1948 Gandhi Stamps : Beware of FAKE 1948 Gandhi Stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In 1948 India issued Mahatma Gandhi Stamp and this are one of the most popular stamps for Gandhi Stamp Collectors.

Following are 4 stamps which looks Genuine to me.(not sure 100%)

Looks Like REAL Stamps.
Since last 2-3 months, I am seeing lot of 1948 India Gandhi Stamps, FDC and Overprint SERVICE Gandhi stamps available as facsimile or photo copy (xerox copies) available.

Some of them are selling this stamps as facsimile or copies, but some are not even mentioning about that this are fake/forgery using facsimile.

Now if you look following screenshot thoroughly and then notice Perforation. Did you find something weird.!! if not then please compare with other 1948 stamps.!!

Looks Like FAKE Stamps.!!

Following is the screenshot from ebay. Seller is not even mentioning that this are FAKE or Forgery or Facsimile or copy.!!

So beware of this kind of activity happening. You will be trapped thinking of getting it at low price.!!

If you want to know more about official FAKE (facsimile) 1948 stamps and FDC then please read my following blog post


Currently it's ugly in Gandhi 1948 Gandhi Stamps & Philately Materials so AVOID, AVOID, AVOID................ 1948 Gandhi Stamps otherwise you will regret.!!

This stamps were relisted again starting at $11 but no buyer!! where as in previous listing there were 4 bidders.!!! Also seller mentioned about FACSIMILE.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.


1948 Indian Gandhi stamps used in Tibet 
Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation on 1948 Gandhi Stamps
Early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps
FAKE 1948 Gandhi stamp FDC from India.
Gandhi SERVICE stamp is it REAL or FAKE?

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