Tibet stamps - Genuine or Forgery or Bogus envelope ? Make money on eBay is easy.!

Tibet stamps are very popular on eBay as it can be sold as rare and unique.

Recently I saw envelope or cover from Tibet with India 1902 stamps from Leh to Sweden sold as Tibe Sven Hedin Expedition cover. This is currently available for $5000 from eBay seller "cmcstamps" from Santa Clara California.

We all know what's going in stamp collection now a days.

DESPERATION to sell their FAKE and FORGERY philatelic material as day by day everyone knows and no one is interested.

Following are some of the classic BOGUS (never exists or issue) stamps and philatelic material.

1948 Indian Gandhi stamps used in Tibet 
Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation on 1948 Gandhi Stamps
Early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps
FAKE 1948 Gandhi stamp FDC from India.
Gandhi SERVICE stamp is it REAL or FAKE?

Anyone collect stamps ?

Anyone will pay $5000 for this stamp cover ?

Is it genuine ?

To me answer for all this is NO.

Because no one collect stamps anymore.

There is no way to prove it's genuine because no one knows what happen.

I can create rubber stamp of CDS and apply on any old cover and start selling it.

I can search for old envelope in stamp dealer or seller in exhibition and apply this rubber stamp.

No one will notice this as no one has seen it except me.

Even stamp expert certificate have no idea what's going on and they will think it's as genuine and get there money.!

So what do you think about this TIBET stamps philatelic material ?

Genuine or Bogus ?

Will you pay $5000 ?

or will you make one and sell it ?



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