Gandhi 1948 Pondicherry JaiHind Cancellation - FAKE (never issued)

 Recently I  saw Gandhi 1948  Pondicherry JaiHind Cancellation selling for $4800.

As I mentioned in my past blog posts that Indian Post Office were not opened except some very big four cities on 15th August 1948 but we still Jai Hind cancellation from more than 100+ cities.

Read my past blog post and you will get some idea what's going on.!!




It's nothing but FAKE. Some dealer(stamp collectors) thought about this and made rubber stamp and started marketing by online exhibit, submitting it to Gandhi Handbook and also various stamp exhibition.

Following is one of them from Pondicherry.  Not sure how they know only 5 is exist!!

It's lot of money involved in 1948 Gandhi stamps so there is more FAKE material than real one.!!

One can make money on FAKE material as it was never issued.

So Beware what you are collecting.!!

Some one will tell you to invest in stamps and get this kind of FAKE material so Beware.



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