVII stamps of GB.!!

It's killing profit for eBay.!! ($500 from this four transaction only).

Also do you think UK government is getting 19% VAT on this transactions as all prices in UK are VAT inclusive and seller has to pay to government treasury.!!

If you are investing in stocks (shares) then you might think it will be good to buy eBay stock, because without giving anything you are getting this much money.!!

Do you think eBay is getting this kind of commission ?

Or eBay is not getting anything as seller might open case of non paying buyer ?

Now do you think following are FORGERY stamp selling as genuine ?

Following is FORGERY stamp - Replica stamp of GB 1902 EdVII ten shilling stamp.

You will not find any difference.!!!

Do you think following is Genuine stamp if seller don't mention about this. I don't think so.!!

Above block of 4 is a facismile/copy/counterfeit stamp.!!!

Because of recent modern technology in printing which is capable of printing money if printer manufacture are not restricted by government. If printers are capable of printing latest US dollar bill with all this watermark/threads/multicolor/magentic ink then to print 1948 stamp is peace of cake for this kind of printers.!!

So keep in mind what latest printers can do (along with rubber stamps) when you buy following items Mint or even USED on FDC or postally used.

1) 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps
2) 1 1/2, 3 1/2  and 12 Annas 1948 Gandhi stamps
3) SERVICE overprint Gandhi 1948 stamps
4) Imperf Gandhi stamps from Niger, Gabon, Cameroun, and all others Gandhi imperf stamps. (it's easy as no cutting required.!!)
5) SKY is the LIMIT.!!


Above stamp is currently selling as facsimile(copy).

Following are some screenshot from delcampe where it is sold as facsimile(copy/forgery/fake)


Do you think all are GENUINE stamps ?


Do you think Replica is used to create used stamp with forged rubber stamp.?

It's your choice to think.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Cameroun Moon Landing overprint stamps on Martin Luther king and Kennedy stamps - STAMP COLLECTION IS ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY.!!

In past I wrote about ERROR stamps, which are not actual error but purposely made for ERROR.!!

One of the famous error stamp is from Cameroun which was overprinted to make it error by overprinting about MOON LANDING on Gandhi, M.L.King, (M.L.K) and Kennedy stamp issued in 1968 and overprinting in 1969.!!

Even though it's is consider error stamp we can see this stamp widely used for postage.

My opinion about this Error stamp is nothing but overprinted to increase value.!!

How can someone are so dumb/foolish who will overprint on this stamps. It cannot be consider as ERROR stamp (but biggest SCAM).

Just buy some sheet and overprint it and start sending postal cover by making forged rubber stamp like we see it in Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

It's all about making MONEY and nothing about stamp collection.!!

This cover were send to brothers who were stamp dealers J.H.Stolow  (Julius & Henry) r as well as stamp Expertiser who issue certificate.

J.H. Stolow also was involved with bogus stamp issues for the The Republic of South Maluku.!!

Recently I saw two used cover with Gandhi stamps, Kennedy stamps, M.L.King stamps with overprint Moon Landing on it sold for $135 from eBay seller "gdstamps".

But if you compare this auction with previous auction the price has gone down.( From 456, $300 to $135).

Also # of bidders has also gone done (just one)

Also starting price came up instead of starting at minimum price of 99 cents.!! (so they don't have to do SHILL bidding in order to increase price.!!)

Do you think eBay shareholder's are getting benefit from this kind of transaction where they will get about $27 (10% of $270) from commission ?

It is also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook as Optd. stamps on Regd Commerical Cover.

We know we cannot trust Gandhi Handbook as there is lot of false and misguided information in it.

Look at above image and see how many types of ERRORS were made.!! (Thick, Thin, Inverted..................)

In past I wrote about this cover

Why Cameroun Commerically Used Covers is costly? -Gandhi stamps overprinting.

Cameroun Gandhi Stamps First Day Cover : It's looks like a BUBBLE in Cameroun Gandhi Stamps!!

Following cover was sold for $250+ (US dollars) with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy stamps with Gandhi stamps (one in front and other in  back).

I am not sure why they did this overprinting instead of making a new stamp?

Following cover was sold for $450+ (US dollars) with Martin Luther King(one in front and other in  back)  stamps with Gandhi stamps in front.

Did you notice from above images that this covers has RUBBER stamp from different cities.? Yaounde, Douala,

So now question is

Do you think one bidder really bought this  covers  even though I wrote about this?

Don't you think people search web in order to get it kind of used cover ?

You can compare RUBBER stamps on this cover and decide what's going on with stamp collection ?

It's all about making money.!!

Someone will make money by writing.

Someone will make money by overprinting stamps

Someone will make money by creating bogus covers.



WWF Animal stamps - ovp stamps - Burundi stamps

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa and as per United Nations Burundi's GDP is 193 in the world.!!

It's GDP is $251.

But if you see 1983 (1984) WWF logo ovp stamps are selling for more than $350 on eBay by seller "segell"  , "matthijs_philatelie"  and "wwf_stamps".

This stamps were issued between 2 civil wars 1972 and 1990 in Burundi. Also there is civil war going on as I write this blog post but stamps are selling like money grows on tree.!!

Do you think these WWF animal stamps were needed for Burundi ?

My personal opinion is that this are BOGUS stamp without any value. Just made for collectors.!!

Actual people of Burundi might not even seen this stamps.

In past I wrote blog post about "hOW TO INCREASE PRICE OF YOUR STAMPS ON eBAY". Click and read about  it so you get idea why this stamps are $350+!!

After reading above blog post, do you think one of the method is applied to this auction ?

Just piece of paper selling for more than GDP of one of poorest country in world.!!

Do you think anyone in Burundi cares about this WWF stamps ?

Don't you think this are MADE for collectors instead of actual use.!! 

Do this poor country need this many stamps ?

Can they afford to print this many stamps and store it  and distribute to all post office and sell it ?

Do you think this is REAL price ?

What I mean is that you can bid any price and don't have to pay in order to increase price to glorify this stamps.!!

Do you think eBay got commission from this transactions ?

If all 3 transaction are REAL and seller paid commission eBay will get $105 from this transaction and eBay shareholders are benefiting from this kind of  auction ?

Also what I think is that all this pricing is bogus as chances of eBay getting commission is very low or none because buyer might be shill bidder and did not paid to seller, so seller will open case and will not have to pay commission.!!

There are 28 bids, 30 bids and 1 bid on these transactions.

Do you think there is so much interest in this stamps ?



Rajagopalachari - Governor-General of India - Most Famous Stamps of India - A Story written for a stamp !!

His name is also involved in one of the most famous stamp of India which is overprint "SERVICE" on 1948 Gandhi Memorial stamps.

But looking at his simple living principles it does not make sense that he was even aware of this famous stamp of India.

He will never approve such overprinting of stamp in very small quantity.!

But no one is thinking that "Does it make sense. ?" and they are just glorifying in recent newspaper, philatelic magazine etc. by new addition in it.

I read that someone bought this stamp for $205,000 .!!  

 Even used cover of Rajagopalachari  was available for auction with starting price of 50,000 euros.

And there are 1000's of overprint SERVICE stamp on piece of paper and some with BPA certification.!!

Every stamp has a story and some are genuine and some are fabricated. It's upto you to decide what is the real story.!

Let's analyze a STORY (not facts) about "Most Famous Stamps of India - 1948 Gandhi Memorial stamps"  and  read whether it make sense.

This story is mentioned every where in Gandhi Philately collection which includes Gandhi Stamp exhibit or Gandhi Philately online exhibit, Gandhi Handbook or stamp collection blogs or philatelic website etc.!!

I am not sure from where following  facts where obtain because some of the following don't make sense.
  • Governor General selling stamps for double the value for relief backward caste!! (Any record of this with government, how many stamps were sold and were money was used ?)
  • Conflicting date of  Gandhi SERVICE stamp brought in use. 15th August 1948 or 13th August 1949 by C. N.Chandra.
  • Depending on Jal Copper to knows quantity of overprint SERVICE stamps.
  • Only 100 stamps (10 Rupees) overprinted SERVICE. (2 sheets out of 250000).
  • Why  55 stamps out of 100 were given to philatelic museum of Delhi(One sheet of 50 overprint stamps and stripe of 5)
  • Why Four stamps(out of remaining 45) were send to Royal collection in England even after 200+ years of ruling India and fighting very hard for Independence.!!(and that also from Freedom fighter.!)
What a excellent fiction story.!! 

  • Don't you think Governor General has important things to do after Independence instead of collecting 3 annas, 7 annas , 25 annas and 20 rupees.!!(to double the face value)!!
  • No one knows when overprint SERVICE was done.!!  We have to believe to C.N. Chandra document  published in 1951 in philatelic journal and start believing SERVICE overprint in 1948.!!
  • Why do we have to believe Jal Copper for quantity of stamps with overprint SERVICE.
  • Why only 100 stamps overprint instead of 1000 or 2000 or 3000 !! (To make least printed stamp.!!)
  • Don't you think in order to make more authentic, genuine and rare it was given to philatelic museum in Delhi.!! 55 stamps out of 100.!! (just send them and they will display it.!,) (I hope they delhi musuem have proper documentation from Governor General, on OHMS letterhead.!!.).
  • To make more valuable and real send it to Royal Collection in England.! (Museum or collectors don't care if you send any thing.!!). 
Don't you think it's a story written for a stamp.!!

In my previous blog post I wrote about Gandhi SERVICE stamp is selling on eBay and other auction houses even though it was specially made for Rajagopalchari.!! How this is possible.


On top of that we are reading that this stamp was sold for world record price for modern issued stamp for $205000.!! so it will be hard to believe all the above information.!!  (click to see the google search query).

You can blindly follow other 1000+ search which are recent newspaper, philatelic magazine, stamp forums, stamp boards, blogs, philatelic website, stamp dealers, stamp auctioneer, etc 

But where you will find correct information about this stamp. I think it will be very hard for any one to find out  this information.

I just use my own BRAIN to think all of the above possibility and decide whether to spend $200000.!!

Following are some of the links where you can find more information about this Rajagopalachari - Governor-General of India - Most Famous Stamps of India.

You don't have to believe it but you can read it.

http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/search/label/Gandhi%20Service (all my blog post related to Gandhi Service stamp).

Following are some screenshot from above link if you don't want to go through whole article and read it in short.

I am just giving my personal opinion about this. You don't have to believe it.

SERVICE stamp (overprint).

  • Jal Cooper is the only one who knows the quantity of SERVICE stamp.!
  • Actual usage date (overprint date)  of this SERVICE is authenticate by collector.!!

Click this link to read complete detail about this article : http://www.davidfeldman.com/wp-content/uploads/items_treated_pdf/2011/05/111W0164_117433_1304685762.pdf

Even in this article they are talking about story about Raja Gopalachari was selling stamps  instead of fact.!!

"However, another story that emerged was the then Governor General of India, came up with a novel idea to sell these official stamps at double the face value." To read more see above or click the link.)

Even this is edited in Wikipedia.!!

In past this stamp was listed on eBay for $225,000 with FORGERY Royal Philatelic Society Expert Certificate. (Sold by unknown comment, but we cannot believe on that kind of comments because of SHILL bidding or false information.)

His cover was for auction 50,000 Euros.!!

Do you think he was still thinking that he was servant of King/Queen by handwriting O.H.M.S even after fighting for freedom from them.!!

It's nothing but glorification by increasing value of this stamps and not paying it.!!

Recently I saw Gandhi Service Replica on ebay auction and I was surprised by seller truth about his stamps. Following is the screenshot of that were seller mentioned it's Replica(FAKE) stamp.!!

Not sure what is correct price for Replica stamp.!! but seller mentioned about this is very nice thing  instead of trying to cheat. 

But how can you find GENUINE or REAL stamp if seller don't mention about it and just try to sell it. Following two screenshot of recently sold Gandhi SERVICE stamp is taken from ebay. Seller has not mentioned about certification from British Philatelic Association (BPA) so it is very hard to trust whether this is REAL.

Do you really think ebay seller "afsj58" really got 907$ from this sale to "shafiqshah2810" and paid all ebay/paypal fees.!!

Also it is very very hard to find used stamp and specially on cover or piece of paper but you will see this frequently on eBay.

Now see following screenshot and you decide that this are really used Gandhi SERVICE stamps.

We all are believing this kind of story and blindly follow them without thinking that does it make sense ?

What do you think about this STORY ?

There are lot of stories like this for some other rare stamps so beware of it.

One of them is 1911 FIRST AERIAL MAIL POST from Allahabad.!!



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