COURVOISIER STAMPS FOLDER : 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In 1948 Indian Government decided to print Gandhi stamps as a memorial, using photogravure press, and hence had to employ the services of the Swiss printers, Helio Courvoisier, Sa. LaChaux De Fonds, instead of the India Security Press.

Recently I saw folder selling for $5311 so I thought let me spend time on this.  Not sure what kind of importance is this folder in philatelic collection.

To me all this folders are worthless. (Yes worthless.!!).

While searching on this I found following on the web.

"This folder was given to Very Very Important Persons (VVIPs) who attended the ceremony.
Only 50 of these folders were given as gifts to visiting high ranking officials." 

Not sure above information is correct but your guess is my guess.!!

But to me it looks all BOGUS. 

Never issued by Courvoisier.!! and even if they did then also it's not a collectible item.!!

Now while looking to image of this folder online I don't see any information about this was specially made for Gandhi Stamps. Looks like it is general purpose folder which might be used for all new issue stamps.

But what amazed me that I see wide varieties of folder with different printing on it. Some folder mentioned "INDE 1948" on top center and  in right bottom it mentioned "Avec les compliments de, G. Essig Courvoiseir,  administrateur de Courvoiser s.a"

But I also saw folder with nothing printed in the center page were the stamps is printed and also type of thick paper also looks different to me. Also stamp positioning does not match between this two folders.!!

So not sure which is one is Genuine or both are Genuine or both are FAKE.!!

To me it just look like a thick paper and it's another way to make money out of Gandhi Stamps.!! 

Also chances are you might get FAKE (facsimile or copy) when you buy 1948 Gandhi Stamps so beware.! Please read my previous blog post about this FAKE Gandhi Stamps.

Following are 2 different types of folder seen on online auction sites.

On Delcampe :- From France sold for $2600 which buyer did not paid.!! (no front portion of folder can be seen online.)


On eBay : Selling for $5300 from TAIWAN (Missing "INDE 1948" & "Avec les compliments de, G. Essig courvoiseir adminstrateur de Courvoiser s.a" ) 


If you compare both folder you will find that it's completely different. So not sure about which is Genuine and which is FAKE.

To me both looks like piece of paper printed with Courvoisier.!! So stay away. We might see more varieties of this.

Guess what, in this case also buyer from India did not paid(just inflated the price).!!!!!!! Following is the screenshot from delcampe which will give you some idea what's going on Indian Philately.
Also you can read my blog post about Indian Philately Exposed and Indian Philately Exposed - II

But what amazed is not authenticity of this special folder but the price it was offered(4th offered) to me. Only 611 Euros.!!! and guess what I did not bought it.!!! because I don't want this kind of shady philatelic material in my collection which has nothing to do with Gandhi Philately.!!

Think about the difference 2100 - 611 Euros.!!

Also interesting think to notice is where the price of bidding ended. Both "spellbound" and "stampslover" bidded till 2100 Euros and then stop.!!

If real buyer then they will try to bid little bit more.

3rd bidder is  "0261orthod" bidded 832 euros.!!

Don't you think it's a pattern to cheat Gandhi Collector.?

 Don't you think that this is nothing but inflated price for just regular folder in name of Gandhi Philately.!!

Following is the screenshot of that email.

Chances are if I buy it then I will get FAKE (facsimile) stamps which are widely available in 1948 Gandhi stamps and just piece of thick paper as folder for 611 Euros.!!! which will worth only $5-7 for facsimile stamps.!!

Avoid private transaction all together as getting Fake and forgery is very very high as you cannot return it.!!

Want to learn more about Indian Philately (1948 India Gandhi stamps) then click following link to read my previous blog posts.

7) Indian Philately EXPOSED ?

Now you are on your own what you need for your collection and what kind of pocket you have and what kind of collector you are.!!

But my guess is this is easy way to make money by adding 4 stamps in a folder and charging 20-30 times more.  Also FAKE1948 Gandhi stamps are available in large quantity so beware of this also.

This is a common practice in philately world where mint stamps are less worth then philatelic material. So don't just jump in to collection of philatelic material because you 90% of Gandhi Philatelic material is questionable as chances are more for FAKE/FORGERY.


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