Indian postal history - India 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp - Indian Philately

Indian postal history - India 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp - Indian Philately was sold on eBay for $1382 by seller "lunar_nj" (241) from India but item location in Kansas USA.

Now we all know what Indian Postal history. It is nothing but FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist) philately material.

Do you think this is GENUINE stamp ?

We know how easy is to make stamps and no one will notice it or even don't know whether was really exist.

In this Scinde Dawk you just need a custom embossed seal which can be made for $20-40 and you can start making money.!!

This Scinde Dawk will be easiest to FORGE as it don't need any color combination or performating cutting!!

Also who knows which is genuine or forged as there is no Genuine.!!

This Indian postal history of  India 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp is 165+ years old and still selling in large quantity. In last 10 years I had seen almost more 200 were sold.!!

http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2018/04/scinde-dawk-1852-stamp.html (sold for $1700 by "dm_stamps" from Sunnyvale, CA)

http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2018/04/scinde-dawk-alternative-investment-in.html (sold for $6200 by "pristinephilatelics" from Sunnyvale, CA)

Just 3 eBay transaction were for $10000+ (lot of money for eBay as well as Sunnyvale,CA and Federal tax from just transaction as EU)

In this Indian postal history of  India of 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp on eBay there were 59 bids and 10 bidders as if there is lot of interest.

Anyone can bid on eBay even though they don't have money in account with any number of ebay accounts.!!

We know when price or # of bids are more then there is always SHILL bidding to increase the price.

So what do you think about Shill bidding  in this Indian postal history of  India 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp ?

But it's still lot of money even after paying commision to eBay and Kansas state tax and USA federal tax as location is in Kansas USA.

Do you think seller has to pay tax in USA or India ?

So now what do you think about Indian postal history of India 1852 Scinde Dawk stamp  a classic  Indian Philately?

  • Genuine or Forgery stamp? 
  • Really sold for $1352 ? 
  • Shill bidding happened in this eBay transaction ?
  • Did eBay got commission on this Scinde Dawk?
  • Where seller has to pay taxes ? In USA or India ?
  • Is it legal for eBay seller based in India to sell from USA ?

You know my opinion. 

This is nothing but false hope of riches.!!



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