India 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp with BPA certificate

Recently India 1948 Gandhi Service stamp was sold for $2000.

I have written more than 50 blog post about Gandhi SERVICE stamp and it's interesting to see  some dumb collector is willing to pay this much for piece of paper!!

Click following blog post to understand what is India 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp

As per my knowledge and my research I think this SERVICE overprint was never printed

The story is that this was created by C. Rajagopalachari, the First Governor General of India, and he was selling it as a charity!! 

I have never seen a photograph of C. Rajagopalachari on a stamp which proves that it really existed.

This stamp was not famous or widely distribute when C Rajagopalachari was alive until 1972. He might have given some talk or seminar on this SERVICE stamp.

Then how come you see all this Stamp Expert Certification from BPA or RPLS or whoever. Because it's easy to print and provided certificate. It don't require any government credentials to give certificate like USPA Expertising Inc.



So what do you think about this India 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp with BPA certificate after reading my blog post.



BTW: Other Expensive Gandhi stamps sold on ebay are

1) 1948 FDC Gandhi - cancelled Kotagiri --> 10 Rupees was lot of money in 1948 no one will collect it. Also all post office were closed in India except 2-3-4 in major cities. 

2) This blog post

3) India Gandhi 1948 complete set on FDC Bombay GPO -- Not official FDC and may be created after date and special Jai Hind cancellation is not clear so may be Forgery.

4) Madras G.P.O (15 AUG 1948) You research your self using following blogpost. (only city to use AUG instead of AUGUST)




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