Overprint stamps - 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp selling are BOGUS ?

 Recently on eBay I saw a letter with magazine cutout and  one 1.5 annas Gandhi SERVICE stamp sold for $400 by eBay seller  "rohit98103" from India.

eBay is making lot of money on this kind of transaction if seller paid to buyer and buyer did not withdraw or cancel auction after working with seller.!!

If all commission is paid to eBay and PayPal than it's good for eBay shareholders like me.!!

After reading this letter I am surprised how a stamp collector/dealer selling Gandhi SERVICE stamp ?

As per unofficially documents from web this stamps were specially printed for use by Governor General in 1948 and there after.

So how it was selling by some private collector/dealer ?

Do you think this was STOLEN from government or FORGERY or Bogus ?

Even the following article don't know whether it's official or not. They have to believe to some collectors/dealers.

"Now it is definitely know that several sheets each of the 1 1/2, 3 1/2 and 12 annas were overprinted with the word SERVICE"

Why can't they did not research directly to Postal Administration or Governor General about the authenticity of this OVERPRINT stamps.

To me all 3 lower value stamps with OVERPRINT are nothing but BOGUS stamps and everyone who has it needs to make more research about it.

Don't follow some stamp exhibit or handbooks as they are the one who might don't know (or might be aware of it) the truth and might publish it.

Then what are all with Certificate ? (They don't any liability and it's just opinion like mine.!!)

It's a BIG SCAM.!

After thinking more I think this might not even exist.!! (I am only thinking.!!)

What are chances of non existence of this stamp ? ( I think there are lot of chances, God knows what happen in 1948.!!)

It might be idea of some clever collector who might want to give a ride to everyone.!!

10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp is officially issued but not enough quantity so they decided let's make it something like that for similar with lower value stamp.!!

But you can find Genuine copy of used Gandhi SERVICE stamp as all are FORGED and then shill bidding to make it expensive so others will think this are real stamps and cancellation on piece of paper and even also on envelope. All is BOGUS.!!

Read my previous blog post about Gandhi Service stamp and think what kind of philatelic material are made with this kind of stamps.!!

1) Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
2) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?
3) Maryland forgery of Gandhi SERVICE stamp is $450. Is it shill bidding?
4) Gandhi SERVICE stamp on piece of paper with SUNDAY cancellation !!! ?

If some collector can come up with 2009 Winnenden Germany Gandhi special cancellation without Official issued by post office, anything was possible in 1948.!!

Following is 2009 BOGUS cancellation (not officially issued).


Also in 1949 someone created rubber stamp on Sunday (post office are closed) from BOMBAY R.M.S instead of G.P.O and started selling and some of them took ride on this.!!


There are lot of OVERPRINT stamp which are FORGED.




So now you have to THINK.

What are this OVERPRINT stamps ?

I think it's BOGUS which were never printed officially.!! (My personal opinion). 

Then what are all with Expert Certificate ? (They don't any liability and it's just opinion like mine.!!)

It's "Art of Making Money" by collectors/dealers.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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