Gandhi SERVICE Stamp : Anything Gandhi is RED HOT ?

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In my all previous post I mentioned about 1948 Gandhi Stamps, FDC and Used cover pricing which are INFLATED (falsely overpriced).

On eBay you might have seen 1948 Gandhi philately selling at very high price such as (click following link to see)
$8600/8500 for 1948 Gandhi FDC with 4 stamps,
$6350 for 1948 FDC with 3 stamps of Gandhi,
$6100 for error date from India on 1948 Gandhi Stamp

This blog post will make you understand why I think it looks like lot all kind of FAKE activity going on to make it RED HOT!! 

Please read my following blog post in order to understand properly about today's blog post.
Gandhi Service stamp : How one can tell it's REAL or FAKE overprint stamp ?

Following screenshot is from Feb 16th which shows that Gandhi SERVICE stamp price was sold from Australian seller "asfj58"for $907.!! Now back in Feburary you might be thinking that WOW!!

Following screenshot is from June 15th which shows that Gandhi SERVICE stamp price was sold for $124!! Now you will be saying OMG!! So what happen!!

Seller Description " This stamp was in London in the 1960's and I did not pay much for it! It looks very good - the spacing -size of lettering etc BUT -Please note it is sold 'AS IS' - study scan carefully before bidding as  NO Guarantee provided. So bid carefully.I sold this stamp previously, however the buyer got carried away in the bidding & wanting to own it- but  never paid up!!"

Also seller don't Guarantee this SERVICE Overprint is Genuine (He also thinks it's FAKE!!) and some buyer is willing to pay $124!! (sold "AS IS" and no return!!). Also 10 other bidders bid on this stamp!!

As per seller previous buyer did not pay $907.!!! So eBay/PayPal did not get any money!! as they have to refund seller.!!

Now in June buyer might be thinking WOW!! for getting this stamp at very low price.(700% less than February.!!)

So what do you think.!!

Do you think previous buyer was not aware of what's going in GANDHI stamps & FDC world and paid $907!!? Or it's a SCAM.!!

Now keeping above scenario think this might be case in 8600$ FDC or 6350$ FDC (resold twice! at 1/3rd price!!),  Error used cover and all other 1948 FDC, Used Covers, FAKE FDC/Covers and Stamps.

Do you think this kind of increasing price value of GANDHI philately material by previous buyer or other bidders to make Gandhi Philately RED HOT!!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments.


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