Transit of Venus in Rodrigues and Mauritius - Commemorative cover with extra stamp

Mauritius TRANSIT DE VÉNUS Commemorative cover with extra stamp dated  8 June 2004 is selling for  $380 by eBay seller "theobargain" .!!

It's nothing but to make money by creating unique philatelic material by using  rubber stamps.

My personal opinion about this  Mauritius TRANSIT DE VÉNUS Commemorative cover with extra stamp like  FORGERY because 

1) It's from Mauritius.!!

2)  CDS (cancellation date stamp) looks FORGERY.

3) Time difference between two CDS is impossible.!!  (It take 90 minutes to fly between Port Louis and Rodrigues (It's two different Island)!! and on top of all that security, postal administration timing etc.!!)

Gandhi Stamp Collectors are very well aware of that most of the  FDC (with extra stamp) or used stamp cover or register cover from Mauritius is FORGERY.

They are well aware of that RUBBER stamp is very easy to make or steal or get it by bribery.!!

Gandhi stamp collectors knows that it's easy way to make money by creating rubber stamp and apply on any envelope and cancel with forged rubber stamp.!!

In past we had seen lot of forgery used cover from Mauritius and following are some of them. (Make sure you click and read following blog post so you understand CHEATING in stamp collection. This might be in any stamp collection item so BEWARE.!!)


In past I saw SHILL bidding was done in order to increase price,  but recently they moved to fixed price.!!

You can see from above link who are the SHILL bidders.!!

Not sure how this CDS is possible.

Port Louis CDS is at 9:00 AM ( 9. - AM). ( Forgery already exist).

Rodrigues CDS is at 915 AM or 9.5 AM ?? (New Forgery discover)

Time difference between two CDS is impossible.!!  (It take 90 minutes to fly between Port Louis and Rodrigues (It's two different Island)!! and on top of all that security, postal administration timing etc.!!)

So if you see CDS its 9:00 AM from Port Louis  & 9:15 from  Port Mathurin, Rodrigues. (LOL).

Does this make sense.?

Even airport from Port Mathurin is 20KM away.!! 

Sir Gaëtan Duval (Plaine Corail) Airport (RRG), Plaine Corail, Mauritius

So how all this things were done in 15 minutes.!!

Only by CHEATING.!!

Transit of Venus in Rodrigues and Mauritius : 

  • The Transit of Venus is an astronomical event in which the planet crosses the path betwen the Sun's and the Earth's orbit. 
  • It occurs in pairs every 122 years with an interval of eight years between each passage.

Want to learn more about Indian Philately (1948 India Gandhi stamps) then click following link to read my previous blog posts.

7) Indian Philately EXPOSED ?

Now you are on your own what you need for your collection and what kind of pocket you have and what kind of collector you are.!!

This is a common practice in philately world where mint stamps are less worth then philatelic material. So don't just jump in to collection of philatelic material because you 90% of Gandhi Philatelic material is questionable as chances are more for FAKE/FORGERY.

So what do you think about "Transit of Venus in Rodrigues and Mauritius"  - Commemorative cover with extra stamp.

Don't you think it's FORGERY ?

Don't you think it's to get your money by just providing 4 stamps and get  $380!!


BTW : It was also selling on delcampe for 175 pound.!!


Stamp Collection Price is Declining - CHEATERS are moving away from Gandhi Collection.!! Cameroun stamps of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Kenndy.

It looks like CHEATERS are not trying to increase price anymore.!!

I saw Cameroun stamps collection price of Gandhi FDC, MLK FDC and Kenddy FDC and it was sold for $31.!!!

Looks like no one is interested in Gandhi Stamp collection because no one collect stamps any more after all CHEATING is EXPOSED about value of stamp, FAKE stamp sold as genuine and even BOGUS stamps (Gandhi SERVICE) are selling as genuine.!!

I wrote about my experience about bidding on this Cameroun FDC when a biggest CHEATER of all time in Gandhi Collection was increasing price.

Following is the link to read more about how I was cheated.

According to me almost every Gandhi stamp collector is trying to increase price or involved in it or they are aware of Cheating going in Gandhi stamp collection.

So now look at the details and think how you will be not cheated.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

When you are collecting stamps you need to be very careful other wise your stamp collection will be nightmare.!!!

I am sharing my own experience (of course of nightmare) so you don't get one in your stamp collection.

You can apply this in any thematic stamp collection when you buy it on eBay or any other auction site online or offline in auction house for your stamp collecting need.

Stamp collection is declining and stamp value is not even maintaining catalog stamp value. But it's dealers and seller try to increase price so they can get more value when they sell it.!!!

This is one of the famous auction where dealers used their dirty tricks to outbid new collectors and than trying to sell their.!!

As you can see from following screenshot that winner of this auction is "Khel10ka". 

He opened new delcampe id just to increase the bid on this item and eventually outbid me and won the auction. But think what he did not paid for this.!!!

Following is the feedback from seller about buyer "Khel10ka"

French to English translation of his feedback 

"no one, attention this person is without interest, refuses the questions, to avoid----------"

Now let's see how dealers/resellers play tricks with you.

Now if you see following screenshot you will get some idea what happen.

Khel10ka started bidding from 153.40 to 190.20 Euros and he won and I lost.!! But "Khel10ka" did not paid.!!! and in this way he increased the price of this FDC and makes it difficult for new Gandhi collectors.

Now if you see "Anusur" started bidding from 125.20 Euros till 153.00.  To me it looks like "Anusur" and "Khel10ka" are same bidders. Also "kad_ss" was trying to sell me Cameroun FDC for 190 Euros.!! 

So now you need you think what happen in this.?

Now if you see above screen shot you will see all dealers/resellers  trying to bidding on this FDC because some of them are or might be also selling this Cameroun FDC.!!

Here there are actually 3-4 bidders but they are using multiple id in order to increase price.!!! This is common practice in Gandhi Philately by certain dealers and resellers.!!

Now you need to decide how to buy , from whom to buy etc when you start collecting Gandhi Philatelic material other wise you will be paying very high price like me.!! So BEWARE !!

Eventually seller sold me this FDC for 120 Euros.!!! Yes I bought it at very high price because of this kind of greedy dealers.!!

I hope this kind of blog post about my experience will help you to understand how to protect yourself in Gandhi Philately.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts about this FDC is not rare and price is dropping and lot of shill bidding to sell this FDC. So avoid it by thinking as a piece of paper.

I can keep my mouth shut about this and I can join with them to increase my value, but I choose other option to publish this and make everyone aware of this so no other Gandhi collectors is cheated.!!!

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! 

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club


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