Expensive Stamp !!! Is this Gandhi SERVICE stamp really worth $225,000 ? Do you think Gandhi Stamps and Philately is good for eBay Shareholders ? Part - II

Hello Gandhi Collector,

(Rewriting this blog again with more updated info).

From Wikipedia : A set of stamps over-printed as "Service" was issued to the Government of India for official purposes. Only 100 Mahatama Gandhi 10 Rs. stamps were overprinted with "Service" and issued for the use of C. Rajagopalachari, the Governor General of India, making it the world's least printed stamp. Of the hundred stamps that were overprinted with "Service", a few were gifted to dignitaries, while most remain at the National Archives, Postal Museums, etc. The recent book by Dr. Reuben Ramkissoon and Dr. Rajagopalan reports that less than 8 copies of the Gandhi 10 Rs Service stamps reside in private hands. Forgeries of the overprint are known. (click to read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_10_Rupees_Mahatma_Gandhi_postage_stamp)

In June 2010 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE overprint stamp was  selling for $225,000 from San Francisco, California by "tappalman" (as of 6/26/12 eBay id don't exist.!!!).

Looking to all Facsmile/Copy available in 2012for this kind of 1948 SERVICE stamp how we can trust this is indeed Genuine stamp. To read more about FAKE Gandhi Stamps read following blog post for more awareness.

1) 1948 Gandhi Facsimile stamp
2) Maryland Forgery
3) How can you tell Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Genuine.?
4) FAKE 10 Rs. SERVICE stamp price $1009 to $1 in just 4 months?

Following is FAKE/Forgery/Facismile/Copy of this stamp available. How we can trust above is indeed Genuine stamps.

Yes seller is providing certification for this stamp, but don't know why all important information is blacked out.

To me it looks like FORGED expertizing certificate so want to even hide certificate #, meeting date, signature, submitted by.

Or to me it look like REUSE of expertising certificate.

Don't understand why to hide if it is  Genuine.?  Should be proud owner and ready to pay all government taxes and commission to ebay after the sale.!! Cannot hide anything when you sell in public internet.

Also I read that FAKE/Forged Certification (it's only piece of paper) are available all the time. It's not that hard to print if Fake Currency can be printed and even FAKE id or Passport is also made.!!

So don't you think that this 1948 stamps can be forged easily.



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