Overprint stamps - First stamp of India - Flag SERVICE stamp - How to create BOGUS stamps and make money (tons of it).

Following is First Stamp of India (SERVICE overprint) after independence with Indian flag and slogan "Jai Hind" issued on 21 Nov 1947.

But it has SERVICE overprint on it which makes it very unique and rare as very few very printed for Governor General use.

This is nothing but BOGUS overprint stamp on flag stamp which is first stamp of India after independence.

You don't have to create FORGERY of any stamps by facsimlie or copy, but just create whatever comes in mind and then you have to glorify.!!

It's same way what we see in Nicaragua Gandhi overprint stamp or Cameroun Gandhi overprint moon landing stamp or SPECIMEN stamp from Cyprus, Togo or any overprint stamp available in market.

It is my idea to do this overprint of Flag stamp and make it famous so I can make money on by making overprint stamps of First stamp of India - Flag stamp.

But in reality there was no overprint on this stamp such as SERVICE or SPECIMEN so I decided to create one sheet (only 10) and I will give 1-2  to government archives and some to museum and only 2 quantity known.!! (that's with me).

Now this is rare stamp and least printed printed stamp in the world.!!

Now if someone did this in 1947 with First stamp of India  then no one will knows what happen.

Also they just announce or write about  that there is SERVICE stamp issued for Governor General.!!

Then some author will write in their Handbook or yearbook or collector will mention about  it this in his exhibit, without knowing it or knowingly in order to sell philatelic handbook as well as to increase price of that particular stamp.

Also I can update in Wikipedia (anyone can edit it) and mention abou this flag stamps with overprint.!!

Also this will valid that following Gandhi SERVICE stamp is also genuine as no one will question that it was printed for Governor General.!!!

So what do you think about this in happening in GANDHI SERVICE stamp which is claimed as least printed stamp and most valuable Gandhi stamp as well as one of top 10 expensive stamps.!!

I think chances are very high.!!

Read following post to read about it.


Last Gandhi SERVICE  stamp was sold for $200,000.!!

So how much money I can make from this Overprint Flag SERVICE stamp.?

I can get EXPERT certificate also for this stamp.!! Now what else you need.!!(money)


It's rare, unique, least printed stamp, only two exists, was printed to used by Governor General.!!

This is how expensive stamps are made and someone will think as investment.

Don't you think chances of Gandhi SERVICE stamp is what I just did.!! ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


India First Day Independence cover Jai Hind Slogan Special Cancellation.

Recently Jai Hind Slogan special cancellation was sold for $118 from "worldstamps22" from Belgium.

My personal opinion about this Jai Hind cancellation from Bombay R.M.S is BOGUS.!!

Not forgery but bogus because there was no Jai Hind slogan cancellation from BOMBAY R.M.S.

In past I wrote multiple blog posts about FORGERY or BOGUS philatelic material with BOMBAY R.M.S so this is one more addition in that.

Want to know more about BOMBAY R.M.S then click following links and make sure you read it before you read this blog post.



Even big post office never issued this slogan special cancellation so there is not way R.M.S post office will issue this kind of slogan cancellation.

It's just a rubber stamp which we all calling it as SLOGAN special cancellation issued on 15th August 1947 on first day of India Independence.

Following article will give you some idea that there was no Jai Hind cancellation except false propaganda by some collectors or dealers during that time to make money.

Even post office in capital of India was closed and did not even backdated so how come a R.M.S (Railway Mail Service) issue this kind of slogan cancellation.

This is common practice in philately were you spread word that there will be special cancellation from certain place and date and event without officially (by government) issued.

After some time they will introduce this in to market and their philatelic friends will some medals also.

In 2009 this kind of BOGUS cancellation came to market with certain news letter spreading word about it that there was special cancellation from Winnenden Germany on October 2nd to celebrate Non-Violence day in memory of High School shooting in that town.!!

Even some famous collectors won Medal with this kind of BOGUS rubber stamp.!!

You can read that blog post and think what are possibilities.

FAKE Gandhi postmark cancel from Germany on 2nd October 2009 ???

It's back again. FAKE Winnenden Germany 2009 Gandhi Special Postmark for sale made to protest against Massacre in High School.!!

After reading above two blog post what do you think about Bombay R.M.S  1947 First Day Cover India

This was sold for $118.!!

It's lot of money for eBay shareholder because they will get good commission from this transaction, if it is genuine transaction.!!

Chances of eBay shareholder not getting benefit of this transaction is very high because it might be Shill bidding or buyer did not pay to seller or Seller and Buyer mutually withdraw bid and lot of other possibilities.!!

Following are some notable stamp collecting BOGUS (never exist or forged) so look at it before you start collecting stamps.

Reprinted label are sold as original 1930 Pre-Independence Gandhi Boycott label!! Gandhi might not even knew about this.!! What a SCAM!!!
Gandhi Boycott British Goods label

Fake  used on paper with 1948 Gandhi 1 1/2 Annas SERVICE are available in plenty with Governer Camp PO.!! (Even with SUNDAY cancellation!!)
Gandhi SERVICE FAKE Stamps and Governor Cancellation  

What is Tibet 1949 register cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps without stamps from Tibet and Indian Embassy of Nepal?
FAKE 1948 Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation and Independence day of India  

FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!!

FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!! 
Forged 1948 Gandhi FDC with Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation!!
Forged 1948 Gandhi Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation  
FORGED India 1948 Gandhi stamps FDC!!
FAKE 1948 Gandhi  stamps "JAI HIND" Cancellation
OVERPRINT stamp issue from Cameroun, Nicragua & Togo. Does not make sense at all someone printing on stamp by mistake. This is delibrate act.

FAKE Overprint Cameroun, Nicaragua stamps and FDC!! 
Also 1979 - 1980 wrong year printing with UNICEF, Olympics, Einstein , TajMahal. It's nothing but a SCAM to make money by making false assumption of RARE!!

Even FAKE Error stamps. (Color faded with sunlight or other chemicals.!!!)
How to create FAKE error stamps 
Why 2009 FAKE Germany Special Cancellation on October 2nd.? (This makes all 1969 special cancellation questionable!!, because who knows what have happen in 1969.!!). Also don't know upto what stage collector goes to take benefit. !!

BIDDERS!! "hitlerandgandhi" just to glorify Gandhi stamps they increase price of 1948 Gandhi FDC and Used covers.!!! (Images are not enough to understand this so read following blog posts.!!)

Will you start collecting stamps.?

Gandhi Stamps Club


Error stamp - BOGUS slogan cancellation.

Recently I wrote about FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist) Jai Hind slogan cancellation and while researching I am surprised looking different kind of rubber stamp.!!

In following rubber stamp of Jai Hind cancellation from DELHI in which there is error.!!

If you see closely YEAR is reversed .!!

It's 47 GUA 15.

To me this is nothing but a ERROR stamp of BOGUS special cancellation.!!

As per following new paper or magazine or philately handbook or yearbook  DELHI post office was closed.!!

Also as per article they did not even back dated it.!!

So it's nothing but BOGUS rubber stamp which all of us (collectors, authors, dealers) call it as slogan cancellation.!!

Even it's rare no one is willing to pay $2.!! So not sure what it is ? Following is seller description. Can you beleive that this is 



If New Delhi G.P.O was closed then how come SHILLONG post office was open.!!

So don't you think it's common practice to create this kind of RUBBER stamp and sell it as Special cancellation or Slogan Cancellation to make money.!!!

If you see this was sold for $15.!!!

So don't try to get unique slogan or special cancellation or Used cover but it's nothing but a SCAM.

Following are link of my previous blog posts about Jai Hind Cancellation, India Independence Day  stamp, 15th August 1947 stamp, First stamp of India.




Following are mostly all BOGUS (never exist) or Forgery which will help you to decide about slogan cancellation of Gandhi "Truth is God"

1) India 1911 Allahabad First Aerial Mail Post Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


2) India 1937 Rocket Mail Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 


3) India 1947 Jai Hind Cancellation


4) 1948 Chalta Dak Ghar Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation 

5) India 1948 Gandhi stamp First Day cover Jai Hind Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation (Biggest Forgery in stamp collection).

6) 1969 Fiji, Luxembourg, Burma, Czech Republic Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation  (wide varieties available)

God know which is Genuine and Which one is forgery !!

God know which of this were even issued officially by postal department ?

Don't you think there are multiple rubber stamps from multiple collectors.!!?


7) India 1969  "FLAG DAY 1st October Help Ex Servicemen"


8) Bogus (never exist) 2009 Germany Winnenden Commemorative cancel or Special cancellation issued for High School shooting for Non Violence.!! (No respect for who died during this.).


Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!



So what do you think. Can we add this in above list.

I think so.

It's all about MONEY. How to get your money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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